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The incident of dog bites in the United States have increased dramatically over the last few years.

It has been calculated that 2% of the total American population has the misfortune to have been bitten by a dog each year. This includes those dogs who have specific owners and those that do not.  It has been estimated that around 5 million U.S. children and adults are bitten every year by dogs.

Most states, including Pennsylvania, have strict rules regarding dog ownership which are intended to prevent dog attacks and dog bites. If a dog bite is inflicted on any individual and it was not due to provocation on behalf of the victim then the person is entitled to be compensated for the financial and related costs that have occurred as a result of the dog bite.

Fatal Dog Bite Statistics

On average, 12-15 individuals lose their lives annually because of a dog bite becoming infected. Of the 25 different dog breeds that cause fatal dog bites, pit bulls and Rottweilers are the cause of at least 50% of known fatalities. Fatal dog bites are generally the result of a single dog attacking and biting. 20 percent of dog bite deaths involve two dogs.

Around 15 percent of the time three dogs are involved in a dog bite Most fatalities from dog bites dont take place out on the road or in a public place and do not involve stray and wild dogs.

In summary, dog bite statistics show that 65 percent of the time, a dog bite that is fatal occurs when a dog that was not chained on the owners property. Dogs that are not restrained run away from the premise of the owner and 20 percent of fatal dog bites occur from those dogs that were no longer under chain. 3,423 postal service workers were attacked and then bitten by US dogs in 2003.

Children and dog bite statistics

The main cause of injury to a child in a playground is a dog bite at 75 percent. The? dog bite normally takes place on the face. Fatalities are common too.

Additional Dog Bite Data

There is a tendency for males to get bitten often by dogs than females and male dogs also bite people more frequently than female dogs. Most dog bites are caused by domestic dogs but not strays A dog aged 1 to 5 years is far more likely to bite a victim than a dog over the age of 6 Pure bred dogs are less likely to bite than mixed breeds I that was unfamiliar to them.

Insurance Claims for Victims of Dog Bites

Up to 20% of dog bite incidences, the victim was bitten by an animal not familiar to them. The insurance industry has to hand out dollars reaching the billions each year in dog bite incidences. In 2003 the average insurance claim for a dog bite incident paid out on a homeowners insurance, was almost $17,000.

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