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Could the iPhone 14’s Crash Detection Feature Could Help With Injury Claims?

September 27, 2022

The technology press spills a lot of ink every time Apple releases a new product, and the new iPhone 14 is no differe [...]

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What is Whiplash ?

May 24, 2022

What is the Medical Definition of Whiplash? More than 2 million Americans experience this condition annually due to b [...]

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Pedestrian Deaths Increase

March 29, 2022

More than 70,000 walkers are hurt every year, and more than 4,000 of those are actually killed by motor vehicles. Alt [...]

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Making a Claim after a Hit and Run Accident

December 10, 2021

What should you do after a hit and run accident in Philadelphia ? As much as we wish it were not the case, hit and ru [...]

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Filing an Auto Accident Injury Claim

December 10, 2021

What is involved in Filing an injury Claim After being in an accident, it is easy to feel lost and confused. Many tim [...]

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Dealing With Nursing Home Abuse in Philadelphia

August 10, 2021

When our elders reach a certain age or status of health, a tough, but often necessary, a decision has to be made to p [...]

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Who do I sue if I was the passenger in a taxi accident?

August 6, 2021

With all of the taxi traffic in a large city, there are bound to be accidents involving a taxi, a passenger, and a th [...]

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10 Things You Don’t Know about Slip and Fall Accidents

August 4, 2021

Lets Look at the Facts There’s a good likelihood almost everyone will experience a slip and fall or a trip and fall [...]

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How Much will a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

July 31, 2021

The cost of pursuing a case can very quickly get out of hand, contingency fees mean you will not be put of pocket whi [...]

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How Do I Get the Most Money from a Car Accident?

July 30, 2021

A lawyer can help you build a strong claim and pursue the maximum damages Car accidents, especially severe ones, can [...]

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Wet Floors: The Main Cause of Slip and Falls

July 26, 2021

Wet Floors are the Primary Cause of Slip and Fall cases across the USA. Banana peels are not the main cause of slip a [...]

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How Do I Prove Fault After A Car Accident?

July 24, 2021

Do you Need to Prove Fault after a Car Accident ? Even when fault seems obvious, proving it in court is much harder t [...]

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How Long Does It Take to Resolve a Car Accident Case?

July 23, 2021

If this is your first time dealing with auto accident-related litigation, you may not fully understand the timeline b [...]

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The Challenges of Moving to a Nursing Care Facility

July 18, 2021

As we begin to age, we must make tough decisions about quality care. Finding the right nursing home for you may be co [...]

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SEPTA bus injury claim scams

July 16, 2021

At least eight Philadelphians will be facing charges of insurance fraud filed in December 2009. What happened to them [...]

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    I was very grateful for the hard work Joel did on my case. And 9 years later, to my surprise, I received a call from his office alerting me that I would be receiving another check from the defendant. Hopefully I won’t need his services again, but if I do, I’ll be calling Joel Kofsky

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    Harvey G.

    The office and every one was working on my case simply great and have done awesome job

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    Elena M.

    Great team! I was given attention by many staff members, and everything was taken care of in a very timely manner, Always responding quickly to my calls ,...Mirna was Great!

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