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March 10, 2013

For Fishtown father Jim Givens, it was too much of a coincidence when his two young daughters were casualties of two car mishaps in two different occasions and happening at a three-day interval.

The perplexed father related that both his children were injured by two hit-and-run drivers. The first catastrophe happened to her youngest 10-year-old daughter while the second mishap victimized his 14-year-old daughter. Just imagine two sisters sharing identical horrible experiences but in different places within a span of three days.

It was around 8:30 o’clock Saturday evening of Saturday when 15-years-old Kylee was walking to meet her friends at Moss Playground. When she reached the corner of Cheltenham and Torresdale Avenues in Frankford, she was not aware that a rampaging vehicle going to hit her.

Sarah remembered that while she was walking down the street, a zooming white truck struck her with such a force that she was airborne and landed under a car. She was delivered to the hospital and while recuperating she was scared of all the tubes hooked up in her body. She wished that the police would apprehend the driver so he would no longer hurt anybody. And she felt enormously sad that the same painful event happened to her elder sibling. She is now back home going around in crutches with a fully cast leg.

Investigation of both accidents is underway.

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