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How is Fault Determined in a Car Accident?

Car accidents are stressful and scary, and it's even worse when the collision is your fault. Not all crashes are easy to determine who caused the accident though. That's why it's so important to not admit that you caused an accident, even when talking to your insurance company, police, or other drivers involved in a […]

4 Steps to Filing a Personal Injury Claim in Pennsylvania

How Do you Start your Personal Injury Case in PA ? The laws of Pennsylvania ensure that anyone who is injured by the negligent actions or wrongdoing of another may seek compensation through the State Courts. It may seem simple, but filing a successful personal injury claim is a complicated process. The laws that protect […]

10 Things You Don’t Know about Slip and Fall Accidents

Lets Look at the Facts There’s a good likelihood almost everyone will experience a slip and fall or a trip and fall accident at some point in their life. With luck, the accident will be nothing more than an embarrassing thing that happened. Maybe the accident will even make a funny story one day. Unfortunately, […]

Why Should I Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer After a Car Accident?

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, hiring a lawyer to advise and guide you is a good decision. Having an attorney to assist you through the claims process can make a big difference in the amount of compensation you receive for your injuries. Are You Overwhelmed After Being Injured in an Accident? An […]

Why Is There Limited Tort Insurance In Pennsylvania?

Chances are if you've purchased car insurance since moving to Pennsylvania, or if you grew up here, you've seen the full tort and limited tort options on your car insurance. Unfortunately, many people living here in Pennsylvania don't know what those important terms mean, and so don't really know what kind of insurance they are […]

Who is responsible if I slip in a restaurant?

So you were out for a relaxing meal and slipped on a restaurant floor. Who is to blame ?  Which party is responsible for you slipping in a restaurant is different depending on how the slip occurred, where it occurred, and why it occurred. There are many environmental variables that can cause someone to slip […]

Who is Responsible for a Mall Slip and Fall ?

So You Slipped and Injured yourself in a Mall. Who Do You Sue ? If you’re thinking about finding a slip and fall lawyer near you that can help you make a claim on a slip and fall injury, then you need to know the basics of what constitutes a legitimate case. This will save […]

Who do I sue if I was the passenger in a taxi accident?

With all of the taxi traffic in a large city, there are bound to be accidents involving a taxi, a passenger, and a third party. In this unique situation where you were in an accident and might have sustained an injury but was not responsible for the accident, it may not be clear who is […]

Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Lawyer?

Every day, thousands of Americans decide that they need to seek out legal assistance. They may need a slip and fall lawyer, for example, after suffering a serious accident while at a restaurant or shop. A different person may need to seek out a truck accident lawyer in the wake of a major crash. In […]

Accidents at School: First Steps

No one looks forward to a call from their child’s school during the day. All too often, these calls spell bad news, from a child’s illness to potential discipline for misbehavior. On a rare occasion, though, this kind of call can communicate that your child has been injured at school in some type of accident. […]

What Can I Claim For After a Car Accident?

A car accident can be a life-changing experience – there’s no two ways about it. One moment, you’re going about your day while commuting in town or on the highway. But the next moment, you find yourself injured, without a means of transportation, and without a clear path towards recovery. All in all, a car […]

How Can I Prove that a Driver was Distracted?

The other driver in the accident was distracted at the moment the crash occurred. In the wake of a serious car accident, you may not know what to do. The crash scene may be weeks behind you now, but that doesn’t mean you have any more clarity about how to proceed. You do know one […]

Can Pre-Existing Conditions Affect Auto Accident Claims?

But in the wake of a car accident, a pre-existing condition may feel like a whole new burden. For many folks in US, a pre-existing condition can make it difficult to find affordable health insurance as well as live a comfortable day-to-day life.  Those with a pre-existing condition may even wonder if it will affect […]

Social Security Disability (SSD) Benefits in PA

What are Social Security Disability Benefits in Philadelphia? In 1935, Congress enacted the Social Security Act to help states like Pennsylvania provide better assistance for those in need. While best known for the aid it provides to senior citizens, the Social Security Act also includes provisions for younger Americans who are unable to work for […]

Hiring a Lawyer as the Victim of a Drunk Driving Accident

Drunk driving can ruin lives. No one is a good driver when they're drunk and choosing to drive while under the influence is one of the poorest life decisions any of us can make. Over 30% of all crashes involve an alcohol-impaired driver. These accidents lead to almost one death every hour. Though this is […]

Limited Tort vs Full Tort Insurance : The Differences

Limited Tort Puts Limitations on Personal Auto Accident Insurance Claims In Pennsylvania, all owners of vehicles have to select either Full Tort or Limited Tort on their automobile insurance policy. For many people though, they find it hard to understand exactly what the Limited Tort is actually limiting. The decision you make not only has […]

PA Car Seat Laws Aim to Offer Added Safety to PA Children

A car seat tops the list of essentials to parents - but faulty seats are on the market The precautions that parents go through in order to keep their most precious cargo safe go without saying. As parents, you trust that the manufacturer of your car seat has done its due diligence in assuring that […]

Drone Property Damage and Personal Injury

While progress certainly breeds change, insurance companies cannot keep up with the quickly growing, unmanned aerial systems, or the drone industry. Since progress always comes at a cost, just see Scientific America’s recent release of drone disasters, it is important to seek legal counsel for any type of drone related accident.

When do you need a personal Injury Lawyer ?

You’ve had an accident that was not your fault, and you have been injured. Don’t wait! It is not always clear when you need a lawyer if you have been involved in an accident. Not every accident case needs the assistance of a personal injury lawyer, but many do. It is for this reason that […]

Why is there Limited Tort and Full Tort Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania?

Auto insurance in Pennsylvania is classified into two different categories one is Full Tort and the other Limited Tort. These choices were implemented by Pennsylvania with the aim of decreasing  lawsuits for pain and suffering in the state courts. The implementation emerged after the concern expressed over the high premiums for automobile insurance. Pennsylvania endorsed […]

Making a Claim after a Hit and Run Accident

As much as we wish it were not the case, hit and run accidents are very common. It is difficult to estimate the number of hit and run accidents because of the number of occurrences and the difficulty in finding the offending driver, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has estimated that one in […]

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