Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

There are many ways that the roads in Philadelphia are intended to accommodate pedestrians so that they can walk around the city safely. Crosswalks, road signs, and other methods are used to keep pedestrians safe from drivers. If a pedestrian is involved in an accident with a car or another vehicle, the pedestrian will almost always be hurt, because the human body is no match for a heavy moving vehicle. This is why there are measures taken to protect pedestrians, because as a pedestrian, you could sustain serious injuries in an accident like several broken bones, head and brain trauma, spinal injuries, paralysis, permanent disabilities, and even death.

Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents still occur with some frequency and almost always lead to pedestrian injuries. Over 70,000 pedestrians are injured every year while walking, and almost 4,000 of them ultimately die as a result of injuries or on impact. Many of these accidents occur at night when visibility is low, and many of these pedestrians are children playing or elderly people who cannot move out of the way quickly. If you or someone you love was hit by a car or another vehicle as a pedestrian, call a Philadelphia pedestrian accident lawyer right away to assist you with your case.

Vehicles are not always considerate of pedestrians on the road, often assuming that they have the right of way. Traffic laws, however, dictate that pedestrians always have the right of way if they are crossing in a marked crosswalk because they run the risk of serious injury if they are hit with a car or vehicle. Cars that ignore stop signs or red lights and run through a crosswalk with a pedestrian are clearly at fault for whatever injuries the pedestrian receives as a result of the accident. The same laws apply to motorcycles, bicycles, and scooters that ignore the rules of the road where pedestrians are concerned. Sometimes, bike riders will hop onto the sidewalk to get around traffic or will ignore stop signs and red lights. If this results in an accident with a pedestrian, the bike rider is at fault.

There are certain things that pedestrians can do to protect themselves while out walking, including wearing reflective gear at night, crossing the street only in designated crosswalks, and not walking in the street if there is a sidewalk available. However, even these measures do not always prevent pedestrian accidents, and it is never your fault if you were injured by a vehicle if you were following these guidelines. An experienced pedestrian accident lawyer in the Philadelphia area will fight for you and defend your rights.

An attorney is especially important when the insurance companies get involved. The insurance company of the vehicle is going to do everything they can to prove that you were somehow at fault for the accident. Without a skilled lawyer, it is easy for them to take advantage of you. But your lawyer will ensure that this does not happen and that the driver of the vehicle is clearly proven to be at fault.

After this is determined, you can begin to pursue your claim for compensation. This is extremely important for accident victims because often, the financial burden of medical bills can be crippling, especially if you are too injured to return to work and earn an income. However, it is extremely important that you visit the hospital to take care of your health, because even if you only have a headache or feel dizzy, it could still mean a serious injury. Your lawyer will be able to make sure that you can receive the full compensation you deserve to cover the costs of your hospital stay or ER trip, surgery, medications, and/or physical therapy. However, in some cases, the drivers liability insurance may only allow for a certain amount of compensation to be awarded to you which probably will not cover all of your medical expenses. In this case, your attorney will assist you in using other means of getting the full compensation you need for your medical bills and your pain and suffering, including tapping into the drivers personal assets.

Your lawyer will make sure that you receive the full amount of compensation available from the insurance company and that your medical bills will be covered completely. Call our offices as soon as possible to begin working on your claim so that you do not delay to long and lose your chance. Our experienced attorneys will provide you with a free initial consultation to get you the compensation you deserve.