Philadelphia Accidents on Iced and Snowy Walkways

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Icy and Snowy Walkways

Winter weather can bring lots of danger. From driving on slick roads, to hurting your back shoveling snow, you must tread carefully in the winter. If you’ve had a fall on a slick pavement, there are personal injury laws that will protect you, and ensure you are compensated adequately for your injuries.

Slipping on Ice

Slipping on an icy or snowy walkway could cause you significant injuries. Businesses are obligated to maintain clean walkways,even during inclement weather. Homeowners must keep sidewalks and walkways in front of their homes cleaned off. In short, there must be walkways that are clean from snow and ice.

If you had a slip and fall on a walkway that was not cleaned up from a recent snow or ice storm, you should not have to pay for any medical bills related to your injuries. There are personal injury laws in place that will protect you, the victim of unmaintained walkways. You also should not have to worry about losing your job. A good personal injury lawyer will help protect your rights as you deal with these injuries.

Medical Bills

With an injury big or small, there will be medical bills. Sometimes these bills can pile up quickly. If you are seeing different specialists, and getting expensive tests done like an MRI, your medical bills will very quickly be thousands of dollars. Let a personal injury lawyer help you, so that you do not have to pay any medical bills as a result of your slip and fall on a surface that was not properly maintained.

In addition to medical bills you are currently facing because of your condition, we will also work to project future medical bills that you will occur as a result of your injuries. We will work to ensure you are compensated for all medical bills, past, present, and future, that you occurred as a result of slipping and falling in icy and snowy walkways;.

Loss of Work

If you get injured, you could also lose your job. If you hurt your shoulder, and work, for example, in a hospital where you need to lift patients, you will be unable to perform our job duties. Not only should you be compensated for lost wages, but you should also be compensated for any work you will lose in the future.

We will calculate for you the amount of future earnings that you stand to lose because of your injury. You are entitled to every penny of that money, and we will ensure that your finances do not suffer because of your slip and fall.

Pain and Suffering

Let’s face it, on top of the medical bills, and the embarrassment of falling, you’re likely just in a lot of pain. Slipping and falling on ice causes a variety of injuries from head and neck pain to shoulders, hips, and even feet and ankles.

While you might not find it easy to put a specific dollar amount on how much your pain is worth, we can help with that. Our legal office has experience with personal injury law, and we can tell you historically what your type of injury has been paid out in court. We will react accordingly, and ensured that you are paid to the maximum for the pain in suffering you feel now. If your injuries are the type to typically linger into the future, we will account for that as well. Nobody ever wants to be in pain or to be suffering, but we can at least help ensure you are paid for your misfortune.

How can We Help You

We are experts in personal injury law. Our experience knowing the legal system inside and out is going to help make sure all of your legal rights are taken care of. You not need to worry about your employment opportunities or your finances.

Slipping and falling on an icy or snowy walkway is more than an unfortunate accident. In most case, the business or homeowner could have prevented the slip and fall with better maintenance of their walkways. Do not let their negligence of their property cause you unnecessary pain and suffering.

Our experience is also in dealing with insurance companies. We understand that you may or may not have insurance, and there might be a battle between your insurance company and the property owner’s insurance company. We can hash that battle out for you, taking that headache off of your hands while you heal, rest, and recover from your injuries.

What can you do?

If possible, take photographs of the walkway where you slipped and fell. This will help prove the inclement conditions. Take note of when the ice or snow accumulated. Did you slip 30 minutes after a snowfall or three days? The longer since the snow and ice fell, the more negligent the property owner has behaved.

Furthermore, make sure you go to the doctors as needed. Do not be scared of paying a medical bill now. You will get the money back later. If you do not go to the doctors, have the tests, and get a diagnosis, it will be more difficult to establish your injury. Take care of yourself. The most important factor in all of this is your health and well-being. Do exactly as the doctor prescribes. Keep track of your expenses and your bills, but most importantly take your medicine and listen to the doctor.

Do not contact the business or homeowner directly. Leave that part to us, as any contact you have could be detrimental to your case.

What’s next?

Contact our team of personal injury attorneys, and we will guide you through the process. Be prepared to provide us with any relevant documentation, pictures, medical bills, employment records, that you think are relevant to your case.
Do not hesitate to reach out. Remember that we know the laws. While this is likely your first slip and fall resulting in injury, we deal with thousands of these cases. Let our experts go to work for you, so you can focus on healing and recovering from this unfortunate incident.