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How Much Can I Win From A Car Accident Claim?

Auto accidents are so common these days, that car crashes now make up the majority of accidents across the US. Most people will be involved in at least one car accident in their lifetime. Unfortunately, many times these accidents result in serious injuries for the drivers who were not at fault, as well as their […]

10 Steps following a Car Accident

It is difficult for most people to remember the right steps to take after a car accident, particularly serious collisions that cause injury. Even minor fender-bender crashes can fill a person with dread and anxiety over how to pay for the damage. When a car accident results in physical injury, it's an even more traumatic […]

How is Fault Determined in a Car Accident?

Car accidents are stressful and scary, and it's even worse when the collision is your fault. Not all crashes are easy to determine who caused the accident though. That's why it's so important to not admit that you caused an accident, even when talking to your insurance company, police, or other drivers involved in a […]

Should I Sue if I Have Been Rear-Ended in a Car Accident?

When a vehicle fails to stop in time and strikes the back of another vehicle. These collisions are often referred to as "rear-enders" and they have the potential to be more devastating than any other type of accident. That's because the impact can throw vehicle occupants forward violently, causing numerous types of injuries. Many of […]

4 Steps to Filing a Personal Injury Claim in Pennsylvania

How Do you Start your Personal Injury Case in PA ? The laws of Pennsylvania ensure that anyone who is injured by the negligent actions or wrongdoing of another may seek compensation through the State Courts. It may seem simple, but filing a successful personal injury claim is a complicated process. The laws that protect […]

10 Things You Don’t Know about Slip and Fall Accidents

Lets Look at the Facts There’s a good likelihood almost everyone will experience a slip and fall or a trip and fall accident at some point in their life. With luck, the accident will be nothing more than an embarrassing thing that happened. Maybe the accident will even make a funny story one day. Unfortunately, […]

The Causes of Neck Pain After a Car Accident

After a car accident, many people experience neck pain…. The pain can be nagging, feel tight, and make movement painful and difficult. Neck pain can also linger, causing suffering for months, or even years. Neck pain after a car accident is one of the most underreported injuries in the United States. Neck and low back […]

Why Are Trucking Accidents So Dangerous?

Truck Accidents Can Be Deadly It’s 3:30 am and most of Pennsylvania is asleep. But on the highways all over the Commonwealth, truck drivers are hard at work. Some drivers have been on the road since early afternoon the day before, and they are still hours from their destination. Others are just getting underway, and […]

What are the Different Types of Car Accidents ?

There are Various Types of of Car Accidents Even if you’re the best driver on Earth, you can still get in a car accident. We share the road with other drivers, and sometimes people are driving recklessly, distracted, or are using drugs or alcohol. All of these factors can affect how your insurance claim pans […]

What should I do if I am involved in an Uber accident?

Uber and other ridesharing services don’t always offer fair compensation. A personal injury attorney can help you claim the compensation you deserve. If you are involved in an accident with an Uber driver, you may be eligible for compensation for damages and medical expenses. Uber insures all drivers while they are actively on shift, which […]

Do I Need to Go to The Hospital After A Car Accident?

Why Do I Need to Go to Hospital? I Feel Fine Never refuse medical attention after a car accident. Several medical and legal reasons make visiting the hospital, as well as your primary care physician following an accident the right thing to do. The medical reasons you should go to the hospital and/or see your […]

Why Should I Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer After a Car Accident?

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, hiring a lawyer to advise and guide you is a good decision. Having an attorney to assist you through the claims process can make a big difference in the amount of compensation you receive for your injuries. Are You Overwhelmed After Being Injured in an Accident? An […]

What Do I Do After a Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident?

Unfortunately, PA has one of the highest fatality rates for motorcycle accidents, with 184 fatalities recorded in 2017. As a motorcyclist, you need to know the laws that affect you in Pennsylvania and what actions you should take after being involved in an accident. What Action Should I Take After a Motorcycle Accident ? If […]

What is Whiplash After a Car Accident?

Whiplash can manifest itself in a number of accidents outside automobiles. We take a look.  In 2018, there were 128,420 accidents on Pennsylvania’s roads and 1,190 fatalities. While some accidents may not cause damage to your vehicle or physical injury, many collisions can cause extensive and lasting injuries that can affect you for the rest […]

What Should You Do After a Birth Injury?

After a birth injury, new parents feel distressed and helpless at the possibility of the lifelong effects the injury may have on their child. What are your legal rights in such cases? Can you pursue a case against those responsible? And will a malpractice lawyer be necessary to file a claim? When Do Birth Injuries […]

Who Is Responsible If I Am Hurt Shopping?

If you’ve fallen and been injured in a store, mall or any public place, you may have the basis for a lawsuit. Success in slip and fall personal injury lawsuits is not just about proving negligence, but also about determining liability, because they aren’t always the same. What Causes Slip and Fall Accidents ? The […]

Why Is There Limited Tort Insurance In Pennsylvania?

Chances are if you've purchased car insurance since moving to Pennsylvania, or if you grew up here, you've seen the full tort and limited tort options on your car insurance. Unfortunately, many people living here in Pennsylvania don't know what those important terms mean, and so don't really know what kind of insurance they are […]

Who is responsible if I slip in a restaurant?

So you were out for a relaxing meal and slipped on a restaurant floor. Who is to blame ?  Which party is responsible for you slipping in a restaurant is different depending on how the slip occurred, where it occurred, and why it occurred. There are many environmental variables that can cause someone to slip […]

Who is Responsible for a Mall Slip and Fall ?

So You Slipped and Injured yourself in a Mall. Who Do You Sue ? If you’re thinking about finding a slip and fall lawyer near you that can help you make a claim on a slip and fall injury, then you need to know the basics of what constitutes a legitimate case. This will save […]

Who Can I Sue in a Highway Construction Zone Accident?

Highway construction zone accidents can and do occur on a regular basis.  All throughout the year, men and women across our state work hard on our highways to ensure that they remain in peak condition. As such, it’s not uncommon to pass through a construction zone while traveling on a state highway. These work zones […]

Who do I sue if I was the passenger in a taxi accident?

With all of the taxi traffic in a large city, there are bound to be accidents involving a taxi, a passenger, and a third party. In this unique situation where you were in an accident and might have sustained an injury but was not responsible for the accident, it may not be clear who is […]

When Should I Call a Lawyer after a Philly Car Accident?

You’ve been in an accident and sustained injuries. When is the right time to call a lawyer ?  As far as the time you should contact legal help after a car accident goes, it should be soon afterward but not before you ensure that you are safe and have seen a medical professional. Regarding whether […]

What Should I Do After a Truck Accident?

You’ve been hit by a truck, and been injured. What’s next ?  In the wake of a truck accident, you may be confused or disoriented. You may not have seen the vehicle that caused you to crash before it impacted your vehicle, after all. Even if you did, you may not be able to tell […]

What Should I Do After A Slip And Fall In A Restaurant?

So you had a fall in a restaurant that was not your fault, and you have been injured. Who is to blame ?  Going out to eat is one of the best ways to finish off your day. Restaurants offer glamourous settings, delicious food, and a quiet atmosphere that can really help you relax. Unfortunately, […]

What should I do after a car accident involving injury victims?

Being in a car accident can be an especially confusing situation. No matter who is at fault, you are likely to be experiencing an adrenaline rush with your mind racing and your heart pumping furiously. It is possible that you might even be completely disoriented or incapacitated so figuring out exactly what to do in […]

Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Lawyer?

Every day, thousands of Americans decide that they need to seek out legal assistance. They may need a slip and fall lawyer, for example, after suffering a serious accident while at a restaurant or shop. A different person may need to seek out a truck accident lawyer in the wake of a major crash. In […]

The Worst types of Car Accidents

Determining the worst kind of car accident depends entirely on what you consider to be the most terrible result. If you are concerned with the loss of human life, then whatever type of crash results in the most fatalities would be considered the worst type of car accident. That said, if you are more concerned […]

Accidents at School: First Steps

No one looks forward to a call from their child’s school during the day. All too often, these calls spell bad news, from a child’s illness to potential discipline for misbehavior. On a rare occasion, though, this kind of call can communicate that your child has been injured at school in some type of accident. […]

What Can I Claim For After a Car Accident?

A car accident can be a life-changing experience – there’s no two ways about it. One moment, you’re going about your day while commuting in town or on the highway. But the next moment, you find yourself injured, without a means of transportation, and without a clear path towards recovery. All in all, a car […]

How Can I Prove that a Driver was Distracted?

The other driver in the accident was distracted at the moment the crash occurred. In the wake of a serious car accident, you may not know what to do. The crash scene may be weeks behind you now, but that doesn’t mean you have any more clarity about how to proceed. You do know one […]

Can Pre-Existing Conditions Affect Auto Accident Claims?

But in the wake of a car accident, a pre-existing condition may feel like a whole new burden. For many folks in US, a pre-existing condition can make it difficult to find affordable health insurance as well as live a comfortable day-to-day life.  Those with a pre-existing condition may even wonder if it will affect […]

Filling a Claim after a SEPTA Trolley Bus Accident?

SEPTA has a considerable history with accidents involving both riders and pedestrians. If you’ve lived in southeastern Pennsylvania for any amount of time, then you’re almost certainly familiar with SEPTA and their fleet of public transportation vehicles. Indeed, thousands of people each day rely on SEPTA buses to get to work and to complete their […]

Steps to Take Following a Car Accident 

Following the confusion of an auto accident it can be difficult to know what to do first. Car accidents are scary and bewildering, and the steps you take afterward can impact your life. Some of the steps are obvious, like making sure that anyone who is injured gets prompt medical help. You may not be […]

Driving Tips During Ice and Snow in Pennsylvania

Snow and ice can make even the simplest commute challenging and dangerous. Slick roads increase the chance of an accident. Even drivers who have a lifetime of experience operating in Pennsylvania’s winter conditions still make mistakes and cause accidents. Just because the weather played a factor in an accident does not mean that the driver […]

Defective Airbags Accident Claims

Modern vehicles feature a wide array of devices intended to keep occupants safe in a car accident. The United States has required airbags for both front passengers in all cars and light trucks since 1998. Today, many cars have several airbags in various places to help prevent injuries to people inside. The automotive airbag was […]

Slip and Falls in Philadelphia Retail Stores

You safely arrived at the store, you expect your trip to be hazard free Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere - in your home, at work, or even on the sidewalk, and  millions of people  seek emergency medical attention due to slips, trips, and falls each year. One particularly common location for slip and falls […]

Jury Awards $2.5 Million to Snowboarder

  Negligence by the operators on the slopes Steelers and Eagles football is back, and that means winter is just around the corner in Pennsylvania. Skiers and snowboarders are already praying for the slopes to open. Snow sports are inherently dangerous and injuries to skiers and snowboarders are common. In many cases, the operators of […]

Philadelphia Intersection Accidents

Intersections are among the most dangerous and common places were car collisions happen, and the reasons are as varied as the types of intersections we encounter. Call a Philadelphia Lawyer today if you had an accident at an intersection as a motorist or pedestrian.

Damages Resulting from Negligent or Inadequate Security

The average American probably does not think about security very often, at least in terms of security offered by an establishment. But in the landscape of the world today, security is almost always around us, whether we know it or not. Over our shoulder, protecting us from nefarious ne’er do wells, we rely on security […]

New Vehicle Safety Systems and Accident Avoidance

There is an urban myth that began in the 1970’s about new-at-the-time automotive technology- cruise control. By various tellings, the gist of the myth is that a person who recently purchased a recreational vehicle got to freeway speeds, set the cruise control, and got up to make coffee. The myth continues, telling us that the […]

Preventing Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents

Preventing slip and falls benefits everyone We have all done it at some point in our lives, casually going about our business when some unexpected obstacle seems to just materialize right in our path, causing us to trip or slip and fall down. In many cases, it simply is embarrassing, particularly when an accidental fall […]

Discrimination and Unjustified Use of Force by Law Enforcement

The use of unjustified police force is on the rise There are many ways residents of Philadelphia may run afoul of law enforcement, from serious criminal violations to cases of mistaken identity, to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In some instances, Pennsylvanians may even find themselves in police custody for no […]

Insurance Claims While Driving an Employer's Vehicle

Over 3 million vehicles in Pennsylvania are work vehicles. We live in a mobile society where just about any goods or services imaginable can be delivered to our door. So, it is unsurprising to learn that thousands of employees work in jobs that require them to drive a company owned vehicle. They drive vehicles like […]

Falls in Philadelphia Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Falls in nursing homes are a serious problem. The golden years, we dream and plan for our entire working life about what we will do when we get there. The relaxation offered by retirement and the time to actually enjoy the little things. Plus, there is will be plenty of time to do all those […]

Preventing Elderly and Disabled Customers From Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents

Elderly and disabled Pennsylvanians face unique challenges every day operating in a world largely intended for healthy, able people. Obstacles abound, many seemingly intent on making it harder for disabled and older Americans to stay active. Elderly and disabled persons are more likely to be seriously injured in a slip, trip and fall accident. Businesses […]

Under-Inflating Your Tires this Winter Can Kill You

Under-inflating tires to improve traction has been the mantra of many instructors for decades: this is not always the case. When I was learning to drive, my teacher instructed us that in certain conditions, it is better to let some air out of your tires to improve traction. The idea was that by letting a […]

How a Google and Fitbit Partnership May Help Accident Victims “Document” Pain and Suffering

Google’s Cloud health may benefit personal injury claims Does anyone remember the blinking clock on the now obsolete VCR?  There are many examples of how technology can be frustrating. But if we are being honest, innovation can be useful when used right.  For instance, many larger law firms are considering how to use artificial intelligence, […]

Why it is Vital to Have an Attorney When Filing Against SEPTA

The day before Christmas Eve, 1996, Crystal Jones stepped off a train at the Fern Rock Station in Philadelphia. It was a frigid day, with gusty winds and snow falling lightly off and on. The promise of a white Christmas was in the air and workers at the station had spread rock salt to prevent […]

The Most Common Types of Philadelphia Car Accidents

When many people hear the words “car crash,” they envision two cars colliding. But the reality is that car wrecks can involve one to dozens of cars. The other vehicles do not have to be cars, they can be motorcycles, or trucks, bicycles or emergency vehicles. It might even involve a bicycle or pedestrian. The […]

Most Common Injuries Suffered in Car Crashes

When you are injured in a car crash, it is disorienting and confusing.  You need medical attention and your injuries may limit what you are now able to do.  It is a stressful time and on top of everything, the medical bills put a strain on your finances.   We go through the most common injuries caused by car accidents we see in Philadelphia and discuss why hiring a lawyer is something all car accident victims should do before talking to an insurance company.

Important Steps You Need to take After a Car Crash

What should I do when involved in a car crash where people have been hurt? We rely on our cars and spend a large amount of time behind the wheel, but unfortunately,accidents can and do happen. When they do, your heart rate increases and your nerves fray, but you need to stay calm because there are some things you […]

Why You Need the Best Accident Lawyer for Your Hit and Run Case

You suffered injuries in a hit and run, what can you do when the offender is unknown? A car crash is unsettling and aggravating, but it is even worse if you are hit followed by the quick departure of the perpetrator.  The person who caused the wreck is gone and you have no idea who […]

Can I Open An Auto Accident Claim If I Have Two Going Already?

You had multiple accidents within a short timeframe. Can you file more than one claim ? Getting involved in an accident is a terrifying and life-threatening experience. It is even scarier if you get involved in more than one accident. If the accident has resulted in car damage or you getting an injury, the next […]

Why You Need an Attorney If You’ve Been in a Car Accident

Car accidents are scary, to say the least.  Once the situation has been assessed to determine damages and extent of injuries, people often overlook specific details.   They tend to pass over the idea of retaining the services of an attorney. After all, the accident might not seem like a big deal.  Even the liability […]

Apple Watch Series 4: Slip and Fall, Then It Calls

An Apple watch may help save a life in the event of an accident Apple has been grabbing a lot of attention with its latest model of the current Apple Watch Series. Thanks to a new electric heart sensor mounted into the backside, the most recent Apple Watch Series 4 can detect a low heartbeat […]

Who is Guilty In An Accident Between Two Autonomous Cars?

The era of self-driving cars is approaching, which will usher in a new area of accident law The authorities never found it complicated in the past to make conclusions of one at fault in case of a car accident. The considerable proportion of blames in most states pointed to the driver to be responsible and […]

Is Your Child Experiencing PTSD After a Car Crash?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental condition commonly experienced by people subjected to traumatic experiences. Car accidents are one of the traumatic experiences that can trigger PTSD in adults and children. The events of a car accident, such as screeching tires, sirens, ambulance lights, flashing police lights, and shattered glass cause more trauma to […]

Head-On Collisions Can be Deadly

Almost nothing can be as terrifying as seeing another vehicle drive directly toward you in your lane. Often, such situations result in a head-on collision, in which the front ends of two vehicles collide. Even with standard safety features such as bumpers, crumple zones, seat belts, and airbags, head-on crashes can have devastating effects and […]

Truck Drivers & Serious Health Conditions – A Dangerous Combination

Despite regulations, truck drivers with serious medical conditions still get behind the wheel of commercial vehicles every day, sometimes with disastrous results.  The large commercial trucks you see on a regular basis provide an essential function in our economy, hauling untold tons of good and materials from place to place each day. Unfortunately, they also […]

Motorcycles - Thrilling but prone to accidents

A lot of riders enjoy the freedom that only come from riding a motorcycle. However, this freedom comes at a price; motorcyclists are much more exposed than they would be driving a car, which means they are a lot more prone to serious injuries in the event of an accident. In fact, motorcyclists are several […]

July is a Dangerous Month for Car Accidents in Philadelphia

80,000 people suffered injuries in car accidents in Pennsylvania in 2017 and many of those crashes took place in the Philadelphia area. If you drive in the city, you should always be fully aware of the risk factors for auto accidents. One factor is that the roads can become deadlier in the month of July. […]

Philadelphia DUI / DWI Accidents

Motorists that drive impaired because of alcohol or drugs are one of the leading causes of accidents and fatalities in the US. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 28% of all traffic deaths were caused by alcohol-impaired drivers alone. Marijuana use was involved in 16% of all accidents. Whether you are at […]

Philadelphia Head On Collision Lawyers

Head on Collisions are some of the most devastating. When it comes to car accidents, there are none more devastating and life-threatening than head-on collisions. To quickly define a head-on collision, it is an auto accident where two cars, driving in opposite directions from one another, collide. While these accidents are much rarer than your […]

Philadelphia Repetitive Strain Injury Lawyers

Repetitive strain injury is an often undervalued and sometimes forgotten aspect of workers' compensation benefit packages. When people think of workers' comp claims or even workplace injuries at large, it's typically the result of a singular event or accident. Arguably, we can attribute this to the fact that many of these incidents cause very severe […]

Choosing the right Philadelphia Nursing home...and Lawyer

No matter how hard it is to accept, your parents will get old, and they may require some sort of help. For some, a nursing home is the only option. If you are weighing your options about providing care for your elderly parents, it's wise to educate yourself about your rights. Nursing Home Accidents Statistics […]

The Do's And Dont's of Biking To Work in Philadelphia

Bicycling has been on the rise in the US over the past decade, according to the US Census Bureau. While some people are dusting off the bike to get in shape, the wealth of this boom in bicycling is caused by more and more people choosing the bike over their car to commute to work. […]

Self-Driving Cars From a Lawyers Perspective: New Hopes and New Fears

The word automobile means "self-mover" when you break it down into its Greek roots. In some ways, the notion of a driverless vehicle brings the car industry even closer to the actual meaning of the product it has been producing throughout the last century. The shift towards this driverless future has been happening gradually as […]

Benefits and Risks of Driving for Work Later in Life

Older Drivers present benefits and Risks The AARP recently released a comprehensive report that makes a strong case for the value of hiring workers in the age 50+ category. The report details this segment of the population's increasing willingness to work and describes the many advantages that accompany the decision to hire from this group. […]

Social Security Disability (SSD) Benefits in PA

What are Social Security Disability Benefits in Philadelphia? In 1935, Congress enacted the Social Security Act to help states like Pennsylvania provide better assistance for those in need. While best known for the aid it provides to senior citizens, the Social Security Act also includes provisions for younger Americans who are unable to work for […]

Premises Liability & High Rise Safety

  Grenfell Tower was engulfed in a blaze of fire and some feel the owners are to blame The tragedy in a London high rise apartment building shocked the world when at least 30 people were killed in a fire. According to one news report, dozens more people are still missing. Grenfell Tower, the 120-unit […]

Philadelphia Auto Accident Lawyer Discusses Takata Airbag Maker to File for Bankruptcy

Reports say Takata will seek bankruptcy protection in both the United States and Japan Japanese airbag maker Takata, which is behind the largest product recall in history, is reportedly filing for bankruptcy. The recall involves 100 million airbags, and the defective airbags have been responsible for at least 16 deaths and hundreds of injuries. According […]

Music Festival Injuries

There are several things you can do to stay as safe as possible at a music festival or outdoor concert Nothing says summer quite like a music festival. Most music fans like hearing their favorite band play live under a blue sky, surrounded by friends and other festival goers. However, any time that many people […]

Laundry Detergent Pods Injuring Kids and Seniors

The CPSC has issued a safety alert warning Anyone who’s ever had a toddler in the house knows they are capable of getting into trouble even when you turn your head for a few seconds. No matter how much you try to childproof your home, if there’s a hazard around, chances are a child will […]

Knowing which types of accidents can be avoided can help everyone stay safer

June is National Safety Month. As part of its push to make the country a safer place for everyone, the National Safety Council (NSC) is focusing on various ways to stay safe at home and in the workplace. The NSC also recently released its Injury Facts 2017, which lists the most common causes of accidental […]

Three Types of Distracted Driving You Should Be Aware Of

Distracted driving is about more than just what you do to make you distracted Distracted driving has become one of the top causes of motor vehicle accidents, and the problem is only getting worse. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), distracted driving was responsible for over 391,000 injuries and more than 3,400 […]

Summer is the Worst Season for Car Accidents

Summer is supposed to be a time to relax and take a break from the daily grind Did you know that summer is the peak season for auto accidents? When the weather heats up, people are more likely to take road trips and vacations. However, this isnt the only reason why summertime means a greater […]

Discussing Construction Companies Putting Productivity Before Safety

Construction companies dont always prioritize their workers safety Construction consistently ranks among the most dangerous jobs in America. Construction workers face serious safety hazards every day, from extreme heights and heavy equipment to dangerous machinery and electrical risks. But surveys conducted by safety organizations and agencies show that many of the hazards construction workers face […]

Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Gives Tips on What to Do After a Motorcycle Crash

Being involved in a motorcycle crash can be overwhelming Theres no getting around the fact that motorcyclists are incredibly vulnerable in a crash. Without the protective shell of a car around them, motorcyclists are at risk of being catastrophically hurt in an auto accident. In 2014 alone, over 16 percent of all fatal vehicle accidents […]

Dangers of Bounce Houses

Most parents dont think twice about letting their kids hop inside a bounce house Go to any carnival or outdoor festival and youre likely to see a bounce house. Big and colorful, they attract kids like nothing else. But are they safe? Most parents dont think twice about letting their kids hop inside a bounce […]

Drowsy Driving as Bad as Drunk Driving? Philadelphia Auto Accident Lawyer Discusses

The reality is that most of us are sleep-deprived If youre like most people, you could probably use a bit more shut-eye at night. The reality is that most of us are sleep-deprived. The demands of work, family, and other responsibilities mean that few Americans get adequate rest.Although running low on sleep is common, new […]

Philadelphia Pedestrian Deaths Keep Going Up

The recent annual increase in pedestrian deaths is the single largest increase in history. Do you think you’d feel comfortable walking the entire length of a football field blindfolded? How about driving the same distance in your car with your eyes closed? Now imagine traveling the same distance at 55 miles per hour without watching where youre […]

Do You Practice Bicycle Safety?

Before you head out, keep the following tips in mind Summer is the perfect time to hang up your car keys and hit the road on two wheels. Bicycling is a great way to get in some exercise, help the environment, and explore nature. Unfortunately, the number of fatal bicycle accidents has increased in recent […]

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Retiring After Multiple Concussions

Earnhardt has been open about his health struggles stemming from repeat concussions Most people associate concussions with contact sports like football. The NFL has dominated news headlines in recent years due to a number of former and current players coming forward to talk about the effects of multiple concussions. However, car crashes account for a […]

Can You Get Compensated for Sciatica Pain?

In many cases, sciatica interferes with an individuals ability to work If you have ever experienced sciatica pain, you know first hand how painful and crippling it can be. Sciatica pain can also be caused by trauma sustained in a motor vehicle accident. If you were injured in a crash, and you are now suffering […]

Hiring a Lawyer as the Victim of a Drunk Driving Accident

Drunk driving can ruin lives. No one is a good driver when they're drunk and choosing to drive while under the influence is one of the poorest life decisions any of us can make. Over 30% of all crashes involve an alcohol-impaired driver. These accidents lead to almost one death every hour. Though this is […]

Animals: Another Cause of Distracted Driving

What is distracting driving? Distractions have always been a huge issue for drivers. Whether you take your pet with you on a trip or it's a wild animal crossing the road, when you take your attention off the road for a second, you can get in a serious accident. Distracted driving refers to a situation […]

Processing your Workers Compensation Claim

Should you Trust an Insurance Company With Your Claim ? If you have been injured on the job, your world could be turned upside-down in a matter of seconds. In addition to physical pain, emotional stress, and a whirlwind of confusion, you will be asked to trust insurance companies—those same companies who have the goal […]

What Steps to take after a SEPTA Accident in Philadelphia

I've Been in a Bus Accident. Now What? Bus accidents, since they involve so many people as well as public transportation, are involved. Achieving the best possible outcome can take a significant amount of legwork. This is especially true if you happen to be driving a vehicle that collided with a bus or if you […]

Why do you need an attorney if your loved one has been in a fall accident?

Slip and fall accidents are a common occurrence with hundreds of claims made every year in the U.S. Wet floors, unlit stairwells, ice, and defects can often lead to serious injuries. Many victims suffer several consequences and even life-threatening complications. Propery Owners And the Law Property owners are obliged by law to make sure their […]

What Exactly is Whiplash?

Theres nothing cliche about the saying pain in the neck until you’ve actually suffered from debilitating neck pain. And, according to the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, the number of neck related injuries that occur as a result of accidents is on the rise. Commonly referred to as whiplash, […]

Defective Cars and Automobiles

Why You Need an Attorney if You've Been in an Accident with a Defective Auto? One of the first pieces of advice you will get after being injured in an auto accident is to hire a good lawyer. While that is good advice, what about accidents that occur because of a defective automobile ? The […]

Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the USA

There are certain breeds of dogs in the U.S that have a reputation for dangerous behaviour, but they are still allowed to be kept as pets. These breeds of dogs include hybrids between domestic dogs and wolves, pit bull terriers and rottweilers. Research that was conducted by has highlighted that from 2005 to 2012, […]

What Dog Breeds Are The Most Inclined to Bite?

The Risk Of Dog Bites While dogs of all breeds can be loving and well-behaved family pets, the statistics do not lie: certain breeds are more dangerous than others and more liable to attack. The risk of dog bite attacks and even human fatalities as a result of dogs bites have become so associated with […]

Pursuing a Dog Bite Claim in Pennsylvania

Suing a Dog Owner Following an Attack The Federal CDC (Center for Disease Control) recently reported that nearly 4.5 million individuals suffer a dog bite or dog attack in the USA each year.  Around 20 percent of these individuals will be in need of medical treatment to heal their injuries after a dog attack. Medical treatment […]

What to do After a Dog Attack or Bite in Philadelphia

Pennsylvania state law has in place rules that handle dog bites and how the law is interpreted depends on each situation: What is absolutely certain is that a dog owner is always held liable for any damage his or her dog may inflict on an unsuspecting victim if it has a known history of vicious […]

Dog Attacks: The Statute of Liability

Victims of dog bites who can prove that a dog owner did not follow Pennsylvania laws, may be compensated as this action is due to negligence. Pennsylvanias Dog Law demands that adequate control over the states dogs takes place at all times and that all dogs are confined on the owners property so they are […]

What is The Owners Liability for Dog Bites

Federal dog laws are not applicable throughout the U.S. as dog discipline and behavior is governed by state laws. In most states two important laws govern dog owners liability for any dog bites, and these are: The PA One Bite Rule Under this rule, any dog is permitted one free bite without the owner being […]

What costs are incurred by a dog owner after an attack ?

An unprovoked dog attack, in which an innocent victim is mauled or bitten, can be a horrific event. Some dog attacks can be fatal or cause serious injuries, especially to infants or small children. If you or a member of your family has been bitten by a dog which has not been provoked, you may […]

When you Should Hire a Philadelphia Dog Bite Lawyer?

Owner negligence can include failure to properly train or care for their pets,  There are dog lovers all over Pennsylvania and many welcome the pets of others. But unfortunately, someone elses dog that seems mild can attack without being provoked, and those injuries are in part caused by a lack of owner responsibility. Failure to […]

Dog Attacks - Facts and Figures

The incident of dog bites in the United States have increased dramatically over the last few years. It has been calculated that 2% of the total American population has the misfortune to have been bitten by a dog each year. This includes those dogs who have specific owners and those that do not.  It has […]

Dog Bite Statistics

Dangerous dogs are a true public safety risk. They make victims out of millions of Americans each year. According to the American Humane Association (AHA), about 4.7 million dog bites occur in the United States each year, with nearly 800,000 dog bite victims requiring medical treatment for their injuries. Tragically, most of these dog bites […]

What Can Dog Owners can do to Prevent Bites?

Dogs that are not properly trained or supervised have the potential to bite. This tendency can even be present in the most beloved family pets. Whether you intend to raise a puppy or have adopted a dog from a local shelter, there are ways to prevent the risk that s/he will ever bite anyone in […]

How to Prevent Dog Attacks

Millions of people are the victims of dog bites in the United States each year, and children especially are more at risk of getting injured by an aggressive or dangerous dog. While owners have a legal responsibility to supervise and properly restrain their pets, in some of those cases, the dog bite could have been […]

Do I need a Dog Bite Lawyer?

Even though millions of dog bites occur each year in the U.S., very few of the victims will be compensated by insurance companies for their injuries. In fact, many dog bites go unreported, so most victims wont get the money they are owed in spite of home insurance coverage. By some estimates, insurances companies compensate only […]

Choosing Limited Tort : What you should know

It May be Unwise to Choose Limited Tort Cover in Pennsylvania Insurance has virtually taken over when it comes to a personal injury claim. It is now not simply filing a claim directed at the person who caused an accident but it involves understanding the complexities of the chosen insurance policy. There are ways to […]

Limited Tort vs Full Tort Insurance : The Differences

Limited Tort Puts Limitations on Personal Auto Accident Insurance Claims In Pennsylvania, all owners of vehicles have to select either Full Tort or Limited Tort on their automobile insurance policy. For many people though, they find it hard to understand exactly what the Limited Tort is actually limiting. The decision you make not only has […]

How Smartphone use Increases Car Insurance Rates

So how exactly do smartphones fit in with increasing car insurance rates? Smartphone use is continuously increasing in today's society. While they allow information and communication in the palm of our hands, they are also one of the leading causes of increases in car insurance rates. While on the surface it seems improbable that these […]

Back Injury: Causes, Complications and Compensation

Back injuries can occur in a number of different ways. Back injuries are common types of personal injuries that result from accidents, and they can be extremely painful and lead to serious medical complications. If you or a loved one has suffered a back injury as a result of any kind of an accident, call […]

Hiring A Philadelphia Limited Tort Attorney

Do You have Limited Tort ? First, it is important for you to know whether your vehicle insurance policy provides for full tort coverage or for limited tort coverage. Many people who choose limited tort coverage do so because it often costs less in monthly premiums than full tort coverage does, but they may not […]

What should you do when you were hit by another driver in Philadelphia?

You were hit my another driver and sustained injuries. What’s next ? Getting into a car accident can be a scary ordeal, especially if you've suffered minor to serious injuries. If you've been hit by another driver, an attorney with an understanding of Pennsylvania car accident law can help protect your rights and advocate on […]

What Happens if I am in an Accident While a Passenger in an Uber?

You hired an Uber and were involved in an accident. Who is liable to pay your compensation ?  Uber, and other rideshare services, such as Lyft, have become popular options for millions of Pennsylvanians looking for a cheap and convenient method of travel. However, like any car ride, accidents can and do happen. If you're […]

The Future of Autonomous Cars and Insurance in Philadelphia

Driverless cars are now on the rise and being tested before becoming widely available to the public. The future of cars, or any transportation vehicle, has been fantasized in entertainment between movies, books, and television shows, and there is finally some progress. There hasn’t been innovations quite yet that involve flying cars or teleporting devices, […]

PA Car Seat Laws Aim to Offer Added Safety to PA Children

A car seat tops the list of essentials to parents - but faulty seats are on the market The precautions that parents go through in order to keep their most precious cargo safe go without saying. As parents, you trust that the manufacturer of your car seat has done its due diligence in assuring that […]

Google Drives Patent to a New Level

Google's self driving cars may include new tech that can prevent secondary injuries to victims. But .... Google, the IT giant, has taken the patent law to the next level. Simply put, its done what every great inventor has had to do. In its attempt to redefine technology, Google started experimenting with cars to make […]

Walking and Texting in a Fast Paced World

Accidents involving distracted walking due to texting is an evolving high risk.  As the smart phone continues to evolve, so does the definition of mobility. What once required an Internet connection and a laptop now only commands the all-consuming hand held that is conveniently stored in the pockets of just about every pedestrian in every […]

Receiving Compensation After a Multi-Car Accident

Multi-Car Accidents can be complicated for all involved. Of the 10 million crashes that will occur in the next year, 2 million of them will result in significant injuries or death. If you were injured, who do you go to get compensation? Do you have a different opinion on who was at fault? Was there […]

Philadelphia Police : New Device to Check Texting Drivers Phones

The police departments in Philadelphia are anxiously looking forward to having a new gadget in their traffic enforcement arsenal. Its not a stun-gun or an additional pair of polymer gloves. This ones going to be a game-changer, and it has the car accident lawyers in Philadelphia concerned. The police in Philadelphia will soon get their […]

What Happens When You Are In An Uber Accident as a Driver ?

You drive an Uber and have been in an accident. Who covers your earning loss, medical bills and injuries? Accidents are always scary and stressful. With Uber, they could also be complicated- for a number of reasons. Who was at fault? Who will foot the bill? Where will the buck stop? Should you engage a […]

GPS Distracted Drivers

Visual GPS systems can be as much a distracted driving hazard as cell phones. Technology continues to bring many conveniences to our lives. Currently, there is an app for just about anythingmaking it easier to communicate, to shop, and to travel. While these convinces are certainly helpful to many shoppers and travelers alike, using these […]

Tip-Over Accidents

Who would have thought that furniture is becoming an big injury risk? Everything these days is becoming lighter, faster, slimmer, and more convenient. And, with convenience, theres always a cost. This is the case with the newer, lighter, and more versatile furniture and appliances.  As televisions continue to get slimmer, furniture companies are creating lighter […]

Fire Burn Injury - What You Need to Know

House fires are a terrifying and tragic experience.  They can easily be brought on by so many extenuating and inadvertent circumstances—from faulty wiring to a short in an appliance, you could literally lose everything.  Add physical injury, scarring, and permanent disfigurement to an already tragic emotional accident, and you’ve just suffered from a calamitous life-changing […]

Drone Property Damage and Personal Injury

While progress certainly breeds change, insurance companies cannot keep up with the quickly growing, unmanned aerial systems, or the drone industry. Since progress always comes at a cost, just see Scientific America’s recent release of drone disasters, it is important to seek legal counsel for any type of drone related accident.

Garmins Newest Product Helps Keep Cyclists Safer on the Roads

Garmin have invented a virtual rear-view system for cyclists. The number of bicycles on our roadways is increasing nationwide with some cities seeing increases as much as 300 to 400 percent since 2000. Philadelphia is no exception to this trend. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Philadelphia had the highest percentage of commuters cycling to […]

Is A Computer Evaluating My Automobile Accident Claim Now?

Have you or a loved one been injured in an automobile accident ? Are you suffering from a permanent injury that prevents you from returning to work or enjoying the activities that you did prior to the accident? Does the physical pain from your injuries prevent you from sleeping through the night or attending functions […]

Safety Advantages of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Many in the automobile and electronic industries are promoting the integration of smartphones into a vehicles dashboard as a safety advantage that will decrease the number of accidents caused by distracted driving. It is evident from the number of traffic violations issued throughout the United States and the number of traffic accidents caused by using […]

Facts involving SEPTA bus accident in South Philly

It was an SOP procedure for rescue crews to immediately respond to two SEPTA bus accident scenes in South Philadelphia. Another accident got their attention just after 5:30 o’clock that Friday at the intersection of Washington Ave. and 20th Street. SEPTA reported that the bus was travelling west along Washington Avenue when the accident happened. There […]

Philadelphia Head Injuries

The most serious types of accidents are those that cause injuries to the head and spine. Accidents can happen just about anywhere, at any time even to the most careful of people. Although not all accidents result in serious injuries, head injuries are relatively common. It can be very frustrating to be involved in an […]

When do you need a personal Injury Lawyer ?

You’ve had an accident that was not your fault, and you have been injured. Don’t wait! It is not always clear when you need a lawyer if you have been involved in an accident. Not every accident case needs the assistance of a personal injury lawyer, but many do. It is for this reason that […]

Rental Car Accidents are not Straightforward

Rental car accidents can be very difficult to sort out from a legal perspective. Although most people assume that the car insurance of the rental car driver should cover the accident, it is not always that simple. It can a real legal mess trying to sort out who is responsible for compensation if there are […]

Underinsured Motorists in Philadelphia

Pennsylvania law requires drivers to have at least some kind of insurance to protect against enormous financial loss if you were in an accident, including medical bills and car damage for both yourself and the other party in the crash. Unfortunately, not every driver in the Philadelphia area follows that law perfectly.  There are still […]

Hit and Run Accidents

Hit and run accidents are quite tragic when they occur, and unfortunately, they happen more frequently than they should. It is somewhat difficult to determine exactly how many hit and run accidents happen every year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has noted that many deaths, especially pedestrian deaths, occur in hit and run accidents. […]

Taxi Accidents : When to call the lawyers

You were involved in an accident with a Taxi Cab.. Philadelphia has many different taxi companies that operate in the city and the larger metropolitan area. People rely on them almost as much as on public transportation to get around the city, especially to and from the airport. But just like any other car on […]

Why Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

You may be wondering why you should get in touch with a car accident attorney. There are several reasons why it is in your best interest to do so, and if you are unsure about what to do, you should still call and talk to an attorney. We provide free consultations so that we can […]

Philadelphia Sidewalk Slip and Fall Lawyer

Sidewalks are intended to be safe places for pedestrians to walk so that they can avoid walking in the road and run the risk of being hit by cars. So when a pedestrian gets hurt walking on the sidewalk, it can be harmful and upsetting. Falling on a sidewalk can cause some painful injuries. But […]

Icy or Wet Weather : Philadelphia Winter Accidents

We have probably all lost our balance at one point or another when the weather was bad outside. Whether the sidewalks had just gotten wet and were slippery or whether the snow or ice made the walkways slick, it is easy to lose your footing and slip when walking outside after a bout of bad […]

Hiring a Dog Bite Lawyer Philadelphia

Pet owners are responsible for making sure that their pet behaves well around other people and is trained appropriately. However, not all pet owners are diligent about making sure their pet acts in a safe manner around other people, which not only includes proper training but also watching them carefully and making sure that they […]

Filing a Workers Compensation Claim

If you are a worker in the Philadelphia area and have been hurt while on the job, you might be eligible to receive a settlement under workers compensation. The Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act entitles many workers to compensation for illness or injury that happened while they were working, and it also provides death benefits to […]

Wet Floors: The Main Cause of Slip and Falls

Wet Floors are the Primary Cause of Slip and Fall cases across the USA. Banana peels are not the main cause of slip and fall accidents, despite what cartoons seem to indicate. In fact, wet, slippery floors are the primary cause of people slipping, falling, and sometimes becoming seriously hurt, with the majority of falls […]

Who is to Blame in a Sidewalk Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall injuries, as well as trip and fall injuries, can be very painful. When you inadvertently lose your balance and fall down, especially on hard or rough surfaces, you can seriously hurt yourself. But such incidents are not your fault. If you slip or trip and fall, do not feel that you are […]

Stairs, Escalators and Elevators Accident Liability

If you have slipped and fallen down a stairwell, exiting an elevator or getting on or off an escalator, don’t just out it down to bad luck or poor coordination. Unless we live our entire lives on one level, we often have to get from one floor to another, whether it be from our 7th […]

Understanding Premises Liability

What is Premises Liability ? Anytime you are hurt on property that is owned by someone else, you should be aware of the area of law called premises liability. Premises liability governs property owners by making them legally responsible for establishing and maintaining safe conditions on their property -- cleaning up spills and wet floors; […]

Limited Tort Vs Full Tort Insurance

Limited tort coverage is not something that is widely found across the United States; in fact, Pennsylvania is one of only three states in the nation that allows limited tort coverage as an option for car insurance coverage. You may be visiting this page because you were one of those people who opted for limited […]

When to call the Car Accident Attorneys?

If you are visiting this site, it might be because you or a loved one has been in an accident and you do not know where to turn following an auto accident. In the aftermath of a auto accident, it can often be difficult to figure out how to proceed, especially if you have received […]

What is Limited Tort?

If you're visiting our site then maybe... The unexpected happened: you were involved in an accident; You took a gamble on a limited tort policy because you wanted to save money on car insurance; Insurance companies are telling you that you have no claim, and you're out of luck; Other attorneys have refused to take […]

Slip And Fall Statistics

What could you do with $60 billion? Thats a lot of cash, and its also how much slip and fall injuries cost to be cared for every year in the United States. Was It My Fault I Slipped ? When we slip and fall due to a slippery aisle in the grocery store or a […]

How to Choose a the Right Slip and Fall Lawyer

If you were involved in a slip and fall accident in Pennsylvania, you will need to contact a slip and fall lawyer immediately. These kinds of lawyers are trained in accident laws. A slip and fall can occur in any place. It is usually caused by negligence by one or all parties. The job of […]

Why is there Limited Tort and Full Tort Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania?

Auto insurance in Pennsylvania is classified into two different categories one is Full Tort and the other Limited Tort. These choices were implemented by Pennsylvania with the aim of decreasing  lawsuits for pain and suffering in the state courts. The implementation emerged after the concern expressed over the high premiums for automobile insurance. Pennsylvania endorsed […]

Limited Tort Policy Exceptions

Car owners and drivers in Pennsylvania who are covered by Limited Tort insurance are treated as if they have opted for Full Tort when recovering non-economic damages in certain situations as outlined below: The driver who caused the accident has been convicted, or has accepted ARD for operating a vehicle while drunk or while under […]

Can I make a claim with Limited Tort ?

Claiming Compensation for Pain and Suffering Under Limited Tort is Possible Unfortunately many car accidents do inflict injuries. In the state of Pennsylvania, if you have selected the auto insurance Limited Tort choice then you are not able to sue a negligent driver for what is called non-economic damages, which are normally considered to be pain […]

Limited Tort Policy Limitations

What are The Limitations of Auto Insurance Policies in Pennsylvania? If you have the misfortune to be injured in an auto accident in Pennsylvania, any auto insurance you may have might be limited when it comes to making a claim. A knowledgeable Limited Tort attorney can assist you to understand your insurance cover and help you to […]

How to win Slip and Fall Cases in Philadelphia

U. S. tort laws include cases of slip and fall which is a commonplace type of injury that is likely to happen unexpectedly. When incident takes place within the home and premise of the victim then no other person is held liable for it. However, in many instances, slip cases do happen outside the victim’s […]

Distracted driving possible cause of school bus crash

A vehicular crash is often caused by distracting driving. The driver of a school bus was suspended sans pay last Tuesday as authorities continued delving into the reason why the bus he was operating reeled inside a cemetery prior to smashing a house in North Philadelphia last Monday afternoon. The crash injured four students from […]

Philadelphia Nursing Home Sued for Professional Negligence

The Case of professional Negligence A suit has been filed against a nursing home by a Philadelphia woman who claimed that she suffered multiple injuries after falling at the facility of a nursing home on two separate occasions due to alleged company negligence. Her defense counsel from a prominent Philadelphia group filed the professional negligence […]

SEPTA bus injury claim scams

At least eight Philadelphians will be facing charges of insurance fraud filed in December 2009. What happened to them is a good lesson for those who are planning to make a vehicular personal injury claim as an ATM to squeeze out green bucks. The office of the District Attorney records showed that start of the […]

The Difficult Cases of Slip & Fall

Slip and Fall Case Difficulties : Not always as clear as they seem Two of the most popular and common cases of personal injury are cases of slip & fall and cases and car accidents. Although both are considered as personal injuries but they are different from the legal perspective. Car accident cases involving car […]

Dangerous Intersection Accidents in Philadelphia

When you’re injured in car accident in Philadelphia, the odds are higher that it happened at a dangerous intersection. We know the last thing you feel like doing is sorting through paperwork from the insurance companies or trying to figure out how your bills will get paid. By consulting with an experienced attorney, you receive […]

Uninsured Motorist Accidents

Most drivers, as the law requires, have at least some form of car insurance to make sure that if they are in an accident or if they cause an accident, they are able to be financially covered for any damages experienced or caused. However, more often than we would like, accidents in Philadelphia and across […]

Making a Claim after a Hit and Run Accident

As much as we wish it were not the case, hit and run accidents are very common. It is difficult to estimate the number of hit and run accidents because of the number of occurrences and the difficulty in finding the offending driver, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has estimated that one in […]

Bike Accidents in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, like many major cities, has a large number of bicyclists and motorcyclists that use their bikes to commute or to ride for pleasure. However, riding bicycles and motorcycles can be dangerous on the road, especially if the bike has been hit by a larger vehicle like a car, truck, or bus. Bicycles and motorcycles […]

Pedestrian Accidents in Philadelphia

More than 70,000 walkers are hurt every year, and more than 4,000 of those are actually killed by motor vehicles.  Although many cities have reconfigured their downtowns in the past few years, the U.S. is still not what one would call extremely pedestrian-friendly. Whether in cities like Philadelphia with drivers who run red lights or […]

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