Construction Workers Are Some Of The Most Prone To Accidents

Construction Workers Are Some Of The Most Prone To Accidents

Construction Zones Are Hazardous

Every workplace is capable of resulting in a workplace accident of some kind. There are fewer places where an injury caused by work can be more hazardous than construction. Construction workers work with many different dangerous objects and complete dangerous tasks. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your workplace accident.

Getting a workplace accident can have a severe impact on your life. Not only can it cause high hospital bills, but it can also prevent you from working or getting a new job. Depending on the kind of injury, a workplace injury from a construction zone can have a lifelong impact.

The impacts of a workplace accident can be more than physical injuries. Suffering from a workplace accident can have emotional consequences as well. Pain and suffering don’t have to be the result of a physical injury. Emotional devastation can have severe impacts on your life as well.

After getting your workplace injury resolved at a hospital, it is important to know what your rights are and any next steps. There are many types of lawyers available who will assist with any type of workplace accident that you may have. Being able to act quickly can help determine how much compensation you may be eligible for.

Types of Workplace Accidents

There are many different kinds of workplace accidents. Any mishappenings that occur at work counts towards a workplace accident. The results from such an accident can be minor, like a paper cut or other small injury, or severe, like a broken bone or missing limb. Working in construction opens you up to more severe workplace accident injuries.

When on the job, getting an injury from tools can be common. Since construction works with such strong materials, the results of an accident can be catastrophic. These accidents can occur from misusing the tools due to a lack of or improper training. A Philadelphia catastrophic injury lawyer can help you determine the best course of action.

Many construction sites also have cars regularly. Whether driving to different sites or using different car tools on site, a car accident can occur. Just as with any car accident, getting a car crash lawyer is the best way to make sure you get the results you need to recover from the accident.

Workplace accidents can look like many different things and different impacts, especially when you work in a construction zone. Many dangerous tools and operations are going on at any given time. After getting treated at a hospital for any injuries, the next best course of action is to contact a lawyer to make sure that your case is handled with care.

Workplace Accidents With Cars

Car accidents are already difficult to navigate and determine fault. When a car accident occurs as a result of a workplace accident, this adds another layer of factors to consider. To find out what you are eligible to be compensated for the accident, it will require not only determining if the driver was a fault but if the workplace was as well.

Getting a lawyer after a car accident is always recommended and the same is true when handling the aftermath of a car accident at work. Cars are often handled on construction sites and employers need to be sure that everyone who is driving a car on site knows what they’re doing. They know that they are liable for any injuries that happen in the construction zone.

With the many layers of determining fault in a car accident at work, it is doubly important to get a lawyer who has experience in both. They will be able to sort out liability and ensure that you get compensated for the injuries and pain and suffering you endured as a result of the accident. Don’t leave anything up to chance with something this complicated.

Types of Impact from a Workplace Accident

Just as the kinds of workplace accidents vary wildly, so the injuries. Even an accident as simple as a fall can have severe consequences for the victim. Workplaces need to be able to train their employees and make sure that accident risks are at a minimum.

When working in a field as dangerous as construction, the risk of severe injuries increases. Employers have to be careful to make sure that all employees know how to handle tools and what to do in case of accidents. Injuries from an accident in a construction zone are more likely to have a severe impact on the victim over other workplaces.

Injuries from a workplace accident from working at a construction zone can be as minimal as a sprain on a joint, or as devastating as a missing limb. All physical injuries should be taken seriously and treated. Contacting a workplace injury lawyer in Philadelphia will help ensure that you get the compensation you deserve for your claim, no matter the kind of injury.

The impact of a workplace accident doesn’t have to be a physical injury. Many people report emotional changes after a workplace accident. These changes can affect your mood and ability to enjoy life as you once did. An injury lawyer in Philadelphia, PA can help you get the compensation you need to recover emotionally from a workplace accident.

What is Pain and Suffering?

Pain and suffering is a broad term that covers a lot of different symptoms and impacts. It can be added to your compensation amount as long as some factors are discovered to be true. Pain and suffering cover not only the physical symptoms that result from a workplace accident but the emotional effects as well.

When talking about pain and suffering, this covers many different consequences of a workplace accident. This includes but is not limited to:

• An excessive amount of discomfort
• Any inconveniences that have occurred since the accident
• Emotional distress
• Insomnia
• Grief
• Fear
• Physical pain

As this list shows, many of these symptoms are hard to receive monetary compensation for. It can be difficult to prove how the accident caused these results in the first place.

One of the best ways to help prove that a workplace accident caused the pain and suffering that happened is to document your interactions with a medical professional. Be sure to note every interaction and every symptom that you disclose. It will leave a strong paper trail to use when presenting your case.

One of our workplace injury lawyers in Philadelphia will be able to use this evidence to make sure that you get the compensation you need. Many insurance businesses and lawyers will require objective proof that the accident caused the pain and suffering that you’re experiencing. By providing documentation and using your lawyer’s expertise, you will be able to prove that.

A lawyer will also be crucial in helping you navigate the methods that insurance companies use to determine compensation. There are three main methods used for this, each one with its unique way to determine compensation amounts.

The Multiplier Method

The multiplier method multiplies a variable by the economic damages that have been calculated to apply to the accident. The variable ranges from 1.5 to 5. This is the variable that is multiplied by the economic damage that was determined. It is typically a flat fee.

The factors that go into determining the variable includes:
• The kind of injury sustained by the accident
• The percentage of fault from the liable party
• The seriousness of the injury
• If the victim will have a full recovery
• How much the injuries affect daily life

The Per Diem Method

This method will pick a rate and apply it for each day of suffering for the plaintiff. Many insurance companies will avoid this method because the payments will add up quickly, even with a small payment amount.

The Hybrid Method

Many insurance companies will combine the two methods into a hybrid model. This will usually look like payments for some days after the accident, and then a flat payment. So you will get a payment for some days after the accident occurred along with a payment that covers any economic damages.

Modern technology has made determining the compensation amount much simpler. Software exists where you can calculate the economic impact and the amount that you deserve. The monetary impact that the software calculates will include hospital bills, job loss, and any property damages. In some instances, court costs may also be included in calculations.

The best way to ensure that you get the compensation amount you need after a workplace accident is to get a lawyer. A lawyer will be able to navigate the system and will simplify the process for you. No matter the software and method that the insurance company uses to determine the compensation amount, it is important to have a lawyer on your side who will make sure you get the correct amount.

Can I Handle my Workplace Accident Alone?

Even the most straightforward cases of a workplace accident and injury should be handled by a lawyer. The legal system is complicated and it can be difficult to determine the next best steps. The best personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia will be able to help you get compensation that you won’t be able to get on your own.

Many people who represent themselves are often let down by the results. You won’t get as much as you deserve and many insurance companies won’t work with people who don’t have a lawyer. You will be left to the mercy of whatever the insurance company decides.

Insurance companies have a team of lawyers dedicated to getting the best results for the company. You have the right to the same. Using an experienced lawyer will ensure that you get the best results and the compensation amounts you deserve. Your pain and suffering need to be addressed by someone on your side, not by someone who wants to give you less than you deserve.

Even if you have gone through the process and received compensation on your own, it is not too late to get a lawyer. That initial compensation can serve as a baseline for the amount that you actually need after a workplace injury.

The amount that you get without a lawyer is often much lower than what you actually qualify for, they are relying on you to not use all the tools at your disposal.

Getting a lawyer that is familiar and experienced with personal injury law in your area is critical to get the best results for your case. As soon as you think that you need to explore all of your options after a workplace accident, you should begin to learn your options and start finding a qualified lawyer in your area.

Getting a lawyer for your construction zone accident

In Philadelphia, we are the best place to turn to when you need legal assistance after a workplace accident at a construction zone. We know how to handle injuries that occur after many different kinds of accidents. We have attorneys that will be able to determine liability in even the trickiest of workplace accidents.

There is no need to leave your fate in the hands of insurance companies who do not have your best interest at heart. Contact us for an injury lawyer in Philadelphia, PA and we will be ready to help you get the right compensation for your pain and suffering. We believe in our abilities so much that our motto is that “we win, or it’s free” ®.

If you have been the victim of a workplace accident at a construction zone and think you’re being denied your rightful compensation, call us today. We will help you gather and present evidence to get the right amount of compensation. We have workplace injury lawyers in Philadelphia ready to work with you now.

We know that insurance companies will try to make you happy with less than you deserve. Don’t settle for anything other than what you deserve after a construction zone accident. We are ready to start today. And remember, we win or it’s free.