Philadelphia Premises Liability Lawyer

The laws that govern premises liability are important to know any time you enter onto property that is owned by someone else, whether it is a business, an apartment complex, or a nursing home. Premises liability means that whoever owns the property is responsible for making sure that the environment is safe for everyone. This means cleaning up spills on the floor; maintaining safe escalators, stairs, and elevators; and putting up appropriate signs when there are any dangerous areas. Under premises liability law, if the owner does not follow these rules, they could be held responsible if someone is injured because of a hazardous area on their property.

One particular area that premises liability can come into play is in areas like airports, casinos, hotels, and amusement parks. Because of how busy they are, there are often spills or other hazards on the floors that are not cleaned up very quickly and can cause people to slip and fall. These slips can result in injuries like broken bones, bruises, or even head injuries. These properties must also maintain their stairs and escalators, because they could also pose hazards if they are not taken care of. Airports, casinos, and hotels must also have appropriate security to take care of their clients or they could be responsible for anything that happens that could have been prevented by security.

Amusement parks have even more dangers present than other public places. Although rides are supposed to be tested very carefully for safety, but sometimes even if the first tests come back with no problems, issues could arise after the ride has been in use for a while. This could lead to some really serious injuries for riders if the ride malfunctions. In these situations, the owner of the amusement park is responsible for those injuries, because they are responsible for the safety of the amusement park rides. The same rules apply if someone drowns or gets hurt at a pool at an amusement park if the lifeguard failed to do their job.

Premises liability cases can also arise in many other locations. Another common place for premises liability cases is at your childs day care center. If something happens to your child while they are in the care of the day care center, we will represent you and make sure the center is held responsible. Some potential dangers at day care centers include unsafe or recalled cribs or playground equipment, lack of proper attention and care, or bedding that is too soft which can lead to suffocation in young children. If something has happened to your child because of negligence on the part of the day care center, call a Philadelphia premises liability lawyer as soon as possible.

Many people do not know that premises liability can also apply to cases where a neighbor or someone elses dog bites you. In some cases where a dog bites someone, the owner could be at fault for not training the dog properly or for not keeping it restrained well enough when they knew it could be dangerous. Unfortunately, over four million people are bitten by someones dog each year, and many of the people bitten by dogs are children. Although dogs are often perfectly safe, it is extremely important that you treat unknown dogs with great care, because even normally friendly breeds can bite or maul people. Your dog bite lawyer will assist you with your case by helping determine if the dogs owner can be held responsible for the dog and for any medical treatment you had to undergo for the bite or the scratches.

If you have been hurt in an accident on someone elses property, or if it has happened to someone you love, you need the assistance of an experienced premises liability attorney. Their knowledge of the law will help determine how the property owner was at fault for your accident, especially in cases where it is unclear. Any time that the owner was aware of a hazard and did not fix it or warn people about it, they can be held responsible and liable for your injuries, and you can receive financial compensation for your medical bills. Call our offices as soon as possible to begin working on your case and get the compensation you deserve.