Pennsylvania?law takes into consideration dog bite injuries and allows those victims of dog bites to claim money damages from the at-fault dogs owner. It is not necessary to file a lawsuit in all cases of dog bites as sufficient compensation can?be recovered from the dogs owner by negotiation based on criteria used for the various components of the compensation package.
Dog bite compensation claim
If you, or a member of your family, have been injured by a dog in Pennsylvania then you should follow certain steps so that your rights to financial recovery are guaranteed. You should:
File a report of the incident to the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement at the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.
Contact the police as a dog attack may mean criminal charges lodged against the dog owner in specific circumstances.
Write your report of the dog bite incident. Record the?breed?of dog; write down a detailed description of the dog, the exact place the attack occurred, and the owners name.
Once the preliminary steps have been followed, then contact an experienced and reputable PA dog bite attorney. Experience is important in PA dog bite law, because the lawyer will know exactly the dog bite victims entitlements and will ensure every cent is recovered for the cost of the injuries and the pain and suffering that results.
Dog bite attorney?
Once you have chosen your attorney, then you should provide as much information as possible to him or her. This must include the injuries received at the dog attack incident as well as hospital and medical reports which are related to your dog bite injury.
A fair settlement will be negotiated
Once you have provided as much information as possible your PA dog bite lawyer will assess the incident. The case will then be compiled and presented to the at-fault dog owner. You shouldnt hesitate when seeking damages as the dog bite is not your fault and you are not expected to take on the financial burden of an injury that was not of your making. Most cases of dog bite compensation do not take place in court but are settled between the dog bite lawyer and the dog owner
Whether youve been bitten by a strangers dog, a neighbors dog, a friends dog or a relatives dog, it is usually the insurance company of the dog owner who ends up paying your damages. ?If the insurance company fails to provide a fair settlement, your lawyer can negotiate through arbitration or mediation. These are both very effective ways of resolving cases without having to file a lawsuit.