Philadelphia Bike Accident Lawyer

As is the case in many big cities, Philadelphia has many bicyclists and motorcyclists that use the roads every day to commute or just to travel around the city. Although bikes can be a cost effective way to travel, they can also be very dangerous. If you are a biker and get into an accident, you could be seriously hurt, because neither bicycles nor motorcycles have any kind of protection between you and another vehicle like a car or a truck. These injuries are often extremely painful and potentially fatal. If this has happened to you or a loved one, you should get in touch with a Philadelphia bike accident lawyer.

Bike accidents across the state are fairly common. In 2012, Pennsylvania had 1,300 bicyclist injuries and 16 bicyclist deaths. It also had 3,900 motorcyclist injuries and 210 motorcycle deaths. This roughly translates to one bicyclist injury every seven hours and one motorcyclist injury every two and a half hours. Given the high statistics, bike accidents need to be taken very seriously, especially if you are one of the many people who use a bicycle or motorcycle to travel around Philadelphia.

If a bike or motorcycle collides with another car, the rider often gets thrown off the bike and hits the ground, especially if the biker or the other car was traveling at high speeds. If they hit the ground, they can actually bounce or roll down the road, which can lead to some serious injuries like lacerations, burns, bruising, and broken bones. The rider can also get hurt very badly if they are directly hit by another vehicle, because the weight and force of that vehicle can crush bones and cause head, neck, or spine injuries which often lead to paralysis or disabilities.

Injuries can also be worse than they would otherwise be if the biker or motorcyclist was not wearing the right kind of safety gear. Every bike rider needs to wear a good quality helmet, and motorcyclists need to make sure their helmet covers their face and their whole head. This protects against head injuries. Bikers should wear elbow and knee pads if possible, and any bike rider should wear reflective gear if they are riding at night to help other drivers see them more easily. It is also important that bicyclists wear the right kind of clothing, specifically tight fitting clothes, to prevent clothing from getting caught in the spokes of the wheels and causing you to fall and hurt yourself.


Drivers are also required by state law to be careful when driving around bicycles and motorcycles. A law was passed in 2012 in Pennsylvania that says that drivers need to keep at least four feet of distance between them and any bike or motorcycle in front of them. Many other states require drivers to maintain only three feet of distance. By driving with care around bikes on the road, crashes can hopefully be reduced.

However, accidents do still happen involving bikes and motorcycles, and when they do, you could be facing not only extremely painful injuries but also massively expensive medical bills. You may also have to pay to repair or replace your bike or motorcycle. This can make your medical bills seem like even more of a burden, because the cost of staying in the hospital or going to the ER alone can be hundreds of dollars. That’s on top of any bills you incurred from surgery or other medical procedures, medications, and any physical therapy you are required to do to recover. And if you can’t work and earn money to pay for these bills, you may be feeling hopeless about your situation.

Your Philadelphia bike accident attorney will fight to make sure you receive the full compensation you deserve to cover your medical bills, bike repair, lost wages, and pain and suffering. We will not leave you struggling to pay your bills. Your lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to make sure that they do not try to shortchange you by offering you a lesser settlement than you deserve. Call our offices right away By Phone or Email 24/7 .