Mall Accident Lawyers

Many slip and fall accidents occur in chain stores, like grocery stores and department stores. They can often be dangerous to walk in because of the higher likelihood that someone will spill something or drop a product, and chain store staff are usually busy with customers and often do not clean up the spill or warn customers of the hazard promptly.

Slip and fall accidents in chain stores are common and you can often take legal action against them, but you do not want to face the store’s powerful lawyers on your own. Instead, you need to get in touch with a chain store slip and fall lawyer in the Philadelphia area as soon as possible to assist you with your case. Your lawyer will make sure that you receive the full settlement you deserve to cover your medical bills, any wages you lost by not being able to work, and your pain and suffering as well.

In terms of premises liability injuries, slip and falls in public locations like chain stores are the most common. Especially as the population ages and becomes more prone to slipping and falling, store owners are becoming more and more aware of the problems that slip and fall accidents can cause for them and for the accident victims. In fact, slip and fall accidents constitute the main source of all general liability claims against companies insuring commercial properties. An average claim pays out around $5000, and that is for accidents that did not actually result in any injuries.

But even with this in mind, know that without a lawyer, it can be very difficult to get the full amount of compensation you deserve for your slip and fall accident, because the company’s lawyers and insurance is going to fight you every step of the way by claiming that the fall was your fault. In fact, many stores have begun to install safer flooring with less traction as a way to prevent the number of claims for slip and fall cases against them. They are also using different cleaning products that are less likely to be slippery. Their lawyers will use these as examples to prove that the fall was your fault, not the fault of the company.

Regardless, chain stores, like all public places, fall under the laws that govern premises liability, or the responsibility of the owner of a public place to keep that place safe. They have to prove that they were not negligent in maintaining a safe environment, or they could be held responsible for any accidents that occur on their property.

An experienced slip and fall lawyer will know where to look to access documents and records that prove that a store owner was behaving negligently, such as cleaning records or notes, video surveillance, and witness statements to provide solid evidence that the fall was not your fault and that the owner should have taken reasonable measures to prevent the fall from happening if they were aware of the hazard.

There is a fairly new element to laws governing slip and fall cases that courts have been using, called the “mode of operation” approach. This simply means that a store can be held responsible for hazardous conditions that occur because of a normal but potentially unsafe routine that the store follows. One example is of an older woman who fell in a grocery store when she slipped on some rice that had spilled out of a bag. Her lawyers proved that the way the bags were stacked on the shelf made it more likely that the rice would spill out of the bag, and she won a $55,000 settlement to cover her medical costs and her pain and suffering from the accident.

These kinds of cases have in many cases changed the way that these stores operate on a daily basis. Employees are told to not stock shelves too heavily and to make sure that the packaging is in good shape in an effort to keep the store from having too many incidents of mode of operation slip and fall cases. However, these kinds of cases do still occur, and just because the store has taken some measures to provide a safer environment does not mean that they are not responsible for your slip and fall.

Don’t assume that your fall was the result of you simply being clumsy or careless. It is rare that someone will simply lose their footing without some kind of cause for the slip, whether it is a spill or remnants of cleaning products. If you have slipped and fallen in a chain store, call one of our experienced slip and fall lawyers. They will assist you in getting the settlement you deserve as an accident victim to help cover your medical bills, which can be extremely expensive and could last for a while, especially if you have to do physical therapy or undergo surgery. The settlement can also help cover any wages you lost by not being able to work. Make sure you get the full compensation you deserve by calling one of our attorneys today.