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We have probably all lost our balance at one point or another when the weather was bad outside. Whether the sidewalks had just gotten wet and were slippery or whether the snow or ice made the walkways slick, it is easy to lose your footing and slip when walking outside after a bout of bad weather.

However, there are many cases where the fall might not have been your fault or even entirely the weathers fault. If you suffered from a slip and fall accident in bad weather, give one of our Philadelphia slip and fall lawyers a call.

If the fall occurred on someones property, such as a store or parking lot, the owner could be responsible for your injuries if they did not clean up the snow or put up signs warning of a rain soaked floor. The compensation you would receive would help you cover your medical bills, any wages you lost by not being able to work, and your pain and suffering from the accident.

These claims are not intended to be a money maker for the victim, but rather to keep the victim from having to bear the burden of the high medical costs for an accident that was not their fault.

There are a few things that pedestrians can do when out walking in bad weather to stay safe and try to prevent serious slip and fall accidents.

You should not try to rush. walking slowly and paying attention to the path is the best option. If you can visibly see ice patches, try to go around them. Other areas to avoid are piles of wet leaves and built up piles of snow.

Try to wear practical shoes for the weather because your safety is more important than your style when it comes to bad weather (and you can always change your shoes later!).

If handrails are available, use them to maintain your balance.

Be sure to clean off your shoes when you get inside so you dont track in any snow or water, and always check the entrances of buildings, because thats where a lot of snow and water will accumulate, posing a serious risk.

Slipping and falling on ice or on a wet surface do not usually end in gentle landings. Falling in spots like this often results in twisted ankles or spines, head injuries, broken bones, or sprained wrists, ankles, or backs. In serious cases, you could become disabled or paralyzed from your injuries when you slip and fall in bad weather. Some thousands of people even die every year as a result of their slip and fall accident.

In many cases, steps could have been taken by the property owner or the local municipality to prevent these kinds of accidents from happening after a bout of bad weather.

Under premises liability laws, owners of businesses are required to keep surfaces safe, and after bad weather, that means salting their parking lots, shoveling snow, and promptly wiping up tracked in water.

Local municipalities need to be prepared for bad weather by treating roadways and sidewalks and clearing out snow and other slip and fall hazards. In other words, your accident may not be solely the cause of you being clumsy or because of the bad weather.

If the owner or municipality does not follow reasonable procedures for maintaining safe places to walk after bad weather, they could be held responsible for the accident. The best way to determine if you do have a case against a property owner or a municipality is to call a Philadelphia slip and fall attorney.

Our lawyers extensive experience handling these cases means that we will be able to determine if the owner or municipality failed in their duties to maintain a safe environment. Then, we will go about gathering evidence against them to prove that they are responsible for the accident. We will fight to get you the compensation that you deserve as a slip and fall accident victim to help you cover your medical costs, any wages you lost while injured, and your pain and suffering. Call our offices today to begin the process.

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