Dog Attacks: The Statute of Liability

Dog Attacks: The Statute of Liability

Common Law Liability

Pennsylvania law indicates that a dog owner takes responsibility for all damages when a victim is severely bitten and injured if the dog was known to be dangerous.. Victims have the capacity to be awarded full compensation if it is proven that the dog owner was negligent or did not comply with the states dog laws.
In the event that the dog hasnt bitten anyone before, two outcomes are possible. If the injuries inflicted on the victim are severe (some type of physical injury that culminates in broken bones, lacerations that are disfiguring or an injury that needs cosmetic surgery), she or he is entitled to submit? a claim for medical costs against the dog owner, and any other losses and legal expenses.
As cases can sometimes be complicated hiring a PA attorney will ensure a thorough investigation and a satisfactory claim is filed for the damages. A victim who is not severely injured is able to file a claim for the cost of medical treatment..

What is a Dangerous Dog?

In PA a dangerous dog is defined as one that has inflicted serious injury on a victim through a dog bite when no provocation has taken place. A Severe injury is a physical injury meaning that broken bones could have taken place, lacerations leading to disfigurement and a series of sutures and cosmetic surgical procedures are necessary. Other aspects of a dangerous dog are one that has instigated a fatal attack on any domestic animal off the owners property and was not provoked, a dog that attacked an individual without provocation; a dog that has been used in a crime situation.

Dangerous Dog? Owners Legal Requirements

All dangerous dogs have to be registered as dangerous by their owners. Liability insurance coverage no less than $50,000 to cover any personal injuries inflicted on a victim., A secure enclosure has to be provided and maintained? for? the dogs use. A warning sign must be placed to warn potential victims of the dogs presence and that it is dangerous The dangerous dog has to be muzzled and restrained by a large width chain or leash Dangerous dog owners have to inform the local police, the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement, the State Dog Warden if the dog has got loose, has attacked an animal, has attacked an individual person, has lost its life and no longer belongs to the registered owner.

Dangerous Dogs Ownership Liability

If a dangerous dog, whether intentionally by the owner, recklessly or through negligent conduct attacks an individual or domestic animal, the owner can be found guilty of a second degree misdemeanor which could lead to two years in jail. If a dangerous dog, whether intentionally, recklessly, or negligently on the behalf of the owner, viciously attacks and inflicts severe injury or loss of life of a person, the dogs owner is guilty of a first degree misdemeanor and can receive a 5 year prison term,. If a minor owns a dangerous dog, the parent or guardian will be required to accept liability for property damage and injuries caused by an attack that was unprovoked. If you have been attacked and bitten by a dangerous dog, contact an experienced PA dog bite attorney to assess your case and compile a claim for compensation on your behalf.