Boat and Jet Ski Accidents

Who doesnt love the thought of getting out into a boat on a sunny day and feeling the wind in your hair as you cruise around a beautiful lake, bay or river? What looks like more fun than getting on a jet ski and zooming around a lake or near a beach? We all are drawn to adventures in these watercraft, but due to many factors, accidents occur at a fairly high rate on the water.

If you have been the victim of a boat or jet ski accident, dont hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer and begin to build a case for compensation that you will need to pay past and future medical bills, make up for lost wages due to missed work time, and handle other costs associated with pain and suffering.

Getting on the water in a personal watercraft can bring hours and hours of pleasure, but a lot can go wrong in a boat or on a jet ski. People drive boats that have not been fully trained in their operation or regarding the rules of the sea. People turn the throttle on a jet ski and lose control because they have no previous experience. Commercial boats sometimes are not as careful as they should be when they cruise towards ports in narrow waterways.

A skilled boat accident attorney will know how and where to research your case to give you the best chance to win the compensation that you will need. Your lawyer will look into similar accidents that have occurred in the area where you were victimized and check into the history of the boat involved in the accident, as well as the training and record of the boats operator.

You can assist a boat accident lawyer by taking photos of the accident scene, enlisting witnesses to give statements and keeping careful track of your medical records subsequent to the accident. As you do your part in constructing a case, your personal injury attorney will be better able to reconstruct the accident in court.

A prominent reason for many boating and jet ski accidents is negligence. This negligence can extend all the way from a boat operator not paying attention to his/her crafts path to the jet ski rental company not giving counsel regarding how to use its watercraft. It can be demonstrated that negligence was also a factor in the manufacture of a boat, for instance, or when an owner allowed his boat to be driven by someone other than himself/herself, someone who was untrained and unskilled. The open water can be a very dangerous place to learn how to drive and operate a boat!

Among the various breaches of duty that can lead to boat operators being charged in an accident care are:?

  • Failure to pay attention to surroundings, such as other boats and swimmers
  • Insufficient or nonexistent navigation lights
  • Operation of the boat when vision was restricted, or in hazardous waters or bad weather
  • Failure to have safety equipment aboard the watercraft
  • Overcrowding or overloading on the boat
  • Speeding
  • Boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs (BUI)

Several of these breaches of duty can apply to jet ski operators, including BUI, speeding, rough weather and inexperienced operators. Of course, if you are on a jet ski and get into an accident, there is almost no protection for you, which results in serious injury in many cases. If you are boating or swimming and hit by a jet ski, you can also sustain serious injury as these small craft become almost like a missile on the water.

Common injuries in jet ski accidents include brain and head trauma, fractures, lacerations and spinal cord injuries. Many jet ski accidents can be traced to the inexperience of the operators and the lack of training provided to them in the case of rentals.

You need to know that jet ski accidents are treated differently under the law than other boating accidents. Many state laws hold that injured plaintiffs cannot file lawsuits against certain defendants in jet ski accident cases. If the accident occurred due to circumstances that were beyond the knowledge or control of the jet skis owner or renter, it will be difficult to win a case against them. Thats exactly why you will need a jet ski accident attorney in your corner.

For example, if you signed a waiver before renting a jet ski, you might not be able to bring charges against the company if you are involved in an accident. Those waivers are a two-way street, however. They are usually signed with the expectation that the rental company will provide a safe environment and adequate equipment for the jet skis operation. Lack of pre-rental safety instructions can also void the signing of such waivers.

If you have been involved in a boating or jet ski accident, be sure to contact us to determine if you can recoup some of your costs as a result of the accident. Let a boating accident lawyer help you get your life together again after an unfortunate boating or jet ski accident on the water by calling us today at 215 735 4800