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There are several things you can do to stay as safe as possible at a music festival or outdoor concert

Nothing says summer quite like a music festival. Most music fans like hearing their favorite band play live under a blue sky, surrounded by friends and other festival goers.

However, any time that many people congregate in a large area, there is always the potential for serious accidents to occur. Whether an injury is caused by defective equipment, inadequate security, or irresponsible fans who “rush” the stage, people can get badly injured.

Music Festivals and Concerts Injure Hundreds

When you attend a music festival or outdoor concert, the last thing on your mind is ending up in the hospital.

However, this is exactly what happened for hundreds of people who attended music festivals in recent years. In 2016, for example, 60 people were hurt in Australia when fans rushed for the exits after the event ended. According to reports, people fell and were trampled when others around them jostled for position on their way out of the venue. Several people were seriously injured, with broken hips, head injuries, spinal injuries, and lacerations.

Closer to home, a concert stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair in 2011 killed seven people and injured dozens more when high winds caused the scaffolding supporting the stage to crash into the audience. In 2015, the state paid $50 million to the victims and their families for the wrongful deaths and serious injuries. The Indiana Department of Labor also levied $80,800 in fines against the company that built the stage and leased it to the fair.  

Philadelphia Serious Injury Lawyer Discusses Safety Tips for Music Festivals

“There are several things you can do to stay as safe as possible at a music festival or outdoor concert. Being aware of your surroundings is key. It’s also important to enjoy alcohol responsibly. Don’t drink so much that you become disoriented or incapable of looking after yourself.”

Other tips include:

Stay hydrated

It’s easy to get dehydrated when you’re outside in the sun for hours. Research shows that dehydration can be just as dangerous as intoxication. Drink up (on water) when you’re at music festivals.

Protect your hearing

Music festivals are loud. You can purchase some inexpensive earplugs at most hardware stores.

Know where the exits are

One of the first things you should do when you arrive at a festival or concert is locate the nearest exits. If possible, position yourself near one so you can quickly leave if necessary.

Use the buddy system

Don’t wander around a festival alone. Have a friend with you and commit to looking out for each other. There is power in numbers!

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