Understanding Premises Liability

Understanding Premises Liability

What is Premises Liability ?

Anytime you are hurt on property that is owned by someone else, you should be aware of the area of law called premises liability.

Premises liability governs property owners by making them legally responsible for establishing and maintaining safe conditions on their property — cleaning up spills and wet floors; having safe stairs, elevators, or escalators; and warning visitors of any hazardous conditions or dangerous surfaces.
If a property owner fails to maintain these safety standards, you can be at risk for injury if you visit the property.

Causes of Accidents on Someone Else’s Property

If you fall or injure yourself because of a property owners failure to keep his or her property safe, you might need a personal injury lawyer. One example of a premises liability case is when you are traveling and visit an airport, hotel, casino, or amusement park. At airports, hotels, and casinos, it is possible that there will be wet floors from cleaning or from spills that are unmarked, which can cause a slip and fall injury. Slip and falls often result in broken or fractured bones, twisted or sprained ankles, and head injuries.

Faulty Maintenance or Security

Airports, hotels, Malls and casinos, along with other kinds of property, can sometimes have a malfunctioning escalator or elevator that can also lead to injuries. Also, if you are the victim of a crime and the airport, hotel, or casino does not have adequate security to protect you, the owner could be held responsible.

Amusement parks

Amusement parks come with their own set of dangers and potential for injuries. Amusement parks are required to have tested their roller coasters and rides to ensure the safety of the visitors, but even if the rides pass the initial safety tests, they must be maintained regularly to make sure they run smoothly and that there are no technological issues that would make the ride unsafe.

If you are on an amusement park ride that malfunctions and causes injuries, the owner of the park is responsible for your injuries because they failed to maintain the safety of the ride. You can also seek legal assistance if someone you love was the victim of drowning at a water amusement park or a hotel pool.

Other Areas Where Accidents Can Occur

These are not the only places where premises liability cases can occur. They can also occur at places close to home and that you visit regularly, like your childs daycare.

We represent victims of daycare premise liability cases, which can occur if the daycare does not have safe materials and equipment for children. These can include unsafe or unmaintained playground equipment, unsafe cribs, soft bedding (that can lead to suffocation in small children), or the use of recalled cribs or other fixtures.

If your child has been hurt or killed because of the negligence of his or her daycare, contact a personal injury lawyer to make sure that the daycare owner is held responsible.
Even your neighbors yard can pose the risk for injuries and a premise liability case, especially if your neighbor has a dog.

Dog Bites

Over four million people are bitten by a dog every year, and many of these victims are children. Even dog breeds that seem safe and tame can bite, maul, or even kill someone if provoked. It is extremely important to be careful around dogs that you do not know. However, it is still often the dog owners responsibility if you are harmed by his or her dog.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer can be helpful with dog bite cases, because it can be difficult to determine if the dog owner was at fault. In many cases, dog bites and injuries can be the result of improper training of the dog or of failure to keep the dog restrained if it poses a threat.

If you or someone you love has been hurt at a location because of the property owners negligence, you should contact a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer.

Although premises liability accidents are fairly common, it can sometimes be very hard to prove that the property owner was indeed responsible for your injury within the time frame you have for filing a claim.

If the property owner did not have a sign warning about a wet or uneven floor, did not maintain his or her equipment, did not have adequate security, or did not restrain his or her animal, the owner can be held liable or responsible for your injuries. Call your personal injury lawyer today at 215 735 4800 to make sure that you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.