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Philadelphia, like many major cities, has a large number of bicyclists and motorcyclists that use their bikes to commute or to ride for pleasure.

However, riding bicycles and motorcycles can be dangerous on the road, especially if the bike has been hit by a larger vehicle like a car, truck, or bus. Bicycles and motorcycles provide very little protection in an accident, as they do not have a protective barrier between the rider and the oncoming vehicle.

Bikers that have been involved in accidents often sustain very serious injuries which can occasionally be fatal. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a bicycle or motorcycle accident, you may need to call a Philadelphia accident lawyer.

In 2012, Pennsylvania experienced 210 motorcycle deaths and 3,900 motorcycle injuries as the result of traffic accidents.

It also experienced 16 bicycle deaths and 1,300 bicycle injuries as a result of crashes. This means that a motorcyclist was injured once every two and a half hours, and a bicyclist was injured once every seven hours. These statistics are staggering and can be frightening for bicyclists and motorcyclists who enjoy riding their bikes around the Philly area.

When a bicyclist or motorcyclist is hit by a car or another vehicle, they often fall off their bike and sustain serious injuries upon impact with the ground or after having rolled or bounced down the road. If the crash was not particularly serious or forceful, the cyclist will likely sustain more minor injuries, such as cuts and scrapes, bruises, or fractured bones.

However, if the collision was serious or at high speeds, the cyclist can experience much more serious injuries. These can include head or brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken or shattered bones, burns, paralysis, or even death.

Death can occur on impact or as a result of the injuries. Sometimes these injuries can be exacerbated if the cyclist is not wearing appropriate safety gear. It is very important that all cyclists wear the correct safety clothing and equipment while riding. Bicyclists should also wear a helmet and reflective clothing if biking at night, and they are encouraged to wear knee pads and elbow pads as well. Motorcyclists should always wear a full helmet that covers their head and face.

All bicycles and motorcycles should have lights or reflective items on them to assist in their own visibility when driving at night and to assist other cars in being able to see the bikes at night. Drivers should also follow appropriate safety precautions around bicycles and motorcycles as well. A new bicycle law was passed in 2012 in Philadelphia that requires drivers to keep a space of four feet between their vehicle and bikes on the road.

Many other states only require three feet of space. Vehicles must drive carefully around bikes in order to prevent crashes and collisions. The financial and emotional costs of being in a bicycle or motorcycle accident can be extremely high. Not only is the bike often damaged and needs fixing or replacing, but the medical costs associated with a bike crash can be great.

Emergency room and hospital costs can be hundreds of dollars, even for one day, and on top of that, surgery or other medical procedures can even cost thousands of dollars. Some injuries even require the additional costs of medicine or physical therapy that can often last for months after the accident itself. Furthermore, being injured in an accident can make you unable to work or earn an income to help you pay for your basic bills like rent and utilities, let alone your new medical costs.

This is when hiring an accident lawyer can be to your advantage. Our accident lawyers are experienced in handling bicycle and motorcycle accident cases and can help determine who was responsible for the accident. Your lawyer will then make sure that the insurance companies of the offending driver will pay you all of the compensation that you deserve and not just the bare minimum. Call your Philadelphia accident lawyer today at 215 735 4800.

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