Philadelphia Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

If you think slip and fall accidents are a laughing matter, think again: across the United States, it costs over $60 billion a year to take care of people injured in slip and fall cases. It is easy to think that it is your fault if you slip and fall in a store, in a parking lot, or on a flight of stairs, but in many cases, you are not to blame for the fall. There are even laws protecting pedestrians and customers from blame in slip and fall accidents, so if you were wrongfully injured in a slip and fall accident, you need to get in touch with a Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer today.

Many people slip and fall every day, so do not think that you are alone. Also, do not be afraid of how you are going to handle the medical bills you have incurred from treating your injuries. In many cases, you can take legal action and even receive compensation if you enlist the help of an experienced slip and fall attorney. Many people find that they do have a case even if they initially did not think they did, so do not be afraid to get in touch with a lawyer and find out what your options are.

The statistics on slip and fall accidents in the United States are staggering and reveal how often a slip and fall case is not the fault of the victim. For example:

Over one million people in the United States fall from slipping or tripping every single year.

Over half of those cases result in the victim being injured, and around 300,000 of those injuries become at least temporarily disabling.

Around 17,000 people die every year as a result of their slip and fall accident, showing how dangerous these cases can be.

Slip and fall accidents make up around 15% of all work related injuries in the US, and disabling injuries from those accidents cost businesses around $11 million dollars every year in workers compensation cases.

Although there are certainly some slip and fall cases that occur in peoples homes, there are hundreds of thousands of slip and fall cases that take place in a public location, like a store, mall, sidewalk, parking lot, or staircase or escalator. Almost three quarters of slip and fall cases occur on flat surfaces that have not been properly taken care of. Many of the incidents that occur in public places could have been prevented if the property owner had been more diligent.

Any time you are walking in a public place, you have the right to expect that you can walk safely without the risk of injury. The owner of the property or the party responsible for the public place is often subject to premises liability, meaning they must maintain a safe environment. This also includes walking around your place of work. Because of this, you can often obtain compensation for your injuries if you were hurt walking in a public place because someone did not take care of the surface properly. In serious cases where there is a death, family members can also obtain compensation for their loss.

There are a number of places that are more prone to slip and fall cases than others, so be especially careful when walking around these areas. These can include:

? Nursing homes. Not every fall in a nursing home is the fault of the elderly patient. If the floors and stairs are not taken care of in a way that makes it safe for the patients to walk, the home could be held responsible for the slip and fall.

? Grocery stores. Because of the greater possibility of spills and the fact that many stores do not clean up spills promptly, grocery stores present a great risk for slip and fall accidents.

? Restaurants. As another location prone to spills and busy staff members who do not clean them up quickly, restaurants can also result in slip and fall accidents fairly regularly.

? Construction areas. The clutter that construction workers often leave behind can result in slip and fall or trip and fall accidents. Blocked or cluttered staircases also pose a similar threat.

? Retail stores. Uneven carpeting or flooring, often the result of wear and tear, can result in people tripping and falling. Some retail stores also have step ups between departments, which can cause trips if they are not marked properly.

? Parking lots. Not only are parking lots notorious for being unevenly paved, they can also be dangerous in bad weather if they are not treated correctly to protect against snow and ice.

The cost of slip and fall injuries can be massive. In fact, an average slip and fall case results in around $23,000 in medical bills. This is a huge financial burden to bear if the accident was not your fault, and having a skilled Philadelphia slip and fall attorney on your side is the best way to begin taking legal action against the responsible party and receiving the compensation that you deserve for your injuries.

There are several ways to prove that the property owner or the business owner was at fault for your slip and fall accident. By demonstrating that the owner either knew about the dangerous spot on the property and did not fix it, or that they did not properly warn people of that danger, they could be held responsible for any accidents that occurred as a result of that unsafe environment. This often occurs if the business or property owner does not perform regular inspections. Your attorney will be able to access the records and documents necessary, as well as any additional evidence, to prove that the owner was at fault.

A temporary condition, such as bad weather or a spill, must be legally addressed within a certain time frame that is considered reasonable or the owner will be considered liable. Your lawyer will be able to determine how long a reasonable time frame is. A permanent condition, like uneven flooring, needs to be taken care of by the owner. If months go by without it being fixed, the owner is responsible for any resulting accidents. Proving negligence on the part of the owner could mean compensation for you for your injuries.

The injuries that result from slip and fall accidents can be very painful and in some cases very serious as well. These injuries can include broken bones, fractures or sprains, cuts and bruises, concussions, or head or spinal injuries. Some of these injuries can turn into worse problems as well as remain painful for a long time. These injuries can also often cost a lot of money to be fixed, which makes the compensation you could receive from the owner even more important.

Do not assume the accident was your fault. An experienced slip and fall lawyer can help determine that the owner was at fault and help you receive compensation to cover the medical costs from your injuries. Furthermore, by ensuring that the property owner is punished, you could be saving other people from also falling and hurting themselves on the same spot. Do not hesitate to call our offices and begin working with an experienced attorney on your case.