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Philadelphia International Airport over is being sued by a woman from Maryland woman is suing the airport for injuries she suffered after slip-and –fall accident on a bathroom floor that was left wet almost two years ago. The plaintiff is identified as Lindsay Farrell, resident of Abingdon, MD, who claimed that last Aug. 15, 2011; she slipped and fell on the floor of the ladies room in Terminal B of the airport. She blamed the unattended water pooled on the restroom floor made the surface unsafe. As a result, she […]

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Two of the most popular and common cases of personal injury are cases of slip & fall and cases of car accident. Although both are considered as personal injuries but they are different from the legal perspective. Car accident cases involving car mishaps are not as complicated as it involves only the issuance of a ticket to a driver at fault while the other driver is injured because of the impact. The fact of liability is already established and the main job of a lawyer is to ascertain make sure […]

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A spectator hit by an errant throw from an 11 year old catcher is suing for personal injuries suffered as a direct result of the incident. http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2012/06/22/new-jersey-woman-hit-with-ball-sues-little-league-player/. As a father and someone who participates in Little League I at first found this unpleasant. However, as I thought it about more as an attorney I realized that the injury victim may not have adequate insurance to cover her extensive medical bills and a lawsuit may be the only way to recover funds to provide for her damages. I find this to be […]


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