Should I Trust The Insurance Company After An Accident?

Should I Trust The Insurance Company After An Accident?

Insurance companies are businesses and their main concern is their bottom line, which does not always equate to what is fair.

When you are in an accident, your insurance company will send an adjuster to gather information about your injury and the situation surrounding the accident. While the adjuster may appear friendly and sympathetic to your case, it is important to remember they are working to benefit the insurance company not to help you win compensation.

Find out how you can get a fair and equitable settlement after an accident and when you should hire a Philadelphia accident lawyer to fight on your behalf.

Who Can You Trust?

Theoretically, insurance companies are there to protect you in case something goes wrong. Whether there is a car accident, a fire in your home, or another event that may affect you financially, your insurance policy has you covered.

However, the reality is that while most insurance companies are customer-focused, others see their primary responsibilities lying with the shareholders, boards of directors, and owners behind the scenes. These multi-million dollar corporations, see a reduction in their profits every time they have to pay out on a claim, which is bad for business. This is why insurance companies offer the most conservative amount possible when settling regardless of the suffering you have endured.

What Can Go Wrong?

If you’ve had an accident, you may have begun the process of filling out all the details required and submitting the claim to your insurance company. It’s now just a case of sitting and waiting for them to pay what is due under the terms of your insurance policy, right?

While many claims will be processed smoothly and you will receive everything you are entitled to, others will encounter problems during the process. This includes a prolonged payout period, reduction in the amount you are owed, or your claim may be denied. There can often be early clues that your insurance company will not settle your claim fairly.

  • Communications from your insurance company appear ambiguous. They may promise only partial backing in any legal action.
  • Your insurance adjuster contacts you as quickly as possible after your accident, often at the hospital, without waiting for you to contact your lawyer or learn your rights.
  • Your claims adjuster is constantly asking you the same questions, often regarding what seems to be minor details. They appear more interested in trying to catch you out in small details than in facilitating your claim.
  • Your insurance adjuster may ask you to sign forms immediately after you make your claim. These forms are filled with complicated legal terminology and may contain clauses waiving your right to privacy or releasing your case permanently.

The Truth About Insurance Claims

Your insurance company is a business, so your claims adjuster will find a way to deny or minimize your claim to save money. Denied claims are a very real problem in healthcare insurance, with tens of millions of claims denied every year. They will look for any reason to either reduce the settlement offer or deny your claim altogether.

  • If you were receiving any medical treatment before your accident, they might use that to say some of your issues were pre-existing.
  • Some companies follow a policy of automatic rejection of a first claim.
  • They may make the claim process last as long as possible, so you either give up or accept a low offer.
  • They will use anything you say against you. Claims adjusters will be friendly in the hope that you say something they can use to reduce or deny your claim.
  • They have medical experts who they will use to try and minimize any claims you have made for medical treatment.

Final Thoughts

Given the potential issues, you may face with your insurance company, hiring an experienced Philadelphia personal injury attorney to advocate on your behalf makes a lot of sense. Operating on a no-win, no fee basis. Our personal injury firm can help negotiate with your insurance company and ensure you get the best offer possible. Call our lawyers at (215) 735-4800 to schedule your free  consultation to learn how we can help you. “We Win or It’s Free”®