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Why it is Vital to Have an Attorney When Filing Against SEPTA

Updated August 10, 2021

The day before Christmas Eve, 1996, Crystal Jones stepped off a train at the Fern Rock Station in Philadelphia. It wa [...]

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Who Can I Sue in a Highway Construction Zone Accident?

Updated August 14, 2020

Highway construction zone accidents can and do occur on a regular basis.  All throughout the year, men and women acr [...]

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Distracted driving possible cause of school bus crash

Updated August 11, 2021

A vehicular crash is often caused by distracting driving. The driver of a school bus was suspended sans pay last Tues [...]

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GPS Distracted Drivers

Updated August 10, 2021

Visual GPS systems can be as much a distracted driving hazard as cell phones. Technology continues to bring many conv [...]

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Animals: Another Cause of Distracted Driving

Updated August 11, 2021

What is distracting driving? Distractions have always been a huge issue for drivers. Whether you take your pet with y [...]

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Claiming for Car Accidents with DUI

Updated August 10, 2021

Car accidents are the most common type of accident in the US, and like many other types of accidents, most are caused [...]

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Can I Open An Auto Accident Claim If I Have Two Going Already?

Updated June 20, 2020

You had multiple accidents within a short timeframe. Can you file more than one claim ? Getting involved in an accide [...]

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What is the Worst type of car crash?

Updated June 18, 2020

Determining the worst kind of accident depends entirely on what you consider to be the most terrible result. If you a [...]

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    I was very grateful for the hard work Joel did on my case. And 9 years later, to my surprise, I received a call from his office alerting me that I would be receiving another check from the defendant. Hopefully I won’t need his services again, but if I do, I’ll be calling Joel Kofsky

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    The office and every one was working on my case simply great and have done awesome job

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