The Challenges of Moving to a Nursing Care Facility

The Challenges of Moving to a Nursing Care Facility

As we begin to age, we must make tough decisions about quality care.

Finding the right nursing home for you may be complicated. Even if you settle in your dream retirement home facility, you may face certain legal challenges should some sort of accident or harmful incident occur.

There are also certain bills to pay and special care services to explore. As you grow older, you will also have to revise the drafts of your will and testament. All of these services will need a competent lawyer that can help you mitigate your will drafting and fight for your case should any accident occur, and you need financial compensation.

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What Is Elder Law? A General Overview

Legal issues and protections for people who are older, usually over the age of 65, can be involved in elder law. Basically, elder law is the legal parameters surrounding our elderly citizens such as guardianship, wills, the power of attorney, and much more.

Find out a little more about what situations you will find yourself in when dealing with elder law.

Conservatorship, Guardianship, and Financial Administrative Duties
It may come sooner than you think that one of your elderly family members falls or has an accident that renders them hopeless and unable to function without certain additional care. If this ever happens, you may be called to guardianship by the court of law, so that you will be responsible for taking care of this incapacitated person.

If you are an elderly person facing pain and suffering because of a certain health relapse, get an attorney to make sure that your care is well planned and taken care of. Hash out a Health Care Directive with a professional attorney which will help you plan your medical treatments, should you become disabled or unable to take care of yourself properly.

A guardian will be entitled to providing basic necessities for your elder, make responsible health decisions on their behalf, and manage the financial obstacles that will arise. A guardian linked with a professional lawyer will have access to professional insight on legal parameters and options for care that may become available.

Decisions for long-term care in a residential elder facility may need a lawyer, especially if the elder is severely incapacitated.

Social Security and Healthcare

One of the most important concerns for an elder is their health, and there is a lot of law surrounding this important area of their lives. There are certain programs that you will be able to successfully apply for with a professional attorney such as Medicare or Help at Home (OPTIONS), a popular health service option that is accessible to many Philadelphia elderly citizens.

You may also be subject to disputes over your medical care providers, especially if any injuries should occur due to medical malpractice. This is a shockingly common scenario, and you will want to be ready to fight your case and state your claim with a competent and capable professional attorney.

Do not fall into a trap and lose potential Social Security benefits for your retirement because of poor representation. Hire a professional attorney to battle any problems you run into when trying to apply for Social Security benefits for you or a loved one’s retirement.

You may also need legal assistance when transferring benefits to spouses and dependents, or if you need to apply benefits for an elderly citizen that is disabled physically or mentally. This is a huge section under the umbrella of elder law.

Planning Your Estate

Estate planning involves the transfer of a deceased person’s personal property to the ideal beneficiaries. Navigating laws surrounding the will and estate of a certain individual is nuanced and tricky, so you will want to be sure to have your best foot forward.

Hire a professional attorney to help you master the probate process, and especially difficult to understand legal area surrounding estate affairs. You will want an attorney to help you or your loved ones plan their estate as early in the process as possible. This is a very nuanced topic that only attorneys who specialize in elder law will understand and these lawyers have significant experience to fall back on.

If you are seeking to develop an estate with a trust that will manage your property after death. A trust will be a good option if you want to ensure that all of your property, stocks, and bonds are dispersed properly by a designated trustee. You do not want to fall into an intestate succession, which is when your property is automatically distributed in accordance with applicable state and federal law. Instead, hire an experienced attorney that can help assess your situation and provide options on your behalf.

Find a Lawyer To Represent you in Philadelphia

Finding a dedicated law firm after a moderate to severe fall in a nursing home may be difficult but hiring one for your case is essential. Do not go up against your retirement facility’s law team by yourself. Instead, hire a competent lawyer that has experience in cases like yours.

Falls are one of the most common causes of injury in America, according to the National Safety Council (NSC). Any trip or fall can be dangerous if you do not catch yourself, no matter what age you are. If you are an elder who has experienced pain and suffering caused by a fall while in the custody of a retirement facility, you may be able to receive significant compensation.

Medical bills for hip or knee surgeries and some of the most common trip and fall injuries are expensive. You may not be able to afford the bills by yourself, or you may even have to dip into your savings. Hire a professional attorney to get the money you need and make your elder’s health your top priority.

Any trip and fall accident in a nursing home needs to be documented, and if you do not hire an attorney, you may have to fill out confusing and expensive paperwork all by yourself. Making any small error may result in a delayed trial date, and cost you more money in the long run.

Hire a lawyer that has extensive experience in fighting for benefits in court for cases like yours, and take a chance to sue your nursing home. You may need the money for expensive medical bills, and to protect the money within your estate.

Falls in America cause 8 million hospital emergency room visits annually and makes up about 20% of all visits. If you are under the care of a nursing home, you are entitled to the greatest amount of care and protection available. Some retirement facilities have incredible insurance that may pay the cost of your treatment after an accidental cause.

However, if you are not receiving any financial help, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation. Your retirement home may be liable for the cause of the accident, and you will want professional help to defend your case to the judge. Hire an attorney to state your case and advise you on the best legal options that you can take throughout the process.

Get a Lawyer For Your Your Medical Malpractice Case

If you live in the Philadelphia area and have suffered from harm caused by malpractice, you are going to want to legally react and strike back quickly because time is against your side. You are going to want to find an attorney that has experience in representing cases that involve documents and paperwork filed by nurses and doctors and can break down the medical lingo for the judge hearing your case.

If you have been involved in a medical malpractice error that has caused you significant pain and suffering, you will want to provide your testimony to a legal professional that can sue the nursing home in which the malpractice occurred.

The definition of medical malpractice is a situation in which a doctor, nurse, physician, or other health care professional departs from the appropriate protocol and standard of care that is expected in the medical community. This health care provider may have caused injury to an elder, or they may suffer from improper treatment, prescribing the wrong medication or dosage, improper surgery methods, and even diagnosis errors.

If you or a loved one has been subject to any of these malpractice errors, do not settle without significant compensation. You will want to react quickly and ensure your long-term health by getting the financial help you need to find medical resources that can right malpractice wrongs. Don’t be defenseless to a powerful team of lawyers that may try to strip you of the assistance you need. Hire a professional attorney to provide the best legal options available after suffering from a malpractice error.

Forbes Magazine reported that 200,000 people idea annually after suffering from medical malpractice. Don’t fall victim to such mistakes that can cause lengthy recoveries, expensive physical therapy treatments, or cause new injuries down the road. Get your health back on track after a medical mishap and receive the financial compensation you deserve with a competent and determined professional attorney.

Stand Up to Nursing Home Neglect with a Professional Lawyer

Just in the United States, there are about 250,000 reports of elder abuse perpetrated by nursing home staff each year, and the Department of Health and Human Services conducted a survey that concluded that over 90% of nursing homes had deficiencies that violate federal health and safety standards.

So many young people cannot take care of their elders these days because of their career and time restrictions. Everyone is on the go nowadays. It is no wonder there is so much neglect, as more and more people are having to put their beloved elders in nursing homes to relieve one of the responsibilities in their increasingly busy life.

If you have ever suffered from significant weight loss, bedsores, falls, wrong medication doses, or inexplicable bruising, you may be entitled to significant compensation.

Any health provider that cannot provide you proper food or hydration may be found guilty of neglect. If they do not provide you the necessary access to proper hygiene, a professional attorney can provide the best legal options that will improve your living situation.

Do not settle for improper care, and make sure to check on your elders regularly for any signs of abuse. You may be able to sue the nursing home and help pay for costly medical bills.

Hire a Dedicated Law Firm to Represent Your Elder’s Case

Navigating elder law can be difficult at times, and you do not want to fight a team of medical lawyers by yourself. Make sure to ensure the best standard of safety and health for your elders when choosing a nursing home in which they will live, and continually check for signs of abuse or neglect, as it is quite common in the United States.

Now that you are educated on the general laws surrounding legal situations an elder may find themselves in, and you never know when you are going to need a dedicated team of lawyers to represent your case. Hire our dedicated team of lawyers, and we will be able to represent you well in court and provide you the best legal options to consider.

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Get started early on deciding your will and estate matters and make for a peaceful legal transition of your property, stocks, and bonds. Find the best social security options for you and let us represent your case if any legal issues should arise.

Do not fall victim because of a fall or nursing home neglect. Instead, hire a team of lawyers that will state your plea to the lawyers and get the money that you deserve.