News: Motorcyclist dies after hitting back of car in Northeast Philadelphia

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – Police responded to a fatal motorcycle accident on a street in Northeast Philadelphia on Tuesday night, according to WPVI.

The incident happened at about 7 p.m. along the 3300 block of Woodhaven Road, where the motorcycle rider crashed into the back of a car.

Police said the man was thrown off the motorcycle and several vehicles then struck him while driving by the scene. The motorcyclist, who was not immediately identified, died of his injuries.

A woman sustained minor injuries and was taken to the hospital. There were no details available on how she was involved in the accident.

Authorities shut down Woodhaven Road briefly while investigating the fatal wreck.

Pennsylvania has some of the most scenic motorcycle routes in the country. Unfortunately, the state also has one of the highest fatality rates for motorcycle accidents, with 184 fatalities recorded in 2017. Motorcyclists are a lot more prone to serious injuries in the event of an accident and are several times more likely to die from an accident than someone inside a car. One area of high risk is intersections, where careless drivers may not always check closely enough before proceeding through, and may not always see a motorcycle until it is too late.  These dangerous intersections are a contributing factor to the number of accidents In Philadelphia, where 90 to 100 residents die in traffic crashes each year according to the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.  The city has the most traffic fatalities per 100,000 population among its peer cities.

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