Slipped and Fell In A Store In Philadelphia

Slipped and Fell In A Store In Philadelphia

Philadelphia Store Slip and Fall Accidents

A day out shopping has unfortunately resulted in a slip and fall accident that has left you injured. What should you do now? Even if the accident happened in seemingly ideal conditions, the weather was good and the stores were not crowded, it is best that you contact our team of personal injury attorneys. It is imperative that we work to get your medical bills paid for and to prevent accidents like this from happening again. Our team will investigate the true root cause of the slip and fall and hold the store financially responsible for the accident. Most slip and falls are preventable, and we will find out what exactly caused this incident.

Holding the Store Responsible

The store is at fault for a slip and fall accident. Both the owner of the store and the owner of the property (if the store is leasing the space) need to be held liable for a slip and fall that occurred on the property. While not all falls are preventable, many of them are. Did the store properly safe guard its floors? Were employees properly trained? Did they leave inventory on the floor where it could easily be tripped over?

A simple shopping trip should not cause you pain, suffering, medical bills, or a loss of work. Unfortunately, that can be the case if you do not have a good personal injury lawyer. Our team will ensure the store is held responsible, which will take care of you after the slip and fall.

Frequently, stores neglect their internal aisles, and they also can neglect the parking lot and walkways outside the store. If you can, pay attention to the circumstances around your accident. What was the weather? Were the floors wet? Did the store employees help you?

Any of the above reasons could cause a slip and fall in a store, but that doesn’t mean we should accept that the accident was not preventable. Stores should train their employees on the proper ways to best prevent slips and falls.
Medical Bills and Employment Loss

One of the most traumatizing aspects of a slip and fall accident is dealing with medical bills, insurance claim, and the pain that comes with being injured. If you or a loved one as experienced a personal injury as a result of a store slip and fall, we can help you sort through those legal matters.

You also might find yourself out of work temporarily or permanently. Our team will make sure you are paid for wages you are missing now and also for any future earnings that will be affected by this accident. There are calculators we use to project your future worth. Even if you remain employed, it is possible that you will miss out on higher paying jobs as a result of your slip and fall. That needs to be considered during any legal matters surrounding your slip and fall accident. Even if insurance covers all the medical bills, they will not cover the emotional pain and suffering that you have experienced. You should be compensated for the suffering you are experiencing.

It is possible that you are now doubting the safety of shopping both at this store in the future and other stores like it. We will take care to investigate how often incidents like this happen at that retailer. Nobody should fear running to the market for a few groceries, and we will work to ensure you return to a comfortable lifestyle and freedoms.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers will Help You

matter whether you slip and fall at a store, mall, restaurant, nursing home, hospital, etc. We can traverse the legal system inside and out, which will help to ensure you and your loved ones are taken care of legally. No case is too small for us.

Remember, while this may be your first and only slip and fall incident, we have done this many times, and you should take advantage of our expertise to make sure you get all the compensation you are entitled to as a result of this accident.

There is no shame in experiencing a slip and fall. While you might at first feel ashamed for losing your balance and falling in public, you should rest easy knowing this could have happened to anyone.

You will be dealing with insurance companies, both medical and property insurance companies, and we can help you navigate through that paperwork to ensure all your claims are handled efficiently.

What to do Next?

Focus primarily on getting yourself healthy. All the compensation in the matter will not matter if you do not focus on healing your injuries. Try not to worry too much about the medical bills, as we will work to get those paid for you. While there might be a lot of bills up front, they will be paid for as we handle the legal matters and the store is held responsible. You should take this time to note anything you can remember about the incident. If you happened to take pictures or videos at the scene, please provide them to us so we can piece is all together.

Make sure you do not reach out to the store or its employees directly. It is best to stay away from that store if possible until the legal proceedings are finished. Let our personal injury attorneys do the communicating for you. If you talk to anyone at the store it could jeopardize the legal proceedings, so you should not talk to any store employees.

Contact Our Slip and Fall Lawyers for Help

We are here for you. Do not hesitate to reach out even if you think the question is small or trivial. Our attorneys have years of experience dealing with slip and fall accidents, and we want to offer all of our assets to your needs. It is a shame that you had your accident, but there is no reason we cannot work together to make a better future as you heal.