Philadelphia SEPTA Accident Lawyers

Philadelphia SEPTA Accident Lawyers

SEPTA Accidents in Philadelphia

The South Eastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA) is one of the largest public transportation operations in the world. The size and scope of SEPTA means that at any time of day, there is a good chance a train, bus, or trolley will be involved in an accident.

Pennsylvanians are frequently injured in slip, trip, and fall accidents on SEPTA platforms, bus stops, and at transit hubs. SEPTA vehicles cause serious car accidents and injuries to pedestrians. Thousands of injuries happen because of SEPTA each year in Pennsylvania, but only a few hundred cases are filed with the Courts, and only a small percentage of those claims are successful.

Hiring a Lawyer for Your SEPTA Injury Claim

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is always a good idea when filing an injury claim. You need good representation that understands the unique laws in Pennsylvania, no matter how your injury happened. But with SEPTA accidents, it is vital that you hire the absolute best personal injury lawyers who know what it takes to win cases against SEPTA. The laws that restrict how claims can be filed are tricky, and it is very easy to miss a filing deadline, fail to file a document correctly, or make a mistake that can cause your entire claim to be thrown out, costing you the opportunity to recover damages from your SEPTA accident.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

First and foremost, a personal injury lawyer that knows how to handle SEPTA claims will be able to get your case moving forward quickly. A lawyer will make sure that you are able to get the medical care you need, whether you need to see doctors or specialists, or when physical therapy sessions need to be arranged, your injury lawyer makes sure you get the care you deserve without the fear and worry of the process. Your accident attorney will put your mind at ease, take away the stress of litigation, and allow you and your family the peace of mind to rest and recover from your injuries.

The Best Advantages of Hiring an Accident Lawyer in Pennsylvania

Filing claims against SEPTA, or any government agency for that matter, is not an exercise for the faint of heart. Government attorneys get paid to prevent lawsuits from ever reaching the courts, and they have numerous tricks they can use to reduce liability, shield the agencies from responsibility, and ultimately, pay you as little as possible for your injury.

Laws that protect the government from injury claims date back to a time when we were ruled by the Monarchy of England and “the King could do no wrong.” It takes a special lawyer, one with the skills and experience earned by successfully litigating claims against government agencies, to succeed in a personal injury lawsuit against SEPTA. Not every attorney can win these cases, so it is important to retain a great injury attorney in Philadelphia to handle your SEPTA claim. Fighting back against the government to recover damages is substantially more challenging than winning any other type of injury claim.

A personal injury attorney will make sure every step of the complex process to file and win your case is followed. Our attorney’s have extensive experience winning SEPTA injury claims resulting from accidents on buses, trains, trolleys, and transit stations. Getting the best outcome from your claim depends on hiring the right personal injury attorney.

Special Rules that Protect SEPTA

Most Pennsylvanians know that if you are injured at a business or by an employee of a business while they are working, you have a right to recover damages including medical bills and pain and suffering. SEPTA is different from a private business. Numerous laws that reduce frivolous lawsuits and protect the government from a constant stream of litigation apply to personal injury claims against SEPTA.

These rules make filing claims against government agencies in Pennsylvania especially tricky. The vast majority of SEPTA injury claims that do not make it to the courts are lost because of technical errors in filing. Injury claims against SEPTA have a very short window to file the claim in, and numerous laws prevent claims common in personal injury law. Further, monetary awards from accidents involving SEPTA are capped by law, so you may not be able to recover enough to pay your medical bills, lost wages, and expenses. Failure to follow the proper procedure as outlined in law results in dismissal with no recourse. That is why hiring an experienced SEPTA accident lawyer is necessary to get the best possible outcome.

The Sovereign Immunity Act: Pennsylvania Code §8521

The use of Sovereign Immunity Law in the United States actually dates to a case that arose from actions in Philadelphia Harbor in 1811. The case arose after a ship, armed and crewed by the French Navy, docked in Philadelphia for emergency repairs. While in port, two Americans filed suit, claiming they rightfully owned the ship and that it had been commandeered on the high seas.

In the case, the Supreme Court ruled that American citizens cannot sue foreign governments for personal losses. The practice of Sovereign Immunity has since spread to include Federal and State governments, but not municipalities. Today, Sovereign Immunity law is exceedingly complex and has been met with numerous legal challenges, leading to a more flexible interpretation of the application of immunity.

Pennsylvania State Law sets out the provisions of Sovereign Immunity within the Commonwealth through Title 42 § 8521, The Sovereign Immunity Act.

Pennsylvania Laws and SEPTA Claims

Pennsylvania law establishes Sovereign Immunity for the State, Cities, and Municipalities, but also applies strict limitations to claims of immunity. The limitations of the Sovereign Immunity Act are found in Pennsylvania Code Title 42 § 8522.

Pennsylvania law spells out 10 instances when State governments can be sued for damages. These include motor vehicle accidents that would normally result in personal injury damages. The limitation includes instances when a SEPTA vehicle is involved in accidents.

Applying Sovereign Immunity

Sovereign Immunity is applied to SEPTA because it is owned by the Commonwealth, and therefore part of the State. Court rulings have held that a SEPTA vehicle must be “in operation” to qualify for exemption from Sovereign Immunity.

This means that when a SEPTA vehicle is not in motion, you cannot sue SEPTA for injuries. Even if the vehicle is stopped, with the engine running, and you slip, trip, and fall, SEPTA is protected from claims of injury. You will have to go through your automobile insurance to seek recovery for your injuries.

Your personal injury attorney will help you defeat sovereign immunity claims. There are ways to overcome an immunity defense, but it can be very challenging. Our attorney’s win these cases because we know the laws and how to win against the odds.

Pennsylvania’s “Jerk and Jolt” Doctrine

The Jerk and Jolt Doctrine is the result of a series of court decisions that hold injuries caused by the jerk and jolt of a passenger vehicle must be extreme and extraordinary beyond a person’s reasonable anticipation before claims of injury can proceed. In practice, most instances of injury caused by sudden acceleration or braking risk dismissal under the Jerk and Jolt Doctrine.

Defending Against Jerk and Jolt Limitations

Claims stand a better chance of success when more than one person is injured and it can be established that the motion was truly extraordinary. Unfortunately, the legal definition of extraordinary jerking and jolting is not established. A good injury attorney can help you establish the severity of motion that caused your injury.

Slip, Trip, and Fall Limitations

One nuanced wrinkle in Pennsylvania law applies to SEPTA platforms. In most personal injury claims, the owner of a walkway may be held liable for an injury that is caused by intentional melting of ice and snow. Supreme Court rulings have found that SEPTA is exempt from this doctrine unless the platform is defective or improperly designed. Slip, trip, and fall claims can be particularly difficult to prove. Numerous aspects of the law reduce or prevent SEPTA liability.

A personal injury attorney is essential to winning your case against SEPTA. There are numerous ways attorneys representing SEPTA can slip out of paying your claim. Don’t let SEPTA lawyers swindle you out of the settlement you deserve. Our attorney’s will fight for you and use the nuanced Pennsylvania laws to your advantage. We will get you the best settlement possible for your injuries.

Car Accidents Involving SEPTA Vehicles

Pennsylvania law does not shield SEPTA drivers from personal injury lawsuits when they cause accidents. SEPTA is liable for the damages caused by negligent actions of drivers. Injuries can happen to passengers riding within SEPTA buses, trains, and trolley.

Accidents happen when SEPTA drivers fail to stop at signs or signals, or make turns across lanes of traffic that are not clear. Pedestrians and bicyclists are frequently hit by SEPTA vehicles in crosswalks and on roadways in Philadelphia. SEPTA drivers make the same mistakes as anyone else, and a driver of a speeding bus is just as liable as a person driving a speeding car.

Winning Car Accident Claims Against SEPTA

SEPTA attorneys are skilled at settling injury claims quickly, quietly, and for as little money as possible. Our attorneys have seen all the tricks, and we know how to win. Don’t let the legal process intimidate you into settling your car accident claim with a SEPTA vehicle ruin your life.

Our attorneys handle your claim completely and professionally, freeing you to focus on recovering. We won’t let you be bullied into a settlement that doesn’t compensate you for your injuries.

Common Injuries in SEPTA-Related Accidents

The types of injuries that can happen as a result of accidents involving SEPTA vehicles and platforms is varied and extensive. Our attorneys have seen claims of injury as a result of collisions with trains and buses, falls in parking areas and from platforms, and many other types of injury.

Common injuries we often address when settling injury claims against SEPTA:

Neck, Back, and Head: 

In both collisions and falls, injuries to the spine and neck are the most common. Any neck injury will require extensive testing and rehabilitation to recover from without lasting pain and reduced movement. Neck and spine injuries can take days to show symptoms and can take months to fully recover from. Serious injuries can result in paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, and death. There is no such thing as a minor neck, spine, or head injury.

The Cost of Neck, Back and Head Injuries

Injuries to the spine, neck, and head can result in tens of thousands in medical bills to treat. Accidents that result in serious spinal injuries that require surgical fusion can cost more than $26,000 for the surgery alone. After scans, testing, surgery, medications, and rehabilitation, a back surgery can easily exceed $200,000.

A traumatic brain injury, often called a concussion, can cost as much as $85,000 to treat. Traumatic brain injuries can have long-lasting consequences, and some estimates are that lifetime treatment for these injuries can reach $3 million.

Broken Bones: 

Fractures are common in collisions. Our offices handle far too many injury claims resulting from pedestrians and bicyclists being struck by SEPTA drivers. Broken bones occur regularly in collisions. Falls, particularly when they happen to an older person, can result in serious fractures that can be life-threatening.

The Cost of Fractures

Treatment and rehabilitation for a simple fracture can result in medical bills over $10,000. More complex injuries, like a hip fracture suffered in a trip and fall may require several surgeries and a lifetime of pain. Hip fracture medical costs can reach $95,000 and are the leading cause of accidental death in Americans over the age of 65.

Strains, Sprains, and Tears: 

Many people are injured each year on SEPTA vehicles due to lurching starts and stops that cause sprains and strains. These injuries can seem minor, and sometimes all you need is rest to recover, but by the time you know the difference between a serious injury and a minor one, you have lost precious time.

Cost of Sprains, Strains, and Tears

A sprained ankle is painful, but is usually easy to treat. In order for a sprain to heal, you must rest the ankle until it has healed. For many people with busy lives and jobs that they need to go to, this kind of rest is impossible. Too many people rush their recovery from a sprain to prevent missing work, only to cause a more severe injury that puts them out of work for a longer period of time. Costs of treatment for a sprain can be $5,000, but ligament damage, such as an ACL tear is more difficult to recover from and more expensive. A torn ACL surgery will cost around $20,000.

Protecting Your Medical Benefits

Personal injury lawyers are skilled at making sure you get the medical benefits you need when you are hurt in an accident with a SEPTA vehicle. Many times, settlement offers from claims against SEPTA seem like a good deal, but they do not take into account the full magnitude of the expense your injury causes. Claims against SEPTA are often the most challenging to get the best settlement, that’s why our attorneys fight hard for you.

Statute of Limitations

Pennsylvania Law allows for up to two years to file a claim for injury resulting from the negligent actions of someone else.

Claims against SEPTA must follow a very specific format to be accepted. An experienced personal injury attorney will help you file your claim on time, correctly, but you should contact one as soon as possible after your injury.

Most of the time, when you are injured in an accident with a SEPTA driver, you will be given an incident card. You should keep that as proof that you were present in an accident.

You have six months from the time of incident to file a “Notice of Claim” with SEPTA. This is a document that announces a civil action against a government agency and requires that certain information be submitted.

The notice must include:

  • Your Name and Address
  • The Name and Address of the Person Who Caused the Accident
  • The Date, Time, and Location of the Accident
  • Your Treating Physician’s Contact Information

Failure to file this information within the six month period can result in a denial of claim by SEPTA that is legally enforceable and difficult to get around.

The law requires that you exhaust all administrative efforts to resolve your claim. The process involves negotiations between doctors, lawyers, and claims adjusters. Most injury claims are settled out of court through fair negotiation.

A skilled personal injury attorney will be able to assist you in resolving your claim because we understand how the injury you suffered compares to injuries suffered by similar people. We use legal findings to your advantage and make sure the settlement you receive is fair.

Caps on SEPTA Liability

The law sets a cap on the amount of money that can be brought in a suit against SEPTA for injury. The limits are $250,000 per claim, and $1 million per accident. The cost of healthcare continues to rise, and many of the common injuries experienced by people involved in accidents with SEPTA vehicles can be catastrophically expensive. It is vital that you have the kind of experienced personal injury attorney who can win your SEPTA injury claim.

When Should You Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

The statute of limitations on filing a claim with SEPTA is brief. It is best not to wait to contact an attorney. Many people are not sure if they have a claim, and so they don’t call soon enough. We offer a free consultation, just so that you can share the facts of your accident with our attorneys. Our experience winning cases against SEPTA gives us the confidence to guarantee that we can win your claim. If we can’t settle your case, you owe us nothing.