How Long After an Accident in Philadelphia Can I File a Claim?

How Long After an Accident in Philadelphia Can I File a Claim?

In some Instances you may only have months to file your claim!

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a personal injury incident in the state of Pennsylvania, you must file your case within two years of the day of the incident.

The statute of repose limits the time that you can bring such an issue to court. In either situation, it is recommended that you reach out to your Philadelphia accident attorney as soon as possible to get the best results for your case.

What are The Basic Statute of Limitations on Personal Injury Claims?

The basic statute of limitations for personal injury in Pennsylvania states, and the claimant must file their case within two years of the date of the incident. The reason for this time limit is that not all injuries are immediately recognizable, and the extent of the damage may take weeks or months to appear.

Victims of car accidents, birth injuries, or any other form of personal injury must file their claims as soon as the extent of the damage is obvious. Your Philadelphia personal injury lawyer can advise you on details of your case, as well as what documentation and information you need to present.

There exist specific examples where the statute of limitations is more or less than two years. However, the majority of cases will fall under the two-year statute, and it is recommended that you file a claim as soon as you can to get maximum benefits.

What are Statute of Limitations Exceptions?

In some cases, you may only have six months after an injury to take action on your claim. Such cases may involve incidents that occurred on government property or in a public space. Some examples are a slip and fall case on a public sidewalk or a personal injury that occurs on public transportation.

In such cases, you must file your intent to claim within six months. The statute of limitations for the claim is still two years, and the clock starts ticking from the day of the accident.

In case of personal injury that falls under workers’ compensation, the statute of limitations may extend up to three years. A work-related injury may not always be immediately apparent. If you were exposed to a toxin or hazard, you have six years to file from your last exposure to the hazard. If you are experiencing hearing damage, you have three years to file from your last exposure to the damaging elements at your job.

In case of wrongful death due to an injury caused by an accident, a birth injury, or any case where the death occurred much later than the incident, the statute begins at the date of death and lasts two years.

Why Should I File My Claim Early?

Regardless of the details of your specific case, it is recommended that you file as soon as possible. You have more time to collect evidence with your lawyer, as well as correspond with insurance companies with legal assistance. When outlining the details of your case, doing it sooner allows you to recall memories better, obtain security footage before it’s deleted, and document the scene of the accident in its current state.

In addition, having a Philadelphia accident lawyer help you with the stress these tasks cause can speed up your case.

Hiring a Philadelphia Lawyer

If you or a member of your family has been injured due to an accident, its best to act fast. While you may be caught up trying to focus on the victim’s well-being by managing medical care, medical expenses, or work benefits, Philadelphia personal injury attorneys prioritize your legal concerns, providing background, experience, and attention on key elements that may affect your case.

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