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You were involved in an accident with a Taxi Cab..

Philadelphia has many different taxi companies that operate in the city and the larger metropolitan area. People rely on them almost as much as on public transportation to get around the city, especially to and from the airport.

But just like any other car on those busy roads, taxis can get involved in accidents. If you are a passenger in a taxi who was injured in an accident, or if you were driving another vehicle and got injured in an accident with a taxi, you should not wait to contact a taxi accident lawyer about the situation.

The taxi driver is responsible for the safety of the drive and, in most cases, for the maintenance of the taxi itself. This means that as a passenger in a taxi, you are not in any responsible for a taxi accident. And if you were involved in an accident with a taxi cab, it can just as easily be the fault of the taxi driver.

Your lawyer will be able to help you determine who was at fault and how to proceed if you were wrongfully injured in an accident with a taxi, either as a passenger or in another car on the road.

Taxi drivers need to drive safely and responsibly while carrying passengers, no matter what traffic looks like or what route you are taking.

If they are driving recklessly or carelessly and get involved in an accident that results in you being injured, they could be held liable for your medical bills and your pain and suffering. Similarly, if the taxi driver or the taxi company does not take care of the taxi and it results in an accident, they could also be held liable for any injuries they inflict. Taking care of the taxi is similar to taking care of a regular car, including regular oil changes, tire rotations, and maintenance.

It is often the driver’s responsibility to ensure that the maintenance is taken care of, and if it is not kept up, the car could malfunction which could lead to accidents.
Any kind of injury in a car accident could be dangerous, but passengers can receive some harmful injuries depending on the kind and the severity of the crash.

Serious Injuries Cost Money

Whiplash is a common injury, which can lead to serious neck pain. You could also experience cuts and bruises, broken bones, injuries to your neck or spinal cord, or brain injuries. These can lead to some devastating long term consequences as well, such as paralysis or permanent disability. It is extremely important that you go see a doctor or go to the hospital if you’ve been injured in a taxi accident.

However, you probably already know how expensive medical bills can be. No one should have to choose between taking care of their health or being able to pay the bills. That’s why our lawyers fight to get you the compensation you deserve. You may not think that you need a lawyer to assist you with your case, but it can be very difficult to prove that the taxi driver was at fault without one.

Hire an Attorney

An attorney will be able to access records and documents to demonstrate that the taxi driver was driving irresponsibly or that the taxi was not properly maintained. By demonstrating this, your lawyer can make sure that you receive the full compensation you deserve for your injuries to help cover your medical costs and any pain and suffering as a result of the taxi accident.

But do not wait, you need to make your claim as soon as possible against the taxi driver or the company. We are available to set up a free consultation to begin discussing your claim right away, so call us today.

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