Garmins Newest Product Helps Keep Cyclists Safer on the Roads

Garmins Newest Product Helps Keep Cyclists Safer on the Roads

Garmin have invented a virtual rear-view system for cyclists.

The number of bicycles on our roadways is increasing nationwide with some cities seeing increases as much as 300 to 400 percent since 2000. Philadelphia is no exception to this trend. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Philadelphia had the highest percentage of commuters cycling to work  an increase from below one percent to approximately two percent.

While this percentage may not appear to be very high, when you consider the number of commuters in Philadelphia each day, the numbers are impressive. When you add the number of bicyclists who commute to work to the number of bicyclists who enjoy cycling as a form of exercise, relaxation, and recreation, the number of bicyclists in the greater Philadelphia area is increasing each year.

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia reports that we have more bicyclists per capita compared other cities; however, the city is falling short on developing a better infrastructure that keeps bicyclists, pedestrians, and others using our roads safe. From 2009 through 2013, two people died in traffic accidents involving bicyclists with another 513 cyclists being injured in traffic accidents. Safety is one of the most common concerns for Philadelphia bicyclists; however, a new item on the market from Garmin can provide more protection for our cyclists. The Varia Rearview by Garmin

A study by the League of American Bicyclists revealed being hit from behind is the leading cause of bicycling fatalities in the United States. Unfortunately, a cyclist is focused on what is in front of him or her to avoid accidents; therefore, it is difficult to keep a constant watch for traffic approaching from behind.

Since most bicycles are not equipped with review mirrors, it is impossible not just impractical for bicyclists to watch for dangers from behind. Now bicycle riders have the ability to know when a vehicle is approaching from behind without the necessity of taking their eyes off the road in front of them.

Garmin is well-known for its electronic products, including those designed for sports and recreation. One of its newest products can help keep bicyclists safer on our roadways.

The Varia Rearview is designed to reduce the risk of being hit from behind when you are riding your bicycle. The Varia attaches directly to your bicycle and warns you when vehicles are within 153 yards behind you.

The device operates both independently or wirelessly integrates with compatible Edge cycling computers providing an even greater level of protection. With a bright tail light that flashes, the Varia adds another level of protection for the bicyclist by warning approaching traffic there is a bicycle on the road ahead.

You can find more information about Philadelphias bicycle laws, bike maps, and bicycle safety tips by visiting the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphias website. Have You Been Injured in a Bicycle Accident? We hope that you always remain safe while enjoying riding your bicycle; however, accidents do happen. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, we can help you navigate the claims process. Contact Our Law Offices to schedule a free consultation to discuss your rights to receive compensation for your damages.