Philadelphia Pedestrian Deaths Keep Going Up

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The recent annual increase in pedestrian deaths is the single largest increase in history.

Do you think you’d feel comfortable walking the entire length of a football field blindfolded? How about driving the same distance in your car with your eyes closed? Now imagine traveling the same distance at 55 miles per hour without watching where youre going. The reality is that people do this all the time when they look down to text or read an email. It takes just a few seconds for a vehicle to travel 100 yards at 55 miles per hour. In a matter of seconds, a person can lose their life. Distracted driving is a growing cause of death and injury in the United States. Pedestrians are among the most vulnerable in these types of crashes. In 2016, pedestrian deaths jumped by a staggering 11 percent.

University of Utah Study Says Cell Phones Increase Risk of Death Fourfold.

A recent study out of the University of Utah confirms what safety experts already know: cell phones behind the wheel make the risk of a deadly or serious accident skyrocket. The study found that the risk of being involved in an auto accident increased fourfold when a driver used a cell phone behind the wheel. The study also found that driving distracted was comparable to driving while intoxicated.

Pedestrians Are Walking Distracted

Furthermore, the problem isnt confined to motorists. There have also been huge increases in the number of pedestrians who walk distracted. According to an NPR report, more pedestrians are looking down at their phones or listening to music as they walk. There have been cases reported of people simply walking into the street and directly into the path of oncoming traffic unaware because they were concentrating on a text or email rather than watching the ground in front of them.

Philadelphia Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Discusses the Dangers of Driving and Walking Distracted

Philadelphia personal injury attorney Joel J. Kofsky explains, The recent annual increase in pedestrian deaths is the single largest increase in history. Pedestrian deaths now account for 15 percent of all motor vehicle fatalities. Unless people begin to do something about the distractions posed by their phones, these numbers are likely to increase. No text or email is worth your life or the life of someone else. Whether youre driving or walking, put the phone down until you have reached your destination and can text, email, or talk safely and without distraction.

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