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Restaurant Slip and Fall Accidents

What was supposed to be a night out to relax or celebrate at your favorite restaurant might have tuned into an accident that has you in a lot of mental, physical, and emotional pain. Accidents happen, but we are here to help you make sure your medical bills are all compensated, and to make sure this type of accident never happens again at the same restaurant. We are experts in the field of personal injury law, and have dealt with many slip and fall cases. Let us help you with insurance claims and all other legal matters involved with this type of accident, leaving you to focus on your health and healing after the accident.

Restaurant’s Responsibility

While restaurants are responsible for providing you with a quality meal, they are all responsible for making sure you can come and go safely and peacefully. The owner of the restaurant has responsibility to maintain the facility and the property it sits on. If you slipped and fell on the property of a restaurant, the owner of the restaurant has liability. So too does the owner of the property, if the restaurant is just leasing the space. Our attorneys know who to hold responsible for your slip and fall, and we will ensure that justice is served.

There are also some things the restaurant is legally obligated to do. For example, if there is inclement weather, the resident must ensure there are clear and safe walkways in the parking lot. Anytime the floors in the restaurant are cleaned, the restaurant must make sure the floors are marked with clean Wet Floor signs, and foot traffic is directed around the wet floor.

Accidents happen, but we are here to make sure accidents do not happen as result of negligence. If a restaurant or its employees acted negligently causing you to slip and fall, that is not acceptable, and we will take legal action. We will also investigate if this was a repeat accident While it might have been the first time you had a slip and fall accident, it might not be the first slip and fall accident that occurred at this particular restaurant.

Compensation for Medical Expense

Probably the most expensive part of any slip and fall case are the medical bills that mount. In addition to the medical bills themselves, you are probably facing an excessive amount of pain and suffering. Both the medical bills and the emotional pain need to be compensated for.

Do not try to put a dollar amount on what this is all worth. Pay your bills as they come in, but do not stress about the medical bills going uncompensated. We have years of experience ensuring our slip and fall victims are adequately compensated. There is historical evidence that supports how much money is owed to you for your suffering.

Perhaps the worst part of a restaurant slip and fall accident is now questioning whether you can go out to eat again. Will this happen at another restaurant? While you are liable to be more cautious, do not let one restaurant’s negligence affect your decision to patronize other restaurants.

establishment. If it is a chain restaurant, the restaurant might need to institute sweeping changes at all of their restaurants to ensure safety. Make sure you follow all of your doctor’s instructions, get the tests needed for a diagnosis, and keep track of how

much money your bills are. It is very important that you do not let your health suffer because you are afraid of paying the bills; our attorneys will make sure your bills are paid for by the responsible parties.

Personal Injury is Our Expertise

Personal injury law and everything related to slip and falls is our firm’s area of expertise. Any legal matter can be daunting, especially an unanticipated one. While this is all probably overwhelming, let our team take care of your legal matters. Dealing with insurance companies and all the red tape associated with that is also going to be a headache for you. Fortunately, our team deals with insurance paperwork all of the time. You are dealing with your medical insurance and the insurance held by the restaurant. No doubt, each insurance agency is fighting over who should pay what. Let us sort that out for you. If there is a court case, we have successfully litigated countless cases for our clients, and we will help you every step of the way.

What should you do now?

Most importantly, take care of your health. Listen to all of your doctor’s guidance, and make that your top priority. If possible, work with your doctor to obtain a clear diagnosis of your condition. We will need copies of the paperwork and test results that support the basis of that medical diagnosis.

If, at the time of your accident, you took any photos or videos of the scene, please provide them to us. Also, try to remember the circumstances around the incident.

  • Was it outside?
  • What was the weather like?
  • If it was inside, were the floors wet?
  • Were they marked as being wet?

Anything you can remember about the incident can be very helpful, no matter how small the detail.

Do not reach out to the restaurant directly. It is best you do not patronize that restaurant again until this matter is settled. And, you should not speak with anyone employed on behalf of the restaurant. Let us take care of dealing with the restaurant, so you do not accidentally say anything that could you’re your case.

Our team of personal injury attorneys is here to answer any and all of your questions. Remember that while this might be your first slip and fall accident, it is not ours. Let us work through the intricacies of the legal system, so that you do not have to. Prioritize your health and well-being and let us take care of the paperwork.


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