Is A Computer Evaluating My Automobile Accident Claim Now?

Is A Computer Evaluating My Automobile Accident Claim Now?

Have you or a loved one been injured in an automobile accident ?

  • Are you suffering from a permanent injury that prevents you from returning to work or enjoying the activities that you did prior to the accident?
  • Does the physical pain from your injuries prevent you from sleeping through the night or attending functions with family or friends?
  • How would it make you feel to know that a computer will be evaluating your automobile accident claim to determine the amount of compensation you receive for your damages?

Most people would be shocked and angered to realize that an insurance company does not consider their pain and suffering significant enough to have a trained and experienced adjuster review the claim. Unfortunately, this is what is happening in thousands of automobile accident claims throughout the United States each day.

Our Law Offices fight to ensure that accident victims receive fair and just compensation for their injuries. It is this type of injustice that our attorneys seek to overcome as they protect the rights of accident victims and their families against big insurance companies seeking to undervalue automobile accident claims.

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What is Colossus Insurance Software?

Computer Sciences Corp. developed Colossus as a way to minimize payout variance and ensure consistency in how bodily injury claims are evaluated. Colossus is currently used by roughly one-half of insurance companies throughout the country to evaluate automobile insurance claims.

Major insurance companies that use Colossus as a part of their claim evaluation process include USAA, MetLife, Travelers, Allstate, and The Hartford. Critics of the use of the computer software program claim that the goal of using Colossus, at least by Allstate, was to reduce the payouts on automobile accident claims. In other words, insurance companies who use Colossus to evaluate automobile accident claims are doing so in an attempt to lower the amount of compensation the company pays to the accident victim and to the accident victims family, if applicable. Reducing payouts to accident victims increases the profit margin for the insurance company. ?Colossus software helps the insurance company undervalue automobile accident claims in several ways.

Evaluating an Automobile Accident Claim Using Colossus

Colossus is a data driven computer software program that uses data entered by an insurance employee to crunch the numbers to arrive at a monetary value for your automobile insurance claim. The software evaluates a number of factors such as whether you have retained a personal injury attorney, who that personal injury attorney is, whether the personal injury attorney settles cases or files lawsuits, where you live, the type of injuries you sustained, and whether your injuries result in a permanent medical condition.

Based on the data entered into the program, Colossus assigns your automobile accident claim a severity score. The severity score is used to value your automobile accident claim and assign you a dollar amount for your claim. Critics allege that the way Colossus processes the data and some of the data used by the program can be unfair to the accident victim.

Colossus overlooks the fact that an accident victim who suffers the same type of injury as another accident victim may have vastly different physical and emotional conditions that require substantially more medical and/or personal care. Furthermore, Colossus does not even consider the injuries first during its analysis.  The computer program is designed to evaluate other information such as who is the attorney for the victim, or the lack of an attorney, before it considers the victims injuries.

If the victims attorney is known to settle all cases for the amount offered by the insurance company, Colossus factors this information into its evaluation of the claim to lower the proposed payout. Likewise, if the victim lives in a jurisdiction known to have low jury verdicts, Colossus lowers the proposed value of the automobile accident claim.

When all is said and done, a computer cannot evaluate the physical pain and emotional suffering that an accident victim suffers after being involved in an automobile accident. A computer is not capable of understanding the loss of enjoyment of life and other damages that are not quantified by data.

Do not let an insurance company use Colossus to deprive you of the compensation you deserve. Contact our office today to discuss your legal rights!