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Can I make a claim with Limited Tort ?
February 25, 2013

Claiming Compensation for Pain and Suffering Under Limited Tort is Possible Unfortunately many car accidents do inflict injuries. In the state of Pennsylvania, if you have selected the auto insurance Limited Tort choice then you are not able to sue a negligent driver for what is called non-economic damages, which are normally considered to be pain […]

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Limited Tort Policy Limitations
February 25, 2013

What are The Limitations of Auto Insurance Policies in Pennsylvania? If you have the misfortune to be injured in an auto accident in Pennsylvania, any auto insurance you may have might be limited when it comes to making a claim. A knowledgeable Limited Tort attorney can assist you to understand your insurance cover and help you to […]

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How to win Slip and Fall Cases in Philadelphia
January 16, 2013

U. S. tort laws include cases of slip and fall which is a commonplace type of injury that is likely to happen unexpectedly. When incident takes place within the home and premise of the victim then no other person is held liable for it. However, in many instances, slip cases do happen outside the victim’s […]

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Distracted driving possible cause of school bus crash
December 12, 2012

A vehicular crash is often caused by distracting driving. The driver of a school bus was suspended sans pay last Tuesday as authorities continued delving into the reason why the bus he was operating reeled inside a cemetery prior to smashing a house in North Philadelphia last Monday afternoon. The crash injured four students from […]

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Philadelphia Nursing Home Sued for Professional Negligence
October 27, 2012

The Case of professional Negligence A suit has been filed against a nursing home by a Philadelphia woman who claimed that she suffered multiple injuries after falling at the facility of a nursing home on two separate occasions due to alleged company negligence. Her defense counsel from a prominent Philadelphia group filed the professional negligence […]

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SEPTA bus injury claim scams
October 23, 2012

At least eight Philadelphians will be facing charges of insurance fraud filed in December 2009. What happened to them is a good lesson for those who are planning to make a vehicular personal injury claim as an ATM to squeeze out green bucks. The office of the District Attorney records showed that start of the […]

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The Difficult Cases of Slip & Fall
September 23, 2012

Slip and Fall Case Difficulties : Not always as clear as they seem Two of the most popular and common cases of personal injury are cases of slip & fall and cases and car accidents. Although both are considered as personal injuries but they are different from the legal perspective. Car accident cases involving car […]

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Dangerous Intersection Accidents in Philadelphia
April 30, 2012

When you’re injured in car accident in Philadelphia, the odds are higher that it happened at a dangerous intersection. We know the last thing you feel like doing is sorting through paperwork from the insurance companies or trying to figure out how your bills will get paid. By consulting with an experienced attorney, you receive […]

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Uninsured Motorist Accidents
February 10, 2012

Most drivers, as the law requires, have at least some form of car insurance to make sure that if they are in an accident or if they cause an accident, they are able to be financially covered for any damages experienced or caused. However, more often than we would like, accidents in Philadelphia and across […]

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Making a Claim after a Hit and Run Accident
February 10, 2012

As much as we wish it were not the case, hit and run accidents are very common. It is difficult to estimate the number of hit and run accidents because of the number of occurrences and the difficulty in finding the offending driver, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has estimated that one in […]

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Bike Accidents in Philadelphia
January 30, 2012

Philadelphia, like many major cities, has a large number of bicyclists and motorcyclists that use their bikes to commute or to ride for pleasure. However, riding bicycles and motorcycles can be dangerous on the road, especially if the bike has been hit by a larger vehicle like a car, truck, or bus. Bicycles and motorcycles […]

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Pedestrian Accidents in Philadelphia
September 5, 2011

More than 70,000 walkers are hurt every year, and more than 4,000 of those are actually killed by motor vehicles.  Although many cities have reconfigured their downtowns in the past few years, the U.S. is still not what one would call extremely pedestrian-friendly. Whether in cities like Philadelphia with drivers who run red lights or […]

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