Philadelphia Fractures and Broken Bones

Fractured or broken bones are common injuries that result from many different kinds of accidents. While these injuries can often be treated and healed if they receive immediate medical attention, they can still cause pain, typically require long term medical care and physical therapy, and may leave you unable to work until the bones are fully healed. These bills and lost wages can add up and cause a substantial financial burden for the accident victim. Do not let your fractured or broken bone injury create financial troubles for you and your family — contact a Philadelphia attorney who specializes in fractures and broken bones right away to help you with your case.

What Causes Broken Bones?

Unfortunately, fractures and broken bones happen very frequently. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons estimates that around 6 million people will break a bone each year in the United States. Some broken bones are caused by daily activity, such as playing sports or just a simple accident in your home. However, broken and fractured bones are also often caused by more serious accidents that someone else caused.

For example, fractures and broken bones often occur as a result of car or other vehicle accident. If a driver or passenger is thrown inside the vehicle and hits the car door, ceiling, or windshield, it could cause a fracture or a broken bone at the point of impact. Broken bones and fractures can also occur if the driver or passenger braces themselves during a collision. After a car accident, it may be fairly obvious if you have broken a bone, but fractured bones are sometimes less apparent. This is why you should get medical attention right away after an accident, even if you do not think you have been injured. A prompt X-ray will help determine where your fractures or broken bones are located and will help a doctor treat them as quickly as possible.

Other types of accidents frequently cause broken bones and fractures as well. One common type of accident that results in these kinds of injuries is slip and fall accidents, when a person loses their footing on a wet or slippery surface. Often, victims land in such a way that results in them breaking or fracturing bones in their arms, legs, neck, or spine. Falls from significant heights, such as from construction equipment or from a ladder at a work site, also frequently cause fractured or broken bones.

Medical Treatment of Fractures and Broken Bones

Broken bones are ultimately just very serious fractures of bones. There are four types of possible bone fractures. A displaced fracture is when the bone breaks into two or more pieces and moves so that the broken ends do not line up properly. A non-displaced fracture is when a bone does not break all the way through, or maintains its proper alignment even if it does break all the way. An open fracture is when the broken part of the bone breaks through the skin. Finally, a closed fracture is when the bone breaks but does not puncture through the skin.

No matter how the bone breaks, it is crucial that an accident victim with a fractured or broken bone seek immediate medical attention. Fractured and broken bones will need to be set by a doctor, either in a cast or in a tight bandage, so that the bone will not move any more and can grow back and heal in the proper placement. You must follow the doctors instructions about how long to stay in your cast or your bandages, because bones can take from six to ten weeks to heal in adults. In some cases, you may need to attend physical therapy after your bone heals to ensure that your leg, arm, or other body part can achieve its full range of motion after the fracture or break.

When to Call a Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney

Our attorneys know that, despite how important it is to seek medical attention for your fractures or broken bones, it can often cost a lot of money to cover your emergency room stay, medical treatments, and physical therapy. If you have been unable to return to work because of your fractures or broken bones, these bills can seem even more daunting. That is why we are here to help you with your case. We will help determine who was legally responsible for your accident, whether it was a car accident, a slip and fall, or a workplace accident. Then, we will make sure that the person responsible gives you the compensation you deserve to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. Contact our office right away to get in touch with a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer experienced in fractures and broken bones.