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Some of most serious types of Injuries are to the head

Victims of a head injury have often been involved in an assault or in a road traffic accident, but there are also many incidences that take place at home, on the sports pitch, at work, anywhere on the streets or even in a shopping mall. It can be very frustrating to be involved in an accident which was caused by somebody else's carelessness and it is in these situations that a personal injury attorney should be involved as there will be a need to claim compensation from the person or persons who were responsible for the accident.

Head and spine injuries are the worst

Both the brain and the spine control all other parts of the body so that injuries to either of these vital organs can have devastating consequences. While an accident victim can often learn to live with the loss of a limb or disfigurement, the adaptation needed to cope with serious head and spine injuries is far more complicated as well as being potentially very costly.

Victims of a head injury have often been involved in an assault or in a road traffic accident, but there are also many incidences that take place at home, on the sports pitch, at work, anywhere on the streets or even in a shopping mall.? Accidents rarely happen when we are prepared for them. They happen much more commonly due to random and uncontrolled circumstances.

The most common head injuries are caused by

  • an assault when a firearm or heavy instrument is used directly on the head

  • collision on a highway with another vehicle or an obstruction

  • a slip or a fall on a slippery or uneven surface

  • a fall from a height due to poorly maintained structures such as a staircase or balcony

  • being hit by a falling object.

Far too often, other auto drivers just do not think about the effects they can have on other people when they drive too fast or do not take enough care when driving. Accidents with trucks and buses can happen when maintenance has not been adequate or drivers are exhausted. The consequences of an accident extend way beyond a possible speeding ticket.

Even at work or in any public place, there are many situations in which you could slip or fall over because of cluttered, slippery or uneven surfaces. You could be hit on the head by a loose item which has fallen from a building or a bridge because it was not properly secured or stowed. Construction or maintenance sites, which can often lie side by side with public areas, are routine sources of accidents to the unexpected passer by or bystander.

Not every head injury is serious of course. If an accident victim has suffered only a minor injury they may experience a period of headaches, double or blurry vision and dizzy spells. These may all disappear with time. Much more serious injuries may cause the onset of an epileptic fit or cause traumatic brain injury (TBI) in which the normal functioning of the brain can be impaired.

Long term consequences common with serious head injuries

Accidents can happen just about anywhere, at any time even to the most careful of people. Although not all accidents result in serious injuries, head injuries are relatively common.

A serious injury inflicted on a persons brain can affect a family for years to come. The injured person will most likely lose their job, so financial issues will be a challenge. There might be great difficulty in communication with other family members that can have a devastating effect on relationships.

In the event of any serious injury such as a head injury it is best to contact an injury lawyer as soon as it is practicable to do so as a claim for compensation is much more likely to be won when the accident is recent. Evidence can be collected and witnesses contacted while medical records and prognoses are fresh and valid. A head injury can result in many thousands of dollars of compensation, so the use of an experienced and dedicated accident attorney is absolutely vital.

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