GPS Distracted Drivers

GPS Distracted Drivers

Visual GPS systems can be as much a distracted driving hazard as cell phones.

Technology continues to bring many conveniences to our lives. Currently, there is an app for just about anythingmaking it easier to communicate, to shop, and to travel. While these convinces are certainly helpful to many shoppers and travelers alike, using these mobile apps while driving is becoming a major factor in car accidents especially apps designed to make travel easier. In fact, the number of distracted driver accidents accounts for approximately 40% of accidents today.  If you or someone you know has been in an accident as a result of a distracted driver confused by GPS, contact legal help today. There is so much gray area in the laws regarding distracted drivers. Furthermore, as technology continues to evolve, revisions to current laws cannot keep the same pace as progress. An attorney will see to it that you learn your rights as a victim so that you can get the necessary care and time you need to recover from any GPS related accidents.

The Scary Truth About GPS Related Accidents

Sadly, GPS has led to some serious accidents. Just recently, the concrete barrier blocking a partially demolished bridge was removed from an East Chicago off ramp by vandals. A couple was traveling at night, following their GPS navigation which led them to the no longer marked demolished ramp. The darkness prevented the driver from seeing that the bridge was no longer there, and he plummeted off the ramp, killing his wife. On the other hand, the internet is flooded with stories about how people will literally follow their GPS directions right into swamps, trees, and even past closed roads into quick sand. Clearly, people rely more on computer generated advice than common sense. This lack of common sense that comes at the hands of over reliance on computer generated advice leaves the average driver at risk. If people are following their GPS directions right into bodies of water, they are unquestionably posing a threat to other drivers on the road.  GPS is undoubtedly opportune; however, sometimes this convenience comes at great costs. Which is why if you have been harmed as a result of faulty GPS or if you have been stuck as a result of someone blindly following GPS directions in spite of road signs, physical barriers, and even common sense, you need an attorney who can prove negligence.  Attorneys who have your best interest at the forefront of their thinking will prove to be an asset to your recovery. You will need time and compensation for lost wages to recuperate from an accident that you suffered as a result of someones lack of judgment. Insurance companies will want to see your case settled quickly and for the least compensation. The right legal representation will make sure that all of your needs are examined so that your recovery is not hindered; thus, preventing insurance companies from overlooking all of your needs.

Avoid GPS Accidents

Being a victim of a GPS accident is not all you have to worry about as a driver. You also need to play close attention to your own driving so that you do not cause a GPS related accident. You should pay close mind to the laws in your state about using hand held devices while driving. Many states have strict distracted driving laws, and you dont want be the cause of an accident for violating those laws. Because so many states have such strict laws against using hand held devices while driving, most smart phones are equipped with voice prompts so that drivers do not become distracted by their 21st century convinces. Even with all of these options in place to help circumvent distracted driving, GPS devices still can cause you to lose focus. In fact, a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that GPS devices are one of the worst distractions for drivers. It further explains that these devices can increase the risk of accidents by 23%. There are four important things you need to remember when using your GPS to guide you if you wish to avoid causing a distracted driving accident:

  • Program your GPS before you leave
  • Do not mute your GPS so that you can use its voice command options
  • Utilize your passengers if you feel your GPS is leading you in the wrong direction
  • Do not disobey traffic laws because your GPS tells you to

Common sense always trumps technology. So if you feel your GPS has led you down the wrong path, there is nothing wrong with taking the old school approach and stopping at a gas station. Just be sure to do so before you end up off the beaten path with no way out.


While GPS technology is undoubtedly helpful and convenient, it must be used with caution to avoid accident. Even more importantly, if you’ve been harmed as a result of someone elses careless use of GPS technology, you need legal representation. The laws and past practice regarding these types of incidents are too new for you to try to handle your accident payment on your own. You could easily be under-compensated by insurance companies who see you as bill instead of as a person who requires time and care to recover. Do not wait to contact an attorney if youve been in any type of accident that has resulted from the use of GPS.