Philadelphia Hospital Slip And Fall Accidents

Philadelphia Hospital Slip And Fall Accidents

Hospital Slip and Fall Accidents Happen Regularly

Hospitals are supposed to be a place where you go to heal. If you or a loved one or sick are injured, you should be in the hospital to rest and recover. Slip and fall accidents should not happen in the very place we go to get better. Unfortunately, they do still occur. That’s where our team of personal injury attorneys comes in. We are here to help make sure you are taken care of emotionally, physically, and monetarily after you experience a slip and fall accident at a hospital. The hospital needs to be held accountable, and we will work diligently to ensure that happens.

Holding the Hospital Responsible

Hospitals can prevent many slip and fall accidents by making sure their parking lots and walkways are cleared of snow in winter and making sure their hallways do not remain wet after they are mopped. We will investigate thoroughly the cause of your slip and fall, and we will ensure the hospital is held accountable if they were negligent. When walking around a hospital, you also might have to navigate around wheelchairs, hospital beds, and other equipment. Hospital staff have the responsibility to make sure these items are off the beaten path and out of the way. If they are left in hallways, this could create a slip and fall accident, and the hospital and its employees would be liable for any injuries to the victim.

Depending on who owns the property the hospital sits on, someone else could hold liability has well. If your accident occurred outside, the owner of the property is in charge of making sure the property is maintained and free of hazards.
You do not need to worry about who owns the property. Our team will investigate all aspects of your case and make sure that the right parties are held accountable for the accident. It is possible that more than one party has committed wrongdoing, and we will uncover that during our investigation into the incident.

Medical Costs from the Accident

You’re in the hospital visiting and you end up in the hospital as the result of an accident at the hospital. Make sense? While the hospital might go out of its way to accommodate you after your accident, you should still make sure you are compensated for medical bills and pain and suffering you are experiencing because of the accident.

Even if insurance covers all the medical bills and the hospital makes accommodations for you, somebody needs to compensate you for the suffering and trauma you have experienced. While this might be your first and only slip and fall accident, we have dealt with cases just like yours time and time again. We will make sure the hospital properly compensates you for the accident that occurred as a result of their negligence.

You might now be traumatized from spending any time in a hospital for fear of an accident happening again. That needs to be fixed, as you need to be comfortable in a hospital visiting loved ones or your own medical needs. We will work to ensure this hospital does not allow any further slip and fall accidents.

What insurance is going to cover your claims? Is it your medical insurance? Is it the hospital’s property insurance? Is it some combination of the two? You do not need to worry about this. Our personal injury attorneys are experts at getting to the bottom of insurance hiccups. We have first-hand experience in fighting battles with insurance companies to make sure your claims are paid for in a timely manner. Let us deal with the paperwork battles for you, so you can focus on resting and getting better.

Our Attorneys are here for you

Personal injury law and everything related to slip and falls in hospitals is our area of expertise. We can and will traverse the legal system inside and out, which will help to ensure you and your loved ones are taken care of legally, medically, and financially. Let us do the heavy lifting in the legal world, while you do the work of recovering from your accident.

There is no shame in experiencing a slip and fall accident in a hospital. While you might feel clumsy, we will work with you to ensure that not only are you compensated accordingly, but the facility is held accountable and does not allow it to happy again.
While this might be your first and only slip and fall, we have dealt with accidents just like yours time and time again. Let us put our experience to work for you and process your legal matters.

What Steps Should you take next?

First thing first, make sure your number one priority is on healing and recovering from any injuries you have suffered. Listen to your doctors, get the tests done, and do all treatment necessary to make a full recovery. Do not worry about the medical bills, as we will ensure those are paid for by the responsible party.

If you took any pictures or videos at the time of the accident, provide them to us. Also, write down and note anything you remember about your accident. Things like time of day, the weather, the surroundings are all relevant, and any small detail can help you.

Never contact the hospital or its employees directly. This could affect your legal case. Anything you say to them could be used against you. Let us handle communications with the hospital. If you still have a sick relative in the hospital, you can visit him, just stay clear of talking about your injury or your case with anyone at the hospital.

Contact our team of personal injury attorneys, as we are here to help you with any questions you have. Let our vast experience in the legal world of personal injury law and slip and fall accidents go to work on your behalf to ensure you have all the tools and resources you need to make a full recovery.