Back Injuries

If you have had a serious injury to some part of your body, like your back, in a truck accident you should seriously consider filing for damages if you think that the accident was clearly the result of somebody else’s negligence. Don’t leave it too late, as a successful claim depends very much on evidence and the fresher the evidence, the more useful it will be. Back injuries, especially if your spine or your spinal cord is damaged, will inevitably mean a huge personal expense and there should be no reason why you should have to pay for somebody else’s carelessness.

Ten times as many serious injuries experienced by the occupants of the smaller vehicle

Any accident that involves a collision between a small vehicle like a car or a van and a truck usually means the smaller vehicle and its occupants come off worst. There are ten times as many injuries and fatalities suffered by small vehicle occupants compared to truck drivers in overall statistics compiled on U.S. truck accidents. Back injuries, as well as head injuries and broken bones, cuts and lacerations are commonplace in truck accidents, and it is common to have muscle pain at the very least.

Even minor back injuries can see you laid up in bed for a considerable period, with the accompanying possible loss in wages. Most people will be able to take time off work for relatively short periods, but once the time extends past a fortnight or so, then it starts to become expensive.

The worst back injuries are to the delicate spinal cord

The worst back injuries involve damage to the spinal cord itself, the delicate and extremely important bundle of nerve fibers that runs in the hollow interior of the spine. It is not unusual in a collision for small splinters or fragments of bone to break off and protrude into the nerve tissue of the spinal cord. This can not only cause excruciating pain, it can have long term effects on the spinal cord as well.

Most tissues in the body will repair themselves and heal in time. Broken bones can be set and will rejoin. Nerve tissue, whether it is found in the brain, the spinal cord or what is termed the peripheral nervous system – the network of nerve fibers that reach out to all corners of the body, is incapable of significant self repair. As far as the truck accident victim is concerned, the consequences of any serious back injury that affects the spinal cord could mean very long periods of dependence on other people to do many ordinary daily tasks as well as time in and out of a hospital for treatment.

It is vital if you have had any sort of damage to your spinal cord to make a claim for damages through a competent and experienced accident attorney assuming that the accident that caused your back injuries was the fault of the truck driver, the truck company or some other third party. You are going to need every dollar you can get from these people, whose actions have caused you so much harm. You owe it to yourself and your family to be able to live as comfortable and fulfilling a life as possible.