Choosing the right Philadelphia Nursing home…and Lawyer

Choosing the right Philadelphia Nursing home…and Lawyer

No matter how hard it is to accept, your parents will get old, and they may require some sort of help.

For some, a nursing home is the only option. If you are weighing your options about providing care for your elderly parents, it’s wise to educate yourself about your rights.

Nursing Home Accidents Statistics

There are over 1.4 million nursing home residents in the United States. Sadly, 75% of those patients will fall at some point during their stay. If you or someone you love is one of the 75%, you need to get in contact with an attorney to ensure that your rights are protected.

Finding the Right Nursing Home

There are many things you should think about when searching for the right nursing home for your loved one. Take your time and use the resources available so that you can ensure that you choose a place that best meets the needs of your family member. Be sure to visit the nursing home both in person and online. A quick Google search can offer you a wealth of information about what home to choose. Just keep in mind the internet is not the end all be all for answers. Reviews can be jaded. So, make sure you visit the establishment as well. Be sure to ask yourself the following questions.

  • Does the place look clean?
  • Does it smell clean?
  • How many people are on staff at that particular time of day?
  • What is the overall mood of the place? Is it bright and cheery or dismal and depressing?
  • Look at the food? Is it something you would eat?
  • What activities are available?
  • What specialized care is available?

Do not be shy about asking the staff questions. Keep in mind; they may be preoccupied caring for patients, which is a good thing. But, observe how the deal with the family member of the patients who are there.

Dealing with Nursing Home Insurance Companies

Despite the all your efforts to find the perfect care for your loved ones, accidents can still happen. If they do, you need to be prepared. Nursing homes will go to great lengths to prevent accidents from occurring. But, when dealing with those who struggle to get around, the slightest oversight can be catastrophic. If your family member happens to be a victim of a nursing home accident, the nursing home’s insurance company will be waiting with a settlement. Remember the numbers 75% of the 1.4 million patients in nursing homes will fall. Insurance companies know this, and they know how to settle these types of claims. Do not trust the insurance companies. They are in business to make money. If your family member has been hurt at a nursing home, do not wait. Contact an attorney today

Why You need the Right Attorney

Accidents can have serious long-term effects on individuals as the get older. It for this reason, that you need an attorney on your side in the event of any mishap. Someone who only has the best interest of your elderly family member at heart is who you need on your side, not an insurance company. Remember, companies who provide insurance to nursing homes know the data about falls, and they know how to settle accidents – but rarely in favor of the victim  Attorneys, on the other hand, understand the long-term complications that arise as a result of accidents, and they work to ensure that your loved one’s recovery will be entirely taken care. This means considering the long-term effects that can be a result of a fall.

Hiring a Lawyer to Handle a Nursing Home Claim

While the thought of placing a family member in a nursing home can be scary, you need to remember that these sites are designed to take care of people who can no longer take care of themselves. They do not want to see anyone hurt. That being said, accidents do happen. If/when they do, you need to make sure that you do not fall victim to the insurance company’s smooth talking. It is in the best interest of your loved one to hire an attorney to ensure that the accident, as well as any of the long-term effects caused by the fall, are completely covered. You should not have to worry about finances your focus should stay on helping you loved one heal. That’s why you need an attorney if someone you love has been the victim of a nursing home accident.