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Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyers

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident in Philadelphia, you may be entitled to compensation. Where a property owner has failed to fix dangerous conditions on their property, they can be held financially responsible for your injuries. 

Hiring Philadelphia slip and fall lawyers can be all the difference in obtaining maximum legal compensation after a slip and fall accident. Contact our Philadelphia law office today for a free consultation. Know your rights and see how we will aggressively pursue your premises liability claim. "We Win, or It's Free"®

Slip and Fall Accidents in Philadelphia

We have all done it at some point, casually going about our business when some unexpected obstacle seems to materialize right in our path, causing us to slip over or trip and fall down. At the best of times, these accidents can result in minor embarrassment. However, a slip and fall can often lead to serious injuries that cause tremendous pain and require extensive medical treatment. 


Don’t be left with the financial burden of mounting medical bills while the negligent property owner walks away unscathed.

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Our Philadelphia Slip and Fall Attorneys Are Here To Help

Our Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers will aggressively fight to hold the negligent parties accountable for your injuries. You deserve a lawyer that: 

  • Has a proven record of successfully representing victims of slip and fall accidents
  • Has decades of experience negotiating with insurance companies and defense attorneys
  • Has the time and resources to thoroughly  investigate your case
  • Who is not afraid to go to court and fight for your right to compensation

Slip, Trip, and Fall Accidents in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Slip and Fall Accident Statistics

Slip, trip, and fall cases are preventable and yet these incidents result in the deaths of over 646,000 people annually. As the second most common cause of preventable death worldwide, here are some more sobering slip and fall statistics that show the serious reality of these types of accidents. 

  • The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports more than 3 million adults over the age of 65 experienced a fall in 2017. 
  • If fall rates continue to climb as they have over the past decade, seven people will die every hour in slip and fall accidents in the U.S by 2030.
  • More than 9.2 million Americans visited emergency rooms because of slip, trip and fall accidents in 2016.
  • The National Safety Council records more than 48,060 people suffered a slip, trip, or fall accident at work with these accidents representing the primary cause of lost days from work
  • Compensation & medical costs associated with employee slip/fall accidents is approximately $70 billion annually.
  • The National Floor Safety Institute reports that one in three older people over the age of 65 will suffer a slip and fall each year in the U.S. This highlights the dangers of slip and falls for the elderly where poor vision, disabilities, muscle weakness, and lack of mobility can contribute to the risk of fall accidents. 
  • Slip, trip, and fall accidents result in medical costs of approximately $50 billion annually, some 75 percent of which was covered under Medicare and Medicaid plans that pay at a substantially reduced rate. This creates increased pressure on our already strained health care system, leading to higher health care costs and increased premiums for Americans who are required to carry insurance.

Main Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents in Philadelphia 

Property owners have a duty of care to prevent hazards that may cause a person to slip, fall and injure themselves. Slip and fall accidents on another person's property can commonly be caused by:

  • Cracked or uneven pavement on sidewalks or parking lots
  • Broken or uneven steps and curbs
  • Wet floors or liquid spills that are not adequately marked
  • Slick floors in malls, retail stores, and restaurants
  • Obstacles in walkways
  • Rugs, carpets or mats that cause tripping hazards
  • Damaged railings on staircases
  • Improper ice and water removal
  • Poor lighting 
  • Potholes

How to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents in the Home

How can you prevent slip and fall accidents on your property? The National Safety Council recommends these preventative steps around the home to reduce some of the most common causes of slip and fall and trip and fall accidents:


  • Keep floors and surfaces clear of clutter
  • Keep file cabinets and desk drawers closed
  • Keep electrical and phone cords out of traffic areas
  • Install handrails on stairways
  • Wear sensible footwear
  • Never stand on chairs, tables or any surface with wheels
  • Properly arrange furniture to create open pathways
  • Maintain good lighting indoors and out


Outside the home, keep landscaping trimmed, paying particular attention to weeds, brush and tree branches that extend over or into public walkways. Do not leave watering hoses haphazardly strewn about. Clean up piles of trash, debris and stored items that might cause someone to trip and fall.

Slip and Fall Accidents at Work

Employers have a duty of care to protect their employees from being injured at work. Despite this, many fall accidents occur at work every day, especially for construction workers. If you were hurt in a slip and fall at work, speak to a lawyer today as you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. 

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Our personal injury lawyers will fight on your side against the insurance companies to make sure your rights are protected and the liable party is held accountable for your injury. Do not settle your personal injury cases without representation, only to find that you do not receive the amount of compensation you need to get your life back on track.
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What To Do After A Slip And Fall Accident 

Documentation and evidence is important in proving negligence in a premises liability case.  If you are in a condition to do so, you should do the following immediately after a slip and fall accident:

  • Report the accident to the property owner or store manager
  • Gather names and contact information of any witnesses
  • Take photographs of the dangerous conditions that caused your slip and fall and take photographs of your injuries
  • Take note of any video or security cameras that might have recorded your accident
  • Most importantly - seek medical attention immediately. Nothing is more important than your health. It doesn’t matter if you have serious injuries or you think your injuries are minor as they may worsen over time. Documentation is necessary so you should visit a hospital or doctor soon after the accident to ensure that your injuries are documented and your health is protected. 

Things You Should Not Do After An Accident

  • DO NOT admit fault
  • DO NOT give recorded statements to insurance companies
  • DO NOT post to social media

Common Slip and Fall Accident Injuries

As Philadelphia slip and fall attorneys, we pride ourselves on making a meaningful difference in our clients’ lives. From setting up and guiding you through treatment, thoroughly investigating your case, and relentlessly pursuing maximum financial recovery, we help clients get back on their feet after a slip and fall injury.

We are experienced in representing clients whose injuries include:


Slip and fall injuries should not be taken lightly. These types of accidents are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries in the U.S. and create long term serious impairment. It doesn’t matter if your road to recovery is long or short, speak to our experienced slip and fall lawyer for a free consultation.

our experience is your advantage

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Our personal injury lawyers will fight on your side against the insurance companies to make sure your rights are protected and the liable party is held accountable for your injury. Do not settle your personal injury cases without representation, only to find that you do not receive the amount of compensation you need to get your life back on track.

How To Prove Your Slip And Fall Case?

It doesn’t matter if you were hurt shopping, on the sidewalk, or at a restaurant, slip and fall cases rely on a property owners’ negligence. This type of negligence is based on a theory of law called premises liability. In order to recover damages in a slip and fall case, you will need to show that your injuries were caused by the property owner’s negligence. Proving negligence requires establishing three facts: 

  • The property owner owed you a duty to act with reasonable care. This can generally be established if you were on the premises legally as a customer or guest. 
  • The property owner breached this duty of care. This can be established if it can be shown that the property owner knew or should have known that there were dangerous conditions on the property and failed to fix them or give adequate warning of the danger. 
  • The property owners’ breach of duty directly caused your injuries. This can be established if you can prove that your injuries would not have occurred if the property owner had not failed in their duty to act with reasonable care.

What Damages Can You Recover After A Philadelphia Slip and Fall Accident?

After a slip and fall accident you may be entitled to ‘damages’ which include the  losses and compensation available in a settlement or judgment. In order to recover damages after a slip and fall accident you will need to prove the defendant's negligence and the losses you suffered as a result of their negligence.


A Philadelphia slip and fall attorney can help you prove your case and obtain the maximum possible damages after a premises liability accident. Here are the types of damages available in Pennsylvania’s civil courts:


  • Medical bills: Including past and future medical expenses relating to your slip and fall injuries. These may cover surgeries, treatments, doctor’s office visits, rehabilitation, therapy, live-in care, disability costs, and more.
  • Pain and suffering: Slip and fall victims can seek non-economic damages for intangible losses, such as physical pain and emotional suffering.
  • Lost wages: If your injuries caused you to miss work, you may seek recovery for your lost wages.
  • Loss of future earnings: You can further seek lost future earnings if a disability will cause you to lose income.
  • Punitive damages: A judge may order punitive damages in a slip and fall case involving gross negligence or egregious wrongdoing. Punitive damages provide additional compensation to victims as well as punish the defendant.

Comparative Negligence

Pennsylvania is a modified comparative negligence state. This means you are compensated according to the amount of the damage that was not your fault. For instance, if you are found to be 10% at fault for the slip and fall accident, and your award is $10,000, you can only receive $9,000.

However, as a modified comparative negligence state,  if you are found to be more than 50% responsible for your injuries, you forfeit all damages.

How Much Is Your Slip and Fall Claim Worth?

We are often asked, ‘How much money can I get from my slip and fall case?’ Every slip and fall accident is different and settlements can vary depending on the nature and severity of your injuries. Some settlement amounts can total millions of dollars while others may be in the tens of thousands. 


In order to help you recover the maximum amount of compensation, you may be entitled to, our slip and fall accident attorneys will need to evaluate the circumstances of your case in a quick and free consultation. 


The damages you may be entitled to recover will depend on the following factors:

  • The severity of your injuries
  • Who was at fault for the accident and was the property owner negligent
  • Your health condition and circumstances at the time of the accident. I.e. your job and career prospects. 
  • The availability of insurance to cover your expenses
  • The difficulty in proving your case
  • Your compliance with medical treatment plans


You can count on our Philadelphia slip and fall accident lawyers to fight to secure the maximum compensation you deserve under Pennsylvania state law. Call us today to set up a free consultation to discuss what your case is worth and understand the types of damages you may be able to recover.

How Long Do I Have To File A Slip And Fall Accident Lawsuit in Pennsylvania?

In the state of Pennsylvania, you generally have two years from the date of your slip and fall accident to file a personal injury claim. Pennsylvania courts take statutes of limitations very seriously. It is imperative that you contact a Philadelphia personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your slip, trip, or fall accident. 

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Our personal injury lawyers will fight on your side against the insurance companies to make sure your rights are protected and the liable party is held accountable for your injury. Do not settle your personal injury cases without representation, only to find that you do not receive the amount of compensation you need to get your life back on track.
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