Workplace Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

Safety is always strongly emphasized at the workplace because of the number of different things that could happen while on the job. Some jobs are more prone to dangerous situations than others, but there are safety hazards in almost every job. Guidelines to prevent injury are often posted in obvious places, and records are kept of how many workplace injuries have occurred.

Even despite these efforts, however, slip and fall accidents make up the second leading cause of workplace injuries. Almost 14% of the direct costs from workplace injuries come from slip and fall accidents, not from the more publicized accidents like dangerous machines or falling off construction scaffolding. In addition to the direct costs, slip and fall accidents have also resulted in $65 billion in workers compensation payouts and other related medical expenses. These high costs are still being incurred despite the fact that increased safety measures have actually reduced the total number of workplace accidents in recent years.

Slip and fall accidents often lead to serious injuries that actually slow down work production, because workers hurt in these accidents spend an average of eight days off of work, instead of the average six days off work that result from other workplace accidents. Around a third of slip and fall workplace accidents actually led to over three weeks of lost work days, demonstrating how serious these accidents can be. Slip and fall accidents also make up 20% of the disabling injuries that occur at the workplace and are the leading cause of workplace deaths, surprisingly enough.

Most of the slip and fall accidents that happen at the workplace occur on level surfaces, meaning that many of them are the result of spills that have not been promptly cleaned up. Retail stores, wholesalers, and service industries account for most of the slip and fall accidents that happen on level surfaces.


Employers also experience negative repercussions of slip and fall accidents. They spend around $40,000 on each slip and fall incident, and around 15% of workers compensation payouts pay for workplace slip and fall accidents.

Given the dangerous kinds of injuries that result from slip and fall accidents, it makes sense that these accidents would cost a lot of money to take care of. Slip and fall injuries can include many different things, but the most common are bruises, bone fractures and breaks, head injuries, spinal injuries, and other wounds or injuries to the neck, legs, or arms. These injuries are often extremely painful and can be very serious. Head and spinal injuries are often the most serious, because hitting your head or hurting your spine can be disabling or even fatal in some cases.

There are certain things to watch out for when youre on the job to help prevent a slip and fall accident. These include watching out for wet, oily, or slippery floors; uneven flooring that needs to be repaired; loose rugs or mats; snow or ice that has been tracked in; and clutter on the floor or in stairways and halls. Employers also can take certain steps to prevent these accidents as well. These can include training employees about safety; ensuring that proper non slip footwear is worn; keeping floors picked up and free of spills; making sure there are no loose boards or rugs on the floor; and putting up signs warning of spills or hazards as soon as the hazard is discovered.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident on the job, get in touch with an experienced Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer right away. Because workers compensation claims can be difficult to understand, a skilled attorney will be an invaluable resource as you begin the process of trying to get compensation to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Even if you dont feel any pain right away, slip and falls can still result in injuries after the fact, like concussions or sprains that may not appear right away. It is actually very important that you treat your injuries, because you may lose your chance at compensation if you do not take care of your injuries. We have had many years of experience handling workers compensation cases in Philadelphia and across the state and always fight for our clients best interests.

Any time you have slipped and fallen on the job, after you have treated your injuries, you should contact a lawyer, because you may have strong grounds for a workers compensation case. You should begin talking to us about your case as soon as possible, because there are often time limits for when you can file workers compensation claims. We will help you file the claim, locate and provide all the important information such as medical bills and records about the accident, and ensure that the settlement you are offered accounts for all of your bills as well as lost wages and pain and suffering.