Car Park Slip and Fall Lawyer in Philadelphia

Parking lots can be some of the most dangerous places to drive anywhere. Cars are fighting for spots, and some back out to leave without looking to see if any vehicles are approaching. Tight turns and tight spots just magnify the danger.

The hazards don’t end once you park your car, either. Once you get out of your vehicle to enter the mall, your workplace, the dentist’s office or any number of destinations, you are trusting that the owner of the lot, either outdoors or in a garage, has adhered to basic safety rules. There is absolutely no guarantee, though.

Suits are filed all of the time by people who exit their vehicles and try to get to a given building, only to slip and fall on the pavement or coating that covers that pavement. If you have slipped and fallen in any sort of parking lot, don’t hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer for help to get the compensation that you deserve.

No car parking lot is a neutral space—it is always owned by someone or something, and the owners are required by law to keep that lot in a safe condition. Premises liability is a frequently cited area of law by a car park slip and fall lawyer who make sure that justice is done for their clients.

Here are some examples of the types of hazards that can exist in car parks:

• Oil, gas and other liquids sometimes cover already-slick surfaces in car parking garages. Many pedestrians have slipped on these slick surfaces.

• Inclement weather adds another dimension to car parks, both inside and out. Parking garages  are usually open air, so rain, snow and ice can appear unexpectedly on their surfaces, especially  on the outer edges of such garages. Outdoors, obviously, any car parking area needs to be cleared of snow and ice continually to ensure pedestrian safety. In many cases, contractors are hired to keep such lots clear of snow and ice, but during major storms, they might have a difficult time keeping up with all of the lots that they are responsible to clear. Rain, snow and ice have caused many a pedestrian to slip and fall in parking lots.

• Paved parking lots can have all kinds of issues, even in beautiful weather. Pavement can buckle in the heat or crack, leaving dangerous gaps in the surface that are easy to trip over. The sun’s UV rays, oxidations, fuel, oil and petroleum products all wage war on pavement. Extensive

gaps in the pavement, as well as plants growing in those gaps, can provide many obstacles to a

carefree walk from vehicle to office.

These slip and falls might appear humorous at first, and perhaps you have slipped and been so embarrassed that you have not told anyone about it. There is nothing funny about the types of injuries that you can suffer while slipping in a car parking area. Here is a brief list of the types of injuries sustained in just one city in recent months.

• Torn ligaments in the elbow after a slip on ice, resulting in surgery and extensive physical

therapy, with huge costs involved.

• Soft tissue injuries in the wrist, fingers, back and legs, such as if a pedestrian tried to catch herself and sprained several body parts in the process. These can heal with time in most cases, but fractures and breaks can also occur, necessitating casts and even surgeries to make sure that bones heal correctly.

• Sprained ankles and knees are a common result of slip and falls in car parking areas. The most severe cases can force a person to miss months of valuable work time and wages.

• Broken bones in the face, concussions and skull fractures can result when a person hits head first after slipping and falling. Expensive surgeries are needed in some cases, and concussions might require months of missed work to regain one’s balance and end the headaches that commonly occur. Neck and shoulder sprains and fractures also occur regularly when pedestrians slip and fall.

Some of these injuries might not seem serious, but many lawsuits have netted victims up to a half-million dollars to compensate them for their past and future medical costs, their lost wages at work, and even pain and suffering.

If you have slipped and fallen in a car park of any type, don’t hesitate to contact a Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer to see if you have grounds for legal action. A strong personal injury lawyer can take on the biggest corporations that own car parks and make sure that an insurance company does not give you a sub-par settlement.

Don’t agree to any settlement or other type of deal with the owner of the car park that you frequent before contacting a Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyer. Your slip in the parking lot was not your fault, in most cases, and you can help to make that public space a safer area by holding its owner accountable under the law.