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Trucks, by their sheer size, inflict greater damage than other vehicles when they are in an accident. They usually win the battle when they collide with other vehicles, leaving a lot of crumpled and twisted metal in their wake.

Trucks are also harder to control when being driven, which means that their drivers need to be held to a higher standard than drivers of other vehicles. In addition, trucks usually are carrying huge amounts of cargo, and if they are improperly loaded or not well maintained, mishaps with that cargo can occur, resulting in other sorts of accidents as pipes tumble on the highway or gas is spilled on an interstate.

Another common factor in truck accidents is drivers that push through to meet deadlines and get to their destinations no matter how tired they are. Sleepy driver plus huge truck equals big problems for others on the road.

Before you admit complete fault in an accident involving a truck, be sure to contact a qualified personal injury lawyer to inquire about the possibility of making a case against the truck driver, trucking company or both parties. You will need a strong advocate by your side if you are to take on a large trucking company, but our team has lots of experience in arguing for victims of truck accidents.

The reason why many drivers do have grounds for legal action after being involved in a truck accident is because many of the causes of truck accidents are avoidable. They include:

• Inexperienced drivers that are hauling huge loads over long distances in trucks that are especially difficult to operate

• Tired drivers who have stayed on the road longer than they should, in blatant disregard of the law

• Trucks that have not been regularly inspected by their owners

• Substance abuse on the part of truck drivers, a common problem

• Inadequate testing by the trucking company of the drivers for drug and alcohol abuse

• Speeding, which easily results when truckers are trying to keep their schedule and/or have difficulty slowing down when they gain speed

• Improper loading, which can result in freight falling off a truck and causing an accident

Although these causes of accidents appear black and white to many, they can be very difficult to prove in court. That’s why you will need a competent truck accident attorney to help you make your case.You will not have access to many possible pieces of evidence that a truck accident lawyer can track down, including safety logs, company policies, inspection and maintenance records, and driver records. A good personal injury lawyer will know exactly how to gather the evidence needed to build your case.

Truck manufacturers can also come into question. It’s not only cars that have recalls for faulty parts. Trucks also can have defective parts that can lead to horrible accidents on the road. Your personal injury attorney will know if the truck involved in your accident had ever been subject to a parts recall or if there have been past issues with a certain model of truck.

It also can be quite difficult to prove that a truck driver was too tired to operate his vehicle in a safe manner. What is “tired” for one person might not be “tired” for another. Truck drivers are known to falsify their logs as well so that they stay in compliance with laws governing how many consecutive hours they can stay behind the wheel. You will want a truck accident attorney by your side to help prove that the truck driver in your accident was overly tired, if s/he indeed was. Your lawyer will know how to get access to a truck’s “black box” (used in some models) and other sources of evidence to prove that the driver never should have been on the road when the accident occurred.

As for other issues such as substance abuse and loading of trucks, a lawyer will be necessary to find the records that can prove that a company did not adequately test its drivers, or that it did not terminate employment of drivers who were guilty of substance abuse in the past, for instance. The training of those who loaded the truck can also be called into question, and your personal injury attorney will know how to pursue that line of argument.

Don’t be stuck with huge medical bills, financial hardship due to lost work time and wages, and even excessive pain and suffering. Let a qualified truck accident lawyer take up your case and get you the compensation that you will need for past and future medical bills, as well as lost wages and pain and suffering.

As the vehicles get bigger in accidents, the injuries sustained often get more serious. Let a truck accident attorney help you to put your life back together again after a collision with an 18-wheeler or some other huge truck. Call a Philadelphia accident lawyer at 215 735 4800

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