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Sidewalks are intended to be safe places for pedestrians to walk so that they can avoid walking in the road and run the risk of being hit by cars. So when a pedestrian gets hurt walking on the sidewalk, it can be harmful and upsetting. Falling on a sidewalk can cause some painful injuries. But while many accident victims assume that falling was their fault, that is not always the case. Sometimes, the accident could have been prevented if the sidewalk had just been maintained and cared for appropriately.

Many neighborhoods and streets in the Philadelphia area have sidewalks for pedestrians, but they are not always maintained properly. If you trip and fall on a sidewalk, it could be the fault of the municipality responsible for the sidewalk, because they require maintenance in order to remain safe. In some cases, you can pursue legal action against the municipality if their negligence in maintaining the sidewalk ultimately caused your fall.

Falling on a hard surface like a sidewalk can often lead to injuries. Some are more serious than others, but most are very painful, and many of these injuries last a long time because they do not heal quickly or require extensive medical attention. Some common injuries include sprained or broken wrists or arms, especially if you try to catch yourself on the way down. You could also end up with injuries ranging from cuts and bruises or soft tissue damage to head or spinal injuries. In serious cases, these injuries can lead to permanent disabilities, paralysis, or in some cases, even death.

Of course, your physical injuries are also accompanied by emotional stress and financial concerns as well. Everyone knows that medical costs are extremely expensive these days, especially if your injury requires surgery or another medical procedure, or if you have to take medicines or go to physical therapy after you leave the hospital. Your medical bills can clearly pile up quickly, putting a huge strain on your finances. That strain only gets worse if you are injured to the point where you cant work for a while to earn the money you need to pay those bills.

This is why it is so important to contact a skilled slip and fall lawyer to help you with your case. By holding a negligent municipality responsible for your injuries from the accident, you could be entitled to legal compensation that would help you cover those huge medical bills as well as the wages you lost by not being able to work. You could even be compensated for your emotional stress, known in the legal field as compensation for pain and suffering.

Your attorney will find the evidence necessary to prove that the municipality was negligent in maintaining or repairing an uneven sidewalk, such as going through the municipalitys records. They will need to be able to prove that the sidewalk was uneven when you tripped and fell, so try to take a photograph of the sidewalk where you tripped or have a witness photograph it. If the sidewalk had been in disrepair a long time and the municipality knew about it but didnt fix it, you have a solid case against them. However, you need to be prompt about calling our offices, because there is often only a very small time frame in which you can file claims against municipalities. Your lawyer will help you go through the claims process quickly and effectively so that you will be able to access the compensation you deserve.

As soon as the municipality has been proven to be responsible, your attorney can begin the negotiation process to ensure that the settlement is for the amount that you deserve, no less. Do not let the negligence of a municipality or property owner ruin your life and your finances. Call our offices today to get started on your case.

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