Facts involving SEPTA bus accident in South Philly

Facts involving SEPTA bus accident in South Philly

It was an SOP procedure for rescue crews to immediately respond to two SEPTA bus accident scenes in South Philadelphia.

Another accident got their attention just after 5:30 o’clock that Friday at the intersection of Washington Ave. and 20th Street.

SEPTA reported that the bus was travelling west along Washington Avenue when the accident happened. There is no statement of injuries at this time or how the number of vehicles involved. SkyForce10 was above the scene of an accident in the Southwest Center City that showed a SEPTA bus and a car.

That Friday evening, the car crashed into the SEPTA bus at the corner of Washington and 20th St. at about 6:00 o’clock that evening p.m., according to fire officials.

One reason of SEPTA mishaps was stated by bus drivers who complained that the side mirror is too big that creates potential blind spot.

SEPTA concurred that a blind spot is not an impossible risk but they denied that this is the reason their buses are unsafe, or that the big side mirror is solely responsible for any accidents. This issue came up in the wake of another deadly crash last month.

One month age, one turn at the intersection of 15th St. and Washington Ave. claimed the life of Sheena White, age 29. The White family said that Sheena was struck head-on and dragged under the tires and her son was hit and seriously injured.

The left-side mirrors that measure 15×8 inches wide can create a blind spot. Internal memos warned that it causes drivers not to see a pedestrian for about five feet – a deadly path for some.

Former SEPTA bus driver Ed Ruth estimated that there could be a thousand close calls due to the mirror and warned SEPTA that another pedestrian could be killed anytime. As far back as 2004, the union started warning SEPTA about this concern.

SEPTA made an internal study of the mirrors and admitted that drivers cannot see pedestrians for about 2 seconds.

Beginning January, SEPTA will replace the currently used mirror measuring 15 by 8 inches with a new mirror measuring 12 by 8 inches. It is not because mirrors are blamed for accidents. In fact SEPTA’s currently used Roscoe mirrors measuring 15 by 8 inches were installed at the request of the bus drivers, and added that blind spot could not be completely obliterated.

To avoid road crashes, SEPTA is teaching their drivers the safety technique called ‘Rock-And-Roll’ that would have prevented the accidents that killed Sheena White.

Since January of 2011, SEPTA cashed out about $3.3 million as remunerations for bus collisions with pedestrians and more than 50% was a result of left turn accidents.

However SEPTA showed records in arbitration that proved that bus drivers, and not the mirrors, at fault in those accidents.

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