Can I Open An Auto Accident Claim If I Have Two Going Already?

Can I Open An Auto Accident Claim If I Have Two Going Already?

You had multiple accidents within a short timeframe. Can you file more than one claim ?

Getting involved in an accident is a terrifying and life-threatening experience. It is even scarier if you get involved in more than one accident. If the accident has resulted in car damage or you getting an injury, the next step usually is to file for an insurance claim to seek compensation.

However, it can be quite confusing to know whether you can file for an auto accident claim if you have two active claims already. This question is not strange given how it can be difficult at times to deal with an insurance service provider. This article provides an answer to that question and highlights the necessary steps to take when filing for an auto accident claim.

Filing For An Auto Accident Claim Even With Other Ongoing Claims

If you find yourself in a situation and are wondering whether or not you can file a new claim with a previous claim, the answer is yes. Each accident that one is involved in is treated as an independent claim occurrence. This means that you can file for a new claim even when the previous active claim has not been settled.

Filing Multiple Claims For The Same Accident

While this is possible, you may not always get the amount of claim you want. Multiple claims on the same accident usually prompt insurance companies to become stricter and try reducing their liability. Your insurance service provider will always try to put more blame on the other parties from whom you are seeking compensation.

Also, taking such a route often means that the settlement case will take a long time as different insurance companies will spend a lot of time battling each other so that they can pay less. If you want to file for multiple claims on the same accident, ensure that the items you are seeking compensation for are entirely unrelated to the first claim. This will make the auto accident claim process smoother and shorter for you. Additionally, you are more likely to get the right amount of compensation for each of the items you have filed your claims for.

How To File Your Auto Accident Claim

Since you pay a lot of money to insure yourself and your car against accidents and injuries, it is only fair that you make a claim as soon as possible. Here is how to go about it the right way.

  1.    Contact The Police Immediately

Immediately after the accident occurs, make a point of informing the police about the accident as soon as possible. If there are one or more witnesses who saw the crash, it is advisable to have them provide the accident details in the police report.

This is to provides the police to have a clear understanding of what happened given that an accident can be quite shocking and you may not be in a position to provide a clear account of what transpired. Also, in case there are injuries or casualties, informing the police is an easy way to get emergency service providers to arrive at the scene much faster.

  1.    Get As Much Information As Possible On The Accident

Getting information that will give a clear understanding of what transpired can help you with your auto accident claim. Therefore, if possible take clear pictures and document the details of the accident. It is advisable to always have your car information list with you so that if you get involved in a crash, you can easily keep track of information that will help you in your auto accident claim.

  1.    Contact Your Insurance Company Immediately

You are allowed up to 24 hours to report an incident to your insurance care provider, the best thing to do is usually to contact your insurance company immediately. Contact them while at the scene of the accident while you wait for the police to arrive. Doing this will have them involved early enough which will make your case much stronger and increase your chances of being compensated.

Your insurance company can help you find towing services for your car if it is not drivable and they can, also, arrange for you to get a rental car while your auto accident claim is being processed. Involving them early will help you avoid incurring other unnecessary costs that you could avoid.

Your insurance company should be able to open auto accident claim files for you and commence the claim process. A specialist will be assigned to you to help you with the claim. You will then have to provide all the information you have about the accident. The statements from the witnesses and the pictures you took from the accident come into play at this stage.

The idea is to give a very detailed account of how the accident happened. You may have to present a medical examination report if you have any injury claims. The medical examination is often done by a doctor chosen by the insurance company or personal attorney.

  1.    Claim Adjuster

The claim adjuster will play a significant role in determining the amount of compensation you will receive. They are the ones to go over all the details of the auto accident claim and evaluate the claim.

This involves going through the repair costs for your car, review your injury claims and approve the payments that are to be paid and provide you with all the information you require so that you can know what to expect as the claim process continues. If all goes well, your car will be fixed, and you will be compensated for your injuries in case you filed an injury claim.

However, things don’t always go well all the times. Sometimes you auto accident claim can be denied due to several reasons that your insurance company will provide. Here, you can choose to accept or file for an appeal if you feel like you deserve compensation. At this stage, you should consider getting an personal injury attorney to assist with your case to boost your chances of being compensated for your injuries.