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All drivers make mistakes on the road. Many of these mistakes will result in a traffic ticket violation. Pennsylvania’s Vehicle Code prohibits licensed state motorists from committing moving and nonmoving violations while driving a vehicle. If a motorist is pulled over for violating any of the infractions outlined in the Vehicle Code, they will likely receive a traffic citation.

Around 42 million speeding tickets are issued in the United States every year. Given these numbers, it’s likely that you may receive a traffic ticket violation at some point in your driving life. If and when this happens, you don’t have to accept the tough consequences without a fight. If you have received a traffic ticket in Pennsylvania, we can help you fight back.



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We all know that traffic ticket violations are costly and can result in points being added to your driving record. But that’s only the beginning!

The real cost of traffic offenses goes well beyond a simple hundred-dollar fine. When you look beneath the surface, the cost of traffic offenses can quickly add up. One simple traffic ticket can result in thousands of dollars in increased insurance premiums for years to come.

More traffic violations lead to:

More repeat violations →  more points on your record →  increased surcharges → higher insurance premiums → a greater chance of losing your license and, perhaps, even your career. Save money, time, and points by beating that ticket.  

Why You Should Fight That Traffic Ticket?

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We all know that traffic ticket violations are costly and can result in points being added to your driving record. But that’s only the beginning!

Keep your driving record clean

If you pay your ticket you are automatically pleading guilty to the offense, which can end up on your driving record.

Keep insurance costs low

Once a speeding ticket goes on your record your insurance company is informed. They can raise your rates and possibly add surcharges. This is one of the main reasons many people hire a speeding ticket lawyer. The cost of hiring a speeding ticket lawyer usually offsets any increase in insurance costs.

Avoid future hassle

By hiring a traffic ticket lawyer, traffic offenses are prevented from causing problems in the future. Even if you have only one speeding ticket on your record, it will stay there for years to come and if you commit another traffic offense you will face harsher penalties.


Not only does keeping a clean driving record prevent you from receiving insurance rate increases, but it may also be a necessity if you want to apply for certain jobs.

Find out the truth

Police officers sometimes misinterpret traffic laws because they are complicated and detailed. If you receive a speeding ticket, there’s a good chance that a speeding ticket lawyer can help you fight and win your case.


    How Can A Lawyer Help You Beat A Philadelphia Traffic Ticket?

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    A seemingly small traffic offense can have serious consequences if not handled correctly. An experienced Philadelphia traffic lawyer knows the ins and outs of the Pennsylvania traffic courts and can provide you with skilled legal representation in any traffic hearing.

    The first step of defense after receiving a traffic violation is understanding your legal options.

    Our skilled attorneys will provide you with sound legal advice that can make all the difference in how you approach your traffic violations.  Our success rate is due to the careful focus of our traffic ticket lawyer’s efforts. In many instances, the threat of a jury trial in some locales further motivates judges to keep traffic cases moving along and not waste more of the courts' precious time and money. All of these factors work in a driver’s favor, particularly when represented by a traffic ticket lawyer.

    Hiring a Philly traffic ticket lawyer is the best chance to keep points from accumulating on your driving record. 

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